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Tuesday 29 May 2007

Touch me in the Dark

Touch Me in the Dark by Jacqueline Diamond/Triskelion Publishing/ebook

This is a book that slowly draws the reader into the story. It is a little dark in places but as that is the story it works well. Sharon and Ian’s chemistry is great and the way they fight it also helps the story along and adding in a ghost adds more complications. The way Sharon and Ian try to figure out who the ghost is and why the ghost is there makes for an intriguing read. This was a good suspense story with an ending I did not expect. While reading the book I wanted to reach the end to find out how it ends and yet now that it is done I am wishing to read more. This is definitely a book worth reading.

I would give this book 4-1/2 red roses.

This is a reader's review and as such is special, because it gives a true picture of the book! Anne

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