Christmas Awards 2011

Friday 28 May 2010

Kentucky Bride

Kentucky Bride by Hannah Howell

Publisher: Zebra

May 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4201-0465-3

Pages: 358

Langleyville, Pennsylvania & Kentucky 1794

Clover Sherwood never expected to be ostracized from Pennsylvania society, but when her father dies that is exactly what happens. Now Clover has not only been ostracized but her fiancée has left her and she faces trying to provide for her mother and two younger brothers. Unless she can come up with a plan they are going to be homeless in a short while. Clover just might have an idea that will work no matter how outrages it seems.

Ballard MacGregor is moving up in the world and now has the ability to be able to provide for a wife. He is now ready to marry and would like to find a woman that can teach him all the fine manners he feels he lacks and needs to learn, but she is also going to have to be willing to move to the wilderness known as Kentucky. What Ballard never expected was to meet Clover and have her propose to him. Ballard knows he is going to accept because Clover has the fine manners he is looking for and the instant attraction between them helps too.

First they are going to have to clear away some trouble that is headed their way. It seems not everyone is happy with their marriage. Their enemies will try anything to keep them apart and make sure that their marriage is of short duration. First Ballard and Clover are going to have to figure out who their enemies are and which way they are going to be coming at them. If they are not careful they might not live long enough to see if their promising future will give them the chance to find the love they want from each other.

This story delivers the promise of love and fun that you always get with this author. The story moves quickly and keeps you guessing as to what will happen next while being very entertaining with the wit and humor that comes through. This is one that is very hard to put down once you start reading it and keeps you mesmerized until the very last page.

I give this one a bouquet of roses, which means this book is special.

Wednesday 26 May 2010

Black Eagle

Black Eagle by Gen Bailey

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

May 2009

ISBN: 978-0-425-22818-0

Pages: 300

Mohawk Indians Territory The Keepers of the Eastern Door Iroquois

Lake George area in what is now upper New York State 1755

Marisa Jameson has led a sheltered life. One day overhearing her uncle's
plans to destroy a Dutch town for his own gain, she decides she must do
something to help the people of the town. By confronting her uncle it
forces Marisa to run for her life. With a war raging through the country it
is going to be very difficult to get somewhere safe and the only way she is
going to be able to do that is to be sure that she has someone who knows the
land that can lead her safely.

Black Eagle sees Marisa's beauty and offers to guide her through the New
England forest. Being a Mohawk makes sure that Black Eagle knows the best
way through the forest and enables him to protect Marisa. Black Eagle knows
that they will have to be careful while traveling if they want to avoid the
French Indian war and also enemies of both the Mohawks and the English.

Black Eagle soon realizes that not all is as it seems as someone is after
Marisa and she may just be a lot more than she first appeared. If they are
not careful they just might not make it to their destination alive. Someone
is after Marisa and is following them closely. What neither of them ever
expected was the way they have come to feel about each other and the only
way they are going to be able to have a future together is to take care of
the threat to Marisa's life. Just when they think that they are going to be
able to have the life together that they want Black Eagle and Marisa quickly
find out that the trouble they thought they were safe from comes to find
them again.

This story brings to life the beginning of the country during the French
Indian war. It also gives you a little better insight into the Mohawk
Indians which is very interesting to learn. It is nice to see Marisa grow
as a character as she learns more about a world that she has never been able
to understand before. She also gets her eyes open to what the world beyond
her own is truly like. If you like history this is a book that gives you a
nice peek into what they world at that time was like.

I give this one 4 red roses.

Saturday 22 May 2010

Comanche Moon Rising

Comanche Moon Rising by Constance O’Banyon

Publisher: Leisure

August 2009

ISBN: 978-0-8439-6265-9

Pages: 260

Texas 1846

Shiloh Braden is trying to raise her younger brother. Since a storm has killed their father has they are alone with only each other to depend on. That same storm brought a sick Indian girl, Moon Song, to their ranch. Knowing that Moon Song’s Comanche family will be looking for her Shiloh does what she can to be sure that Moon Song recovers. What Shiloh doesn’t expect is for the feared war chief, Shadowhawk to be Moon Song’s brother.

Shadowhawk never expected to owe anyone a debt of honor for saving his sister’s life. After accepting the fact that he owes Shiloh his gratitude for his sister, he never expected to feel more than that for her. As he gets to know Shiloh more his feelings for her get stronger every day. He also knows that he will do whatever he needs to protect Shiloh from harm.

Someone is trying to insure that Shiloh and her brother, Luke lose their ranch. They just have to find a way to stop those after their ranch and also prove to everyone that they may be young but they are completely capable of running their ranch. They only just beginning to realize is that Shadowhawk may be the only one they can completely trust. Shadowhawk is going to do whatever he needs to so the siblings can keep their ranch. Now it is going to be a race against time to stop those that want the siblings’ ranch before they make sure Shiloh and Luke are forced to pay with their lives.

This is a fast paced story that keeps you involved in the story until the very end. It shows Texas in the early days and gives you a glimpse into the life of the Comanche when they still rode the plains and lived free. This is a very well written book that keeps you reading until the end. This book also gives you a peek into the hardships that families faced during this time period. It brings the history of Texas alive for the reader.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

Wednesday 19 May 2010

Wicked Burn

Wicked Burn by Beth Kery

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

December 2008

ISBN: 978-0-425-22437-3

Pages: 343

Vic Savian is a man that knows exactly what he wants. Once he sees his neighbor, Niall he knows that he wants her and will do what he needs to so that he can have her. That comes about easier than he thought when he rescues her from an overzealous date. He is surprised by how strong and instant the attraction he feels for her truly is.

Niall Chandler has a painful past that she has worked on to overcome. When she first sees Vic she is instantly attracted to him. When he rescues her from her date she sees there is more to him than she first realized. When that rescue leads to a night of passion without her even knowing his last name she is quickly realizing that she just might be in over her head especially since it is completely out of character for her.

When Niall’s past comes back to haunt her she has to try and explain things to Vic or she just might lose a man that she has come to love. First she is going to have to work through things to find herself and the strength she needs to tell Vic everything. Vic quickly realizes that there is a lot more to Niall than he was first willing to see. Now he is going to have to find a way through his feelings so that he can see things clearly and just maybe have a chance for the love of a lifetime. They are both going to have to find the strength they will need to handle each other’s past so that they can have a future together.

This story has a lot of emotional twists to it that keeps you reading until the very end. You see how the pasts of the characters shape who they are now. You also see how they have to work through and deal with those pasts so that they have a chance to have a promising future as long as they are willing to listen and talk to each other. With all the emotional roller coasters in this one you hate to put it down until the very end.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

Monday 17 May 2010

Vampire Mistress

Vampire Mistress by Joey W. Hill

Publisher: Heat

May 2010

ISBN: 978-0-425-23418-1

Pages: 389

Gideon Green has been a vampire hunter since the day he lost his fiancée years ago. Things also changed for him when his brother first became a servant to a vampire and then a vampire himself. Life changed to the extent that he started heading in a different direction when his brother became a vampire. Gideon has been on a path that will only lead to his death if he doesn’t change something in his life and very soon. It looks like things just might be about to make another turn when he first meets Anwyn.

Anwyn is an owner of a nightclub. She also has a silent partner that just happens to be a vampire. With her business connection and a more personal connection to Daegan things start to get complicated when she first sets eyes on Gideon. The feelings between her and Gideon are instant and very intense. All Anwyn is sure about is that she wants to save Gideon from self destruction.

Daegan Rei is a vampire with some secrets of his own. He is also different from most vampires Gideon has come across. Now it is looking like Daegan and Gideon are going to have to work together to help Anwyn to get through a very bad transition.

Gideon is learning things about himself that he never really saw. By working with Daegan to help Anwyn his is starting to see things in a very different light. Anwyn is opening his eyes to viewing vampires differently. Gideon has to decide if when Anwyn is done with her transition will he go back to the life he led or will he try to find a different life that just might include a vampire or two in his life, other than that just his brother. Only time will tell which way he will go.

This is an emotional book that draws you into Gideon’s life and emotions as he tries to find his way in life again. To see him try to find a reason to go on other than just hunting vampires. It is a very heart wrenching story as you watch Gideon struggle with his decisions and the way he does everything possible to help Anwyn and to work with Daegan when it comes to Anwyn. You won’t want to put this one down and will mourn when it comes to an end.

I give this one 5 red roses

Under Cover

Undercover by Lauren Dane

Publisher: Heat

December 2008

ISBN: 978-0-425-22464-9

Pages: 328


Sera Ayers has spent the last 10 years putting her life back together after Ash Walker was forced into a political marriage and she left him rather than become his mistress. Sera has made a life for herself in the Federation Military Corps and has raised higher in rank than most of her class has.

Ash Walker wanted to keep Sera in his life but when she walked away he let her go. Now he has a chance to get her back in his life and isn’t about to let her go this time. Now he has her as part of his undercover team he is hoping it will give him a chance to win her back. Which Ash is quickly learning is a lot easier said than done.

Brandt Pela is the third part of the team. He has been best friends for years with Ash and they have worked together just as long. They have worked undercover as ideal rich playboys for years in their quest to help the Federation Military against the Imperialists.

This time Ash and Brandt are going to have Sera as the third part of their team. On this mission for Ash and Brandt’s cover to work, Sera and Brandt are going to have to pose as lovers. What is unexpected for all three is the way this mission is pulling them all together in a way none of them saw coming. They are going to have work hard to make sure that their cover isn’t blown or they just might not make it out of this assignment alive.

This story is interesting to read as you watch each character have to work through their emotions and find a solution that is going to work for the three of them. Sera has to overcome her feelings for the upper class of which both Ash and Brandt come from and to see them for the men they truly are. Ash and Brandt are also going to have to be able to stand up to both their parents to have what they want most in life. This story draws you into it and refuses to let you go until the very last page.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

Out Of The Storm




ISBN 978-0-7090-8902-5.

This is the story of two sisters, Loveday and Kate Trevarthen. It is set in the year of 1901 in Cornwall. The sisters were born and reared on a farm, but they now have very different lives

Loveday was married at the age of seventeen to a local fisherman, Joel. They lived very simple lives but were very happy, both of them were longing for a child. Loveday had already lost two babies and now she was pregnant again and desperate to keep this baby. Joel was away at sea for months at a time and although she had kind neighbors and the sisters met as often as they could, Loveday was still very lonely in her small cottage by the harbour. One day when Kate was visiting her, Loveday had a fall and the baby seemed as if it would be born imminently, much too early. What happened that night changed Loveday’s life forever.

Kate had married at the age of twenty, very well, it was assumed, to Arthur Rosewarne . He was very rich and owned a large house on the cliff top, they had several servants. His Mother Maud lived with them and openly showed her dislike of Kate, she was never good enough for her beloved Arthur.

It was in a time when women had little or no rights and the suffragette movement was becoming wide spread in England.

Kate had wonderful clothes and jewelry and it appeared that her husband adored her but was that true? Was Arthur the gentleman he would have everyone believe he was?

On the night that Lovelday gave birth there was a terrible storm and a ship was blown on to the rocks, everyone on board was lost, or so it was assumed.

This story has several twists and is a very enjoyable read; it is something a little different, told with obvious knowledge of the era and the local area.

I award this book 4.5 Red Roses. AS

A Commercial Enterprise





Travelling from Selford Manor in the wilds of Dartmoor, to London, Miss Caroline Lexham wondered not for the first time why her Uncle’s solicitor had thought it necessary for her to attend the reading of her Uncles will. That she could possibly be mentioned in the will of her father’s brother was unthinkable, they had been outcasts from the Lexham family ever since her Father had married her Mother. Caroline doubted that the family would accept her now, so why was she on her way to London, in this dreadful weather? She only hoped that the Mail coach, on which she was booked, could get through to London.

Caroline’s cousin, Squire Richard Marchand, had tried to dissuade her from making the journey to London, as he had every intention of marrying Caroline very shortly himself. Caroline had tried to make Richard understand that although she was very fond of him, she had no intention of ever marrying him. Caroline was determined to make the journey and sincerely hoped that the snow and bad weather would not stop her from reaching the London solicitor’s office in time to hear the will being read.

Accidental damage to the ancient coach in which she was travelling forced them to stop at an Inn where she hoped she might find a coach or the Mail to take her on to London. Caroline had a meal while she was awaited news of the Mail. While she dined she was accosted by a very unpleasant person, she gave him a severe set down in front of the many interested occupants of the room and he was furious. She later learnt that he was Lord Fynehurst. Two other people came into the Inn while Caroline was waiting, one a Lady and the other a gentleman who was obviously a real gentleman; Sir Hal Seymour was a complete contrast to the foppish Lord Fynehurst. The lady with him was Lady Chadington sister to Lord Fynehurst. Later Caroline was to be offered a seat in Sir Hal Seymour’s coach all the way to London. Which after some hesitation she gladly accepted, only to find, as they drew away from the Inn at a spanking pace, she would be travelling alone with him, which of course no young lady should ever do, or her reputation would be in shreds.

There is a really big shock in store for Caroline when she hears the will read, it is that she has been left something rather startling, in her Uncles will. Her cousin Dominic Lexham, the new Earl, is furious and swears that she will never receive her inheritance.

What can Caroline do to keep her inheritance; will she be in real danger, if she stays in London, from the Lexham family? Is Sir Hal all that he seems to be, will he help her, or will she have to return home to Dartmoor as poor as she was when she came to London.

This is a lovely Regency Romance which I have read twice already and thoroughly enjoyed both times. It is a book which one could easily believe was written by the Queen of Regency Romances herself, Georgette Heyer.

I award this book 5+ Red Roses and urge you to make it a MUST on your wish list. AS

Tuesday 4 May 2010

The Lords of Satyr

Nicholas: The Lords of Satyr by Elizabeth Amber

Publisher: Aphrodisia

August 2007

ISBN: 978-0-7582-2039-4

Pages: 319

Tuscany, Italy 1823

Nicholas is one of the last in a long line of satyr men. He is also one of the heirs to a successful Tuscany vineyard. One thing he does not expect is a letter from the king of ElseWorld asking that he marry one of the king’s half-human half-faerie daughters, a daughter who has no idea of who or what she truly is. The king wants his daughters safe from a danger that is stalking them. Unfortunately the king wasn’t specific on what the danger is that is after his daughters, and with him now dead Nicholas is going to have to be very careful while protecting the daughter he takes for his wife.

Jane has always known she was different but has never been able to find out what or who she really is. All she is really sure of is that her differences made her mother afraid of her and Jane doesn’t want to lose her little sister because of the many ways she is different. Another greater fear is that her sister will also have the same things going on with her and that could cause more problems for the sisters.

Jane is a mixture of spirited and fey and beautiful while completely innocent. Nicholas finds this to be a very potent combination that makes him glad he has found her and made her his wife. Jane is unsure what to make of her whirlwind marriage but she if finding that she wants more from her marriage to Nicholas than she first thought. She is going to have to find a way to win his heart and learn to trust him with her secrets, which is much easier said than done. Jane is also going to have to learn more about her husband and that means getting him to trust her with his secrets too.

Nicholas and Jane are quickly discovering that they what they first started out wanting in their marriage is rapidly changing as they get to know each other better. They are going to have to learn to trust each other before whatever is after Jane can get her and destroy their chance at happiness. The danger just might be a lot closer than Nicholas ever thought and worse than he first thought it was.

This story is an interesting take on the paranormal. With the story line of the satyrs it makes this one really stand out. It takes you back into history while giving that same history a very fun twist. This one keeps you guessing as to what is going to happen next and whether the bad guys are going to win or not. This story is very hard to put down once you have started reading it.

I give this one 5 red roses

The Shadow Wranglers

The Shadow Wranglers: Caleb by Sarah McCarty

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

October 2009

ISBN: 978-0-425-23057-2

Pages: 392

Allie can count on Caleb Johnson to come into her bakery every morning at the same time. Though she thought the attraction was mutual she is starting to wonder, since Caleb has never let her know for sure. She is about to admit defeat when walking home one night she is attacked by a wolf. Just when she thinks she isn’t going to be able to get out of this one alive another wolf saves her. There is something very familiar about the second wolf.

Caleb is very attracted to Allie but is hesitant to bring her into his dark world. Being a vampire that has been around for a long time he doesn’t think that Allie is strong enough for his world as a human. Now that his enemies have targeted Allie Caleb isn’t getting a choice anymore on keeping her out of his world. He is going to have to find a way to protect her from his enemies so that she isn’t hurt. Caleb may have been hesitant to have Allie in his world but now that she is there he isn’t about to let her go.

As Allie and Caleb work through their relationship they are going to have to figure out who is trying to attack Allie. It is now starting to look like there is a threat coming from more than just the werewolves that are the normal problem for Caleb and his brothers. It also looks like Caleb and his brothers are going to have to form some new alliances if they all expect to make it through this newest threat alive.

With all the danger around, Allie now has to deal with being a vampire herself and learn to use what powers she has to the best advantage. Which is a lot easier said than done since she is also very impulsive and Caleb has his hands full trying to get Allie to slow down and with dealing with the danger.

This is a very different take on vampires. This book combines vampires with cowboys and what you end up getting is some very hot vampires. This book starts out with a bang and just keeps on going until the very end. This is a start of a series that has a lot of promise to it. This story also has one very sarcastic heroine which makes for a lot of fun in this one.

I give this one 5 red roses