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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Mine to Crave

Mine to Crave by Cynthia Eden

Publisher: Cynthia Eden

March 2014

ISBN: 1496084543

Pages: 280

Contemporary, Romance Suspense, Las Vegas & New Orleans

When Drake Archer, billionaire casino owner, first sees Jasmine Bennett, he becomes obsessed.  Drake is consumed with desire for the mysterious redhead and he will do anything to claim her.  Even with the desire raging between them danger is stalker ever closer.  Drake is an ex-Special Forces and his past isn’t dead and he is going to have to face those ghosts that he left behind very soon.

Jasmine pretends to be someone she isn’t.  She is on a mission and she’s supposed to be stealing secrets from the mysterious Drake.  Falling for him wasn’t on her list of things to do.  When lust and love tangle all the rules end up getting broken.

All hell breaks loose when Drake learns of Jasmine’s betrayal.  He knows the best thing to do is to turn his back on her but he can’t as it is too late for him.  Since he can’t let her go he will teach her a lesson.  No one betrays him without paying a very heavy price.  Drake is determined to destroy the enemies on his trail and bury the past.  He is also determined to teach Jasmine to want only him and crave him as much as he craves her.

This is another excellent story in a series that is proving to be action packed with plenty of romance.  It is nice to have favorite characters get their own HEA’s and to have characters from previous books make an appearance so readers get the chance to revisit them.  This one will also have readers eagerly awaiting more books in this series.  Each book is proving to have a storyline of its own and yet proves to be tied together that makes this one series that is much better read in order even though each book proves it can be read as a standalone.  This is proving to be a series that is very addictive and it continues to live up to the first book that started the series. 

I give this one 5 red roses


Tall Dark and Alpha

Tall, Dark and Alpha Box Set by various authors

Publisher: TDA Authors, LLC

March 2014

Pages: 711

Mixture of Several Genres

Rock My Boat by Afton Locke

Rhonda Simms is a workaholic that is embarking on a Caribbean cruise to help her create an ad campaign for a maritime freight client.  When she meets Simon Mann, a blue marlin shape shifter she finds it impossible to concentrate especially when she is in his sights. He manages to rock her world first with a private hands on safety demonstration than with a wild ocean ride. 

Simon drowned in a shipwreck that was caused by Rhonda’s client years ago.  Now he will do anything to be a normal man again.  He has the chance now that he has finally found his mate, Rhonda.

Rhonda is ready to let go of her responsibilities with a shipboard fling.  She might have been ready to give up her virginity but she wasn’t quite ready for what it could ultimately cost her. 

Silver Tongued Devils by Dawn Montgomery

Raesa Daw is the best ship thief and escape artist in the business.  Until a routine DNA test proves she’s one of the very last Earthen purebloods left in existence.  She is desperate to escape sexual slavery and breeding for one of the royal houses.  She flees the station on the Crimson Star and ends up landing in the arms of deadly half-breed, Brom Raine.

With just one kiss he takes away her fears and opens up a world that is even more dangerous than the one she already knew.

Captain Anderson Na’varr is not known for showing mercy to those that stow away on his vessel.  Now he is going to take the thief and show her just how ruthless he and his Executive Officer, Brom can be. 

Seduced by both the lust and strength of both men Raesa is determined to do everything in her power to corrupt her DNA before the slavers can find her again.

Na’varr realizes that the peace Brom and he have found in her arms could be destroyed if they lose her to the Republic not to mention she holds the key to their survival.  Her courage will lead them out of hell but their love will keep her alive.

Fight for Love by Delaney Diamond

Rafael Lopez is a former professional wrestler.  He is also “Sexiest Athlete Alive” and now that he has figured out that the woman he lost is also the one that he still loves.  He is determined to win her back and also get to know the son he never knew existed. 

Crazy (Vampire Love) by Eve Langlais

Ella is considered crazy because of all the voices in her head.  Though her ghostly friends are completely unable to protect her from a vampire that is in love.

Sex with an Ex by Eve Vaughn

Riley Mason believed she had moved on with her life after a devastating break-up.  Until her path crosses with that of her ex-husband, Ethan Boudreaux, the one man who can still make her pulse race and knees buckle. Though she is fighting the attraction it is proving to be stronger than ever.

Ethan’s greatest regret is walking away from the woman he loved.  Now he has a second chance with Riley he is determined that he isn’t going to let this opportunity slip through his fingers.  He comes up with a plan that will get her back in both his bed and his life.

When they come together again the sex is hotter than ever before but will they take the chance that this time their hearts will survive this second time around?

In Her Wildest Dreams by Farrah Rochon

Erica Cole is the owner of Your Wildest Dreams, a company that specializes in creating over the top date nights.  While she loves what she does she never planned on the headaches that come with owning her own business.  Erica is over the moon when a consulting firm shows an interest in her company and the chance to make her dream a household name not to mention the financial payoff that would come with it.  Now she needs to come up with the ultimate Valentine’s Day experience to show the firm and she knows just who to go to help her plan it.

Gavin Foster is a former tech company CEO that has found his true calling in life when he opened Decadente Artisan Chocolates.  He gets to create high-end chocolates for the discerning palettes of those in New Orleans and for the woman that is his best friend though he wishes Erica was much more. When Erica comes to him for help for the Valentine’s Day fantasy, Gavin figures this just might be the chance to show her that they could have so much more together.

Player’s Challenge by Koko Brown

Devin Spencer is a footballer bad boy in need of some handling.  He is notorious for his off-field exploits and has managed to push one button too many and now even his agent has washed his hands of him.  He needs to straighten up his act if he doesn’t want to be facing his last days on the pitch as goalie. 

Gemma Clarke is a sports agent with a very bright future ahead of her.  The only dark spot is her former lover, Devin is now on her client roster. 

Their love affair ended when Croydon F.C.’s development team came calling and Devin walked away without looking back.  With Devin back in her life and their chemistry hotter than ever he is determined to show Gemma he is a changed man.  He just needs to gain Gemma’s trust again and get her to overlook the no fraternizing clause in her contract.

Two Cops, A Girl and a Pair of Handcuffs by Paige Tyler

For Cilla Garner working the late shift just got better than ever.  Cilla has it bad for Hayes Prescott and Reed Lockwood, two very hot cops that come into her coffee shop when she works the late shift.  Cilla can’t help but flirt when her coworker goes home early one evening and leaves her alone with Denver’s finest.  She has no idea how she will choose if they both end up asking her out.  She never thought of a threesome until they hint at the possibility.

Now she has the perfect chance when they offer to drive her home after work.  Who wouldn’t be thrilled with the idea of two hot guys and some handcuffs?

Chase and Seduction Hot Country, Book 1 by Randi Alexander

Chase Tanner is a country music superstar and actor and he has yet to be denied anything he wants.  And he has never wanted anything or anyone as much as he wants screenplay writer Reno Linden.  Now that the film they have been working on is finally finished Chase has decided to turn up the seduction on Reno.

Reno Linden has lived a quiet, rural life then she is thrust into the Hollywood scene when the book she wrote is adapted to film.  Chase is larger than life, sexy and determined to get her in his bed.  Leary after a failed engagement, Reno decides to take the risk in Chase’s arms.  She never expected that her good girl self is able to keep up with a bad boy.

Chase returns to his cowboy roots often and Reno really enjoyed the time spent with him on his ranch they soon find their careers pulling them in opposite directions.  Will their attraction survive their different lives?

Tall, Dark and Apocalyptic by Sam Cheever

He is a warrior and bounty hunter in a world that has been turned upside down.  She is a creature of dark magic that also makes her a target.  His job is very simple just kill the target.  She has a goal that is more complex, she needs to stay alive until she can destroy the source of the death magic that is affecting the twenty worlds. The passion between them just may end up being their undoing. It is going to take a great deal to overcome the distraction of their attraction and not lose themselves in the process.

They have a grand passion in an apocalyptic world with a love beyond reason or boundaries.

This is a great collection of stories that is sure to please everyone.  It has several different genres so everyone will be able to find a story that speaks to them.  While some stories move a little slower than others they are all well written.  It will also give readers a chance to try different authors and genres.  Some of the stories are closer to novellas than novels but all stories give a rewarding story that will keep the readers turning the pages to see what will happen in each and every one.  The reader gets a great bargain with the number of books included in this box set especially for the price.  This is definitely worth giving a shot and readers just might find some new authors for themselves that will have them checking out other books by each and every author.

I give this one 4 red roses


Heiress of Lies

Heiress of Lies Bloodtruth Volume 1 by Cege Smith

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

December 2013

ISBN: 9781481066990

Pages: 244

Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Eighteen-year-old Angeline Robart’s father the King of Altera is on his deathbed which has turned the eyes of the kingdom on her.  While studying she is called home to be at her father’s side but on the way she is kidnapped by Connor.  He is a mysterious rogue who has waited a very long to time to change his destiny. 

Now Angeline is facing the consequences of a freak accident that Connor was unable to stop.  She is being forced to travel a dangerous path to regain control of both her future and her kingdom.  The choice which seems impossible forces her to rely on Connor who is everything that her family has done everything possible to destroy. 

Angeline is the last of the Robart bloodline, and she has discovered enemies that she has always believed had been conquered but she now finds out they have only been lying in wait for the time when her father is gone.  By uncovering the secrets Angeline discovers even worse is that no one expected her to take the throne in anything but title alone. 

Angeline now has a bond with Connor that is growing stronger all the time.  She also realizes that they have a lot more in common than she ever thought possible.  It also could very well make him an ally that she needs now more than ever.

This is a young adult story that is very interesting.  The world building comes alive with every word as it paints a picture of a different time and place.  With every secret that is uncovered the story gets more intense and the plot even more compelling.  This story has mystery, action and romance and while it does end with a cliff hanger it is sure to leave the reader desperately wanting to read the next book in the trilogy.  If the other two books continue to be a engrossing as the first this will prove to be a very interesting trilogy that hopefully has an ending that is good as the start of the series. 

I give this one 4 red roses

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Tuesday 11 March 2014

Don't Even Think About It

Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski

Publisher: Random House

March 2014

ISBN: 978-0-385-73738-8

Pages: 338

Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Manhattan New York

What started out as an ordinary flu shot with expectations of the usual side effects turned into something vastly different for a group of students.  Suddenly they have telepathic powers.  They can hear what everyone is thinking.  Their friends, parents, crushes, everyone.  Now they know that Tess is in love with her best friend and that Mackenzie cheated on Cooper.  They also know that the school nurse used to be a stripper which is more than any of them would like to know.

Though they are finding some things that make the ability nice.  They can sit next to the brainiac in class, get the answers and can pass their tests.  They can also dump their significant other before they are dumped.  They also know what their friends truly think about what they are wearing or their appearances.  They also know what is coming.  Some will take the ability and thrive and others won’t be able to handle all they learn.  One thing is for sure and that is none of them will ever be the same again.  They are always listening so be careful what you are thinking.

This story takes a very different premise and runs with it.  The story is intriguing to the point that once the reader starts it they will be unable to put it down.  It is a young adult book but can be read and enjoyed by anyone.  In some respects it is the typical high school life with romance and stress over school work and tests and adds a paranormal aspect that makes everything that much more difficult for these students.  It also takes a what-if idea and makes it very fun to read about though there are some serious situations. Some of the outcomes make for great fun.  It will also have readers hoping for more stories like this.  This is a must read.

I give this one 5 red roses    


Sunday 9 March 2014

The Warrior

The Warrior by Wanda Ann Thomas

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

November 2013

ISBN:  978-1493579044

Pages: 294

Historical Romance, Upper Galilee 48 BC

Nathan of Rumah earned the name the Angel of Death when he was a soldier in the Jewish army with his lethal talents.  Now he just wants to have a quiet life on his family’s olive farm.  Everything changes when he rescues a wealthy Pharisee and his family from rebels that Nathan calls friends.

Nathan is determined to right the wrong done to this family, never dreaming it would lead to his marriage to Alexandra the Pharisee’s shy daughter.  The passion Nathan feels for Alexandra strengthens as he seeks justice for her and her family.  Nathan picks up his sword again because he is determined to end the bloody rebellion against Rome. Nathan seeks help from the newly-minted governor of Galilee, Herod, his friend.

Alexandra Onias always expected to marry a scholar but finds herself married instead to a warrior who both enthralls and unnerves her.  The risks her valiant husband had undertaken on behalf of her and her family is proving to come with a price that is turning out to be very high when Nathan’s countrymen turn against him.  When Alexandra realizes how much Nathan has sacrificed for her she fights to save her husband from the rebel’s revenge and Herod’s ambition.

Nathan and Alexandra have been betrayed by those they thought of as friends so they fight side by side to save everything that means anything to them, their loved ones and their very lives along with their home. Can their blossoming love withstand the full fury of Nathan when the rebels strike out?

This is a wonderful historical story that comes to life for the reader.  There are historical people in this story that many will recognize and the reader will see a different side to them as they get to explore an area that there are too few stories about.  This is a start of a series that should prove to be very interesting.  The characters are well written and interesting and help bring the story to life.  The descriptions of the places and people are written in such a way that the reader will have no problem believing they are right there in the story with the characters.  For those that enjoy stories of ancient Rome this is one to check out. 

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


Wednesday 5 March 2014

The Girl and the Raven

The Girl and the Raven by Pauline Gruber

Publisher: Dragonfly Inc.

December 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9910774-0-3 (print)
ISBN: 978-0-9910774-1-0 (ebook)

Pages: 406

Contemporary Paranormal, Lexington, Tennessee & Chicago, Illinois

Lucy Walker is a sixteen-year-old girl who wants a normal life.  Just as she thinks she has a chance at normal she finds out that she is half-witch and half-demon.  Now her life gets even more complicated as she works to keep her demon father from killing her boyfriend.  She also has to try and keep the witches in her life from killing her father and protect her non-supernatural friends from getting hurt from either side.  As if that isn’t enough to keep her busy she also needs to find the family raven that has her magical legacy.  She is doing a balancing act between the good and evil in her life and is drawn to both.  She just doesn’t know which side she will ultimately choose.

This is a fantastic young adult story that can be read by anyone.  The plot and characters are well thought out and written well.  The story comes alive for the reader in a paranormal story that is very different from most paranormal books.  Once the reader starts this one they will find it very hard to put down as they will be pulled into the story with every word they read.  This is done is the first person point of view but that just adds to the story rather than takes away. When character point of view changes the reader will not be lost in the least and it is written in such a way that it flows from one chapter to the next with nothing lost during the switch.  If the next book proves as good as this one it is going to be one series that will be a must read for those who love paranormal romances.  This is one to definitely take the time to read. 

I give this one 5 red roses


Sunday 2 March 2014

Where Evil Waits

Where Evil Waits by Kate Brady

Publisher: Forever

February 2014

ISBN: 978-1-455-50206-6

Pages: 426

Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Atlanta Georgia

Kara Chandler is a special prosecutor that is very good at the job she does.  Maybe a little too good as a mastermind that is homicidal has vowed to kill everyone she cares about and also Kara, herself.  She is desperate to save herself and her son and the only way she sees to do that is by seeking out cartel hit man, Luke Varon.  The last time she dealt with him was when she was prosecuting him and watched him beat the system and escape going to prison.  He is also the only man that can possibly keep her alive.

Luke Varon isn’t quite what he appears to be. He has spent years in the criminal underworld and he is seeking revenge and redemption.  Though when he sees the very real fear in Kara’s eyes he can’t just let it go.  People around her are being murdered and he may be the only one that can uncover the killer’s motives before it is too late. As the danger closes in on them, Kara and Luke must trust each other with their darkest secrets before the evil hunting them can kill them both. 

This is a great romantic suspense with some psychological elements thrown in.  This one will take readers on a lot of twists and turns before the truth finally comes out in the end.  The story proves to be very hard to put down as the reader will want to find out the why behind it all.  The action is pretty much nonstop and the story proves to be very fast paced and intriguing.  The characters and plot are very well written and believable.  This is part of a series but the story can easily be read as a standalone.   Though if the reader starts with this one it will have the reader wanting to read the rest of the series to see if the others are as good as this one.  This story is also one that once the reader finishes they will find the story staying with them for a while to come.

I give this one 5 red roses



Raphael by D. B. Reynolds

Publisher: ImaJinn Books

December 2013

ISBN: 978-1-933417-47-9 (print)
ISBN: 978-1-61026-074-9 (ebook)

Pages: 224

Contemporary, Paranormal, Malibu, California

Cynthia “Cyn” Leighton once was a cop but is now a private investigator that is sexy, smart and tough.  She is also tired of tracking down and spying on cheating spouses so when she is asked to help tracking down some kidnappers, Cyn is more than happy to accept this newest case. Cyn soon realizes that while she thought the danger came from the humans the biggest danger is from her newest client, Raphael the king of the vampires.

Raphael is very powerful and charismatic.  He also has the power of life and death of every vampire in existence though he isn’t the only one that has that power.  Raphael is determined to catch the ones responsible for a daytime raid that killed many of his people and kidnapped the one female vampire that he would willingly give his life for.  He knows that one way to track the humans is to get Cyn’s help. Now they are fighting for their lives and are caught up in the passion of blood and violence that could destroy them both.

This is a very different vampire story. It gives new life to a genre that has had many books written about it. The story line pulls the reader in from the very first page and keeps them engrossed until the very last page.  While the plot of this story is tied up very nicely it also leaves the story between Raphael and Cyn open for the rest of the stories in this series.  If the rest of the books continue along this line it is sure to be a fantastic series that will have readers wanting to read all the books.  It will also have readers wanting to know what will happen to Raphael and Cyn in the end.  The way the back story for Raphael is woven into the overall story is well done and keeps the story moving along well and doesn’t leave the reader wondering what is going on.  For those that love vampire stories this is one to definitely check out. 

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses