Christmas Awards 2011

Friday 25 May 2007

Guitar Man

Marie Treanor/Guitar Man/Triskelion Publishing/ISBN 1-60186-163-x/78pgs/

This is a modern sexy book about a sassy girl who has been dumped two weeks before her wedding. Ellie has strongly developed senses and can control things with her mind, which come in handy a couple of times in this exciting paranormal story. Ellie goes to Scotland to stay with her friend, who is working in a scientific way to discover extra sensory activity – and they discover that something is going on in the house of a friend.

Chris and Ellie met sometime previously in Italy and had the most wonderful sexual encounter, but neither of them was ready for anything permanent. Now, Ellie realises her friend may be in trouble, and on top of her physical feelings for him is the anxiety that something evil may be trying to take him over. Can Ellie and her friends Jenny, Jim and Charlie save Chris from the being that is trying to take his soul – and will Ellie find love?

This is fun and highly sensual, a sexy romp that you will read all in one go. I award 4.5 red roses for this very enjoyable book. Anne

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