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Tuesday 1 May 2007

The Vicount's Bethrothal

ISBN 13-978-O-263-84658-4
ISBN 10-0-263-84658-X
Miss Decima Ross is a very tall young lady, too tall for the age in which she lived, where small dainty ladies were admired. Also she has freckles, a disaster! Her relatives try unfailingly to bring ‘poor’ Decima to the attention of any suitable gentleman who happens to live in, or visit, the area. This, though well meaning, makes Decima shrink into herself making her appear graceless and awkward and saps her of her confidence.
Fleeing from her half –brother’s home when threatened with yet another would be suitor, she becomes stranded in a snowstorm. Rescued by Viscount Weston and taken to his hunting lodge, where his staff are preparing for a party of his friends, to wait until the snowstorm abate.
When they arrive at the Lodge it is deserted, cold and uninviting. But the Viscount realising that his servants must also have been delayed by the weather soon has the Lodge warm and food on the tables.
Unfortunately Decima’s maid succumbs to a fever and the Viscount’s groom slips and breaks his leg on the icy path. The Viscount and Decima become, Doctor, nurse, cook and footman. Decima is surprised at the many skills, which the Viscount displays. Against all odds the Viscount becomes very attracted to Decima and she in turn falls for the very competent Viscount.
Will Decima at last find happiness; does the Viscount find her attractive despite her height and her freckles?
When the snow at last melts and Decima’s coach arrives at the Lodge, she disappears. Will the Viscount find her? Will he try or will he let the time spent with her under such intimate circumstances just fade into the past and treat it as a pleasant interlude? More adventures unfold before the tale is told, read this delightful book and find all of the answers.
I award this book 4 red roses. AS

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