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Monday 31 March 2008

Featured Author Kelly Nyrae

Kelley Nyrae has loved writing for as long as she can remember. From the moment she won her first writing contest in the third grade she knew writing was her passion. Her plan had always been to write children’s books but for one reason or another it never worked out. In 2005 she became a stay at home mom for the first time. That’s when she picked up her first romance novel and fell in love. She knew that writing romance books is what she was meant to do and her life hasn’t been the same ever since.

Kelley has been blessed with a wonderful, supportive husband and two beautiful children who always bring a smile to her face. She resides in sunny Southern California.

A Pressing Engagement



ISBN 978-0-7090-8386-3

It is June 1790.

A young couple have just been married by a vicar, in the village of Bythorne. A marriage attended only by the vicar and his wife. The ring on the young girls finger is a Talisman ring, which has been in the young man’s family for generations. He promises her a gold ring soon but she smiles and tells him that this ring will be all she will ever want and together they set forth on their journey to a new life, unbeknown to either of their families. We hear no more of this young couple for many years.
March 1815.
Jared Talent was pushing his horses hard when suddenly the leader faltered pitching the curricle off balance, cursing beneath his breadth he managed to pull them to a standstill and jumping down examined the leader, who had thrown a shoe. He cursed again; he had only five miles to his destination but now must delay to have the horse shod. Jared knew that the Green Man was but a half-mile away, the ostler there would no doubt attend to the horse immediately for a reward from a member of the area’s most wealthy family. On arrival at the Inn it was proved to be so and Jared went into the inn to wait.
The Inn tap-room was very busy and the coffee room also was full, but spying a place at a table where a young, heavily veiled lady sat alone at her meal, he reluctantly began to move towards her table, then he saw small-unoccupied table and sat there instead. He glanced at the lady but she was so heavily veiled that is was difficult to estimate her age; he looked away as the waiter asked for his order. Jared decided on bread and cheese with a slice or two of beef and a glass of ale. While eating he thought about the message, which had brought him at such speed to be at his Grandfathers side. The old man had been well and healthy when he had left him but two weeks ago, how had a mere cold in the head apparently brought him to his deathbed?
Suddenly a man entered the room and sat down at the table with the young woman, he was a rough looking character but the young woman seemed to sway towards him intimately, which surprised Jared, then she giggled and he realised that she was slightly drunk. When the man pulled her to her feet and began to lead her from the room, Jared was disgusted by her state, especially when she fell against him as she was led from the room.
Once again back in his curricle and bowling along at a good pace he heard a sudden loud noise, he pulled up his horses he was sure that it was a gunshot he had heard. He jumped down from his curricle and saw a slight figure running towards him, there were it appeared, two larger figures in pursuit. Then he realised that it was the young woman from the Inn, seeing her face he was surprised that she was much younger than he had suspected back at the Inn. She was obviously very frightened and desperate, she stared at him and then collapsed at his feet. As he lifted her into the curricle she struggled and kept saying no, no, no. Jared had no option but to take her with him to his Grandfathers home, his opinion of her was pretty low, she was a tart he was sure but even so he could not leave her on the highway.
The next day the young lady, who is Diana st Aubin, awakes in a strange room she is suffering from a severe headache. She is summoned to attend a meeting with Jared Talent; she has very little memory of the previous night and is astounded at his attitude towards her. He is very rude to her and treats her as a low class female, even accusing her of stealing his purse at the Inn. Dianna is furious and demands that he lets her go as she is on the way to meet her young brother, having just arrived in England from France where she teaches in a young ladies seminary. He laughs at her but offers her a good reward and help to find her brother if she agrees to pretend to be betrothed to him for what he believes to be a very short time until his Grandfather dies. Will Dianna agree to this preposterous charade? Does she really have any choice? She has no money and no belongings and is entirely alone in England until she can find her brother.
What is the story behind Dianna’s plight? Is Jared correct in his assumption of her, or is he entirely wrong, where is the young brother? Watch this excellent story unfold, enjoy it’s twists and turns; it will hold your interest through to the very last page. I really enjoyed this regency romance and think it a must for lovers of this genre. I happily award this book 5 red rose. AS.

Tuesday 25 March 2008

Interview With Rita Karnopp

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m married 34 years to a wonderful, supportive, sexy man. We live in beautiful Montana and take advantage of its beauty by camping, rafting, canoeing, hiking, gold panning, crystal digging, and fishing. Since both our kids are married, it’s just the two of us and our love bird, Ying.

What do you write?

I’m drawn to the history of the Native American and strive to bring alive the authenticity of a time past. When writing suspense or contemporary romance I enjoy bringing excitement and the enduring power of love to my stories. But even my contemporary books have a Native tone.

Why do you write?

I write because I can’t stop! I absolutely love creating a plot and creating characters that will bring it to life. I absolutely love to see my name on the cover of a book. It’s the ultimate natural high! I have more ideas for stories than I have time to write.

What are you writing now?

I’m getting RANSOME LOVE ready to send to my editor.

RANSOM LOVE: Montana Territory-Fall of 1868. For four years Jennie Proctor has lived with Indians. Now she must decide whether to trust the handsome white man who has come to rescue her, or spend the rest of her life a Blackfeet. Cody Larimer has one goal in life, to rescue captive women from Indians. Together they struggle to survive and form a mutual respect that soon turns into love, something neither believed possible.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

I’m terrible, I hate anything tight and confining…so the minute I get home from work I’m in lounging pants/tops and slippers. I hate shoes so I go through slippers like you wouldn’t believe!

Are you in love? Have you ever been?

34 years and counting… more in love now than ever! I got so lucky with husbands. He’s funny, teasing, and just one nice guy!

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like?

All you have to do is read my books to know that … tall, tan, sleek long hair that is tied back with feathers, breach clout and moccasins is my total dream turn-on!!

What kind of comfort food do you like best?

Like any woman… depends on my mood. Pissed… I want wine and chocolate covered cherries. Quiet and needed comfort…chips & a Pepsie… stressed I want a gin gimlet and macadamian nuts!

What makes you laugh? Cry?

I’m a slobbering idiot…. I cry over sad advertisements, sediments, any love story, and any heart-breaking situation. I laugh all day long…I love laughter and make every attempt to put laughter in my voice. I find most everything funny…. I’m Polish… but then again…that might be laughing at me…hopefully with me!

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?

I love reading, of course. I also make dream catchers We crystal dig and I often put them in my dream catchers. I also love making necklaces! I love beads..beads and more beads!

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!

The ultimate turn-on to me is soft music, wine, candle light, blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace with my best friend and husband (they are one-in-the same… just so you aren’t confused!).

What do you hate about life?

I absolutely hate prejudices. The color of ones skin does not make the woman or man. A religion does not make one good or bad. I’ve met people who I originally thought I wasn’t going to like…and once I gave them a chance…they became some of my best friends.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?

There are so many things, but one would be to purchase a house first for my husband and me, who lost everything and had to start all over due to my five surgeries. Then, upon being successful, I’d purchase a home for both my kids, so both my daughter and daughter-in-law could stay home with their children, without the stress of making house payments.

What are you going to write next?

Well, in May 2008 Uncial Press is releasing WHISPERING SUN, an Indian Historical that takes place in the new Territory of Montana 1864. Then in August 2008 Indian Historical RANSOM LOVE, Montana Territory 1868, is released by Eternal Press. And to close out the year, BETRAYAL, a murder mystery, will be released in November 2008 by Eternal Press. I’ll start the new year (2009) with Eternal Press releasing KIDNAPPED, a romantic suspense! So…I’m going to be a busy girl for a long time to come!

Monday 24 March 2008

Featured Author/Rita Karnopp

Fear and loneliness control Blackfeet historian, I-nis’-kim’s life. Each lecture produces another death, for which he isn’t guilty, and is only steps ahead of the police. He isolates himself … until he meets the beautiful, intriguing Skyler Grinnell.

Skyler’s quiet and lonely world is turned upside down by the handsome and mysterious I-nis’-kim. But is this man what he says or is he a clever killer? Could she not only be in danger of losing her heart but her life as well?

The killer is quick, relentless, and frighteningly efficient. In spite of the suspicions and danger, I-nis’-kim and Skyler are drawn together with a force that ignites their passion. Yet, that promise of love is threatened by deadly secrets and a killer who wants them both dead.

- - - - - -
Dark Spirit by Rita Karnopp

Excerpt #1

A backpack-laden Skyler stood before him. “What the blazes are you doing?”

“Getting ready to fix my wound.” He held his knife over the flames.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to…God, I can’t even say it.”

“Cauterize? No choice.”

“That’ll hurt like hell. You can’t possibly think you’re going to do that to yourself, do you?” She dropped to the ground and slid out from beneath his heavy pack.

“Dang, you carried that here? I’m impressed.”

“Didn’t do it to impress you. Just thought we’d need the contents to survive.”

He couldn’t help admiring her. “Why don’t you turn your back and I’ll get this over with.”

“Not likely. Can’t say I have the stomach for it, but you’d better let me do it.”

In’is’kim stared at her. Could she be serious? “You don’t have to. I can―”

“What? Can’t accept my help? We’d better get it done with and get this fire out before our shadow notices.”

He knew she was right. Once the pain gripped him, he might not even stay conscious, then what would happen with the hot knife. “Here,” he said, clenching his teeth. “I’ll press the skin together. You place the hot knife right across it. Do it quickly—now!”

Hellfire tore into his thigh. Burning flesh and hair, his flesh and hair filled the air. Bile rose in his throat. He fought it down. He fought the dark wave that assaulted his awareness. He blinked hard, again and again. He shook his head and Skyler’s shadow came into view.

“You okay?”

Her words seemed far away. He wanted to answer but his mouth didn’t seem capable of working. Heaviness weighed him down, and he couldn’t fight it.

- - - -

Coming in May 2008


Spring 2008 e-Book

“'Romancing the West."

WHISPERING SUN: New Territory of Montana 1863. Sarah Bryson's silent world takes a jolting change when she is kidnapped from Fort Bryson by a French trader, only to find herself rescued by Blackfeet warrior, Two Shadows. Together they face ruthless mountain men, treacherous storms and Crow Indians.

Bringing the strange-sounding woman, with sun-shimmering hair, back to his village, Two Shadows struggles. His loyalties become divided between the love for a white woman and his love and devotion to his Indian people.

WHISPERING SUN captures a time when the Blackfeet are forced to see their way of life disappear. It’s a story where it’s possible for a white woman to decide she belongs with a loving people and a Blackfeet warrior. It’s a story that shows how a half-breed can choose an alliance and find his place in a colliding world.

- - - - -

Rita Karnopp

Edgy suspense you can’t put down.

REVENGE Eternal Press

Murder/Suspense Nov ‘08

KIDNAPPED Eternal Press

Suspense 2009

'Romancing the West."



Saturday 22 March 2008

The Price of A Sword

The Price of a Sword by Ellie Tremayne/ebook
Total ebound

North Cornwall, 1156

Rosawyn has been kidnapped by her brother-in-law, Sir Hugh de Noirville. It is a time of political upheaval and she is just the latest victim. She knows that if she can just hold out her father, the Earl of Liskard, will find her and rescue her. Unfortunately the earl is very sick and turns to the king for help in finding and rescuing his daughter.

Sir Philip d’Apremont has a reputation as being a very hard and dangerous man. In polite society he is know to be an illegitimate son of a nobleman. He is also a close friend and political ally of the king’s. Philip knows that if he is going to get anything in this world he is going to have work hard to earn it. He now has a chance to become an Earl. But to do this he is going to have to pay a price. Will the price be two high to pay?

Rosawyn knows her brother-in-law, Hugh, cannot afford to harm her since if her sister dies in childbirth she will be the only way he can claim her father’s land. Rosawyn knows that as long as her sister is pregnant she is safe. Hugh tries to hide Rosawyn from everyone by putting her in the convent where his sister is Mother Superior. This way he has control of Rosawyn and she can not be easily found.

Rosawyn is running out of time. Will she be rescued?

Philip finds Rosawyn and is able to rescue her. He marries her on the spot to keep her safe. Now the real battle will begin. Philip is going to have to find Hugh and crush his treasonous rebellion against the king. To get the lands Philip wants he will have to secure them and thereby bringing the area into the kingdom and protecting them for his friend the king.

Philip and Rosawyn are both stubborn and feel they are right. Learning to listen to each other so that they can bring the people of the land together is not going to be easy. They also need to come to a truce between themselves so they can fight against Hugh. Rosawyn knows the people and has their loyalty. Philip has the ability and knowledge to fight. They bring their abilities together so that they can overcome the common enemy.

Neither expected to fall in love with each other. Now as the battle rages they fear for each other. They are hoping for peace so that they have a chance at happiness.

This book brings the time period vividly to life and draws you back in time. Rosawyn is courageous and a great character. Philip has overcome his past. Together they make for a wonderful story.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses.

Thursday 20 March 2008

The Penny Bangle

ISBN 978-07090-8388-7
224 pages

Cassie Taylor leaves a munitions factory in Brimingham to become a Land Army girl. At first she finds the work intolerably hard and is not sure she made the right decision or that she likes Dorset. Although her employer's sons, home from the war, are friendly the other Land Army girl is not. Cassie discovers that Frances is jealous because she cares for Stephen, but Cassie is drawn to his brother Robert, who has not been as friendly as Stephen.

Later, both Frances and Cassie join the ATS. Robert asks Cassie to marry him and she accepts but in wartime love can never be easy. Robert is reported missing and Cassie is tempted by another relationship. Can she resist and will Robert return?

This is a warm, very enjoyable story about the trials and tribulations of lovers caught up in a terrible war. If you like stories about families and war you will love this one. MB 4.5 red roses.

Sun Of silver Moon Of Gold

Maureen Peters/Sun of Silver Moon of Gold/Robert Hale ltd. ISBN 978-0-7090-8444-0 £18.99 / 332 pages

Miss Flora Scott is invited to join her uncle in America. Her family have despaired of finding her a husband and push her into making the decision. When Flora arrives she is welcomed by her uncle, but her sympathies are soon with the Indian population. They are a settled and peaceable people but are being forced to leave their homes for a reservation.

Flora makes a friend of Tessa Fontaine, a young woman who was stolen by Indians as a young girl and then married one of her own choosing. This friendship is frowned upon by the other ladies because Tessa us shunned, but Flora is determined to help Tessa become reunited with her husband if she can.

Will her growing friendship with Brent, her uncle's overseer lead to happiness or more disgrace?

This is an unusual book but the story is interesting and holds the reader. I found it enjoyable. 4.5 red roses Morna.

Wednesday 19 March 2008

Dangerous Mr Ryder

Dangerous Mr Ryder by Louise Allen

Mills and Boon Historical Romance

March 2008



The Dangerous Mr Ryder is the first in a series of enthralling Regency romances about the Ravenhurst family by a historical novelist who never disappoints: Louise Allen!

When King’s Messenger Jack Ryder was assigned the task of escorting the Grand Duchess of Maubourg to England to get her away from Napoleon’s reign of terror and to get her close to her beloved son, he thought himself more than capable of doing the job. However, what Jack wasn’t prepared for was the rush of intense desire which consumed him when he clapped eyes on his haughty charge.

Eva may be a prim and proper aristocrat, but she is the most beautiful woman Jack has ever seen! Try as he might, he can’t seem to be able to get her out of his mind and even though he knows that he shouldn’t even contemplate having a relationship with her, he finds himself unable to stop himself from stealing passionate kisses and from wanting to make love to her all night long!

Falling in love with Jack Ryder was certainly not on the cards for Eva, but one kiss was all it took for her to fall for him – even though she knows that a future with him would be out of the question.

Is Eva about to lose the one man who could make her happy? And what about Jack? Will he ever tell Eva the truth about his past?

The inimitable Louise Allen has writen a spellbinding historical romance that I just couldn’t put down! The Dangerous Mr Ryder is an enjoyable historical romance that is stirring, poignant, moving, witty, tender and absolutely unmissable!
five red roses. JB

Tuesday 18 March 2008

In Flames

Sophie believes she is being haunted by Damien, a lover from her past. Jake doesn’t believe in that kind of nonsense but Peri and Jake’s partner Marco may think differently. Sophie has had a rough time with her ex. Now she’s afraid his spirit wants to stop her finding love with Marco. Peri is sure the culprit has to be someone close to Sophie – can it possibly be a ghost or is someone playing nasty games? When Sophie’s jacket goes up in flames while she is wearing it, things begin to get dangerous!

Peri and Sophie have to trace things from Sophie’s past to discover the answer to this mystery. Ritual burials, ancient tombs and buried treasure may be just a few of the secrets they unearth. Are all the demons real? Read this fascinating book to find out!

Exciting, tense and compelling, In Flames is a book you will want to keep. 4.5 red roses, Morna

Monday 17 March 2008

Interview With Melody Knight

Questions for Red Roses For Authors/Reviews /Interview

Tell us a little about yourself
I'm a sometimes oil painter, sometimes graphic designer, sometimes student of mycology and archeology, and always writer.

What do you write?
I write science fiction, fantasy, horror, paranormal suspense, plus romance novels and novellas in all those genres.

Why do you write?
I like to fantasize, and I obviously enjoy scaring myself, .

What are you writing now?
I'm working on a horror novel with its basis in archeology, a paranormal novel specific to The Lotus Circle's brief, and a paranormal novella, which I hope to submit to Nocturne Bites.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
Jeans. Shiny shirts. Lots of sequins. The more glitz to dress up the jeans the better.

Are you in love? Have you ever been?
I'm not in love now, except with some of my characters. Yes, I was in love once, but I'm still searching for La Grande Passion.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like?
No dream lover, but a description of my prince. He is faceless, except for his smile. He needs to have a smile that reaches his eyes.

What kind of comfort food do you like best?
Chocolate. Ice cream, frosting, candy bars. Anything chocolate.

What makes you laugh? Cry?
Ironic humor, and sometimes well-done slapstick. I don't cry. I refuse.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
Painting. Reading. Watching DVDs with my kids. The sometimes shopping expedition.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!
I'm a cheap date. A warm smile and a charming demeanor will do it.

What do you hate about life?
Nothing. I'm glad to be here. Maybe that there's never enough of it?

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?
I'd like to get a PhD some day, but basically, I'm happy with my accomplishments. How could I ask for more than I have? I wake up happy every day, plus I live a fairy tale, in which I'm lucky enough to be able to write and paint. I'd like to travel, too, but I'll see what happens.

What are you going to write next?
Something historical, methinks. Maybe another time travel or a historical romance. I also have strung out readers far too long with one of my fantasy series, and one of my horror series. I should wrap those up.

Featured Author

This is Melody's Book with Linden Bay Romance. Melody also writes for Red rose Publishing, Cerridwen Press and Drollerie Press amongst others. She is multi talented because she also dabbles in the arts and has ambitions for the future.

We wish her good luck. Her book In Flames will be reviewed here soon.

Dark Spirit

Dark Spirit/Rita Karnopp/Eternal Press/Ebook/153 pages

Skyler distrusts most people and when she bumps into a Native American who understands the ancient message cards she has been getting she naturally thinks something smells. However, In’is’kim has also been receiving the same cards, and though his grandfather taught him to read them, he does not at first understand what is happening. What he does know is that women are being killed in a particularly sinister way wherever he goes to lecture on his people.

In’is’kim does not blame Skyler for not trusting him, because he is afraid that he may have a split personality and has been doing the murders without realising it. In’is’kim is on the right track though the truth is more obscure and will take a flirtation with death for Skyler, her sister and In’is’kim before they discover the secret of the dark shadow that has been haunting him for so long.

This is a tense, exciting mystery and a compelling love story as a woman learns to trust and reject what seems obvious. Only by that trust can she save the life of the man she loves and find happiness for them both. Karnopp is a talented writer who mixes the mystery and legend of the past with modern thinking and produces an enthralling story.
Five red roses. Linda Sole

Devil's Prize

Jane Jackson/Devil’s Prize/Robert Hale/ISBN 978-0-7090-8480-8/hardback/224 pages/ £18.99

Devlin Varcoe is a notorious smuggler, wanted by the Excisemen but too clever to get caught. Tamara Gillis is in love with him, but even though she is willing to give herself to him in love, Devlin will not commit to her or any other woman. He helps Jenefer Trevanion when she is left homeless, but it is only after his brother Thomas has betrayed him and he is faced with death that Devlin begins to know what he truly wants out of life.

This is a bold adventure story about smugglers, unrequited love and betrayal. Well written and compelling it holds the reader to the end.
4.5 red roses. Morna

Sunday 16 March 2008

The Cult

The Cult/ Maddie James/Resplendence Publishing/ebook/219 pages

Tory is the daughter of Clare and Jack from the Curse, Maddie James's first book in this series. Tory is a passionate woman of the eighteenth century and always getting into trouble. When her brother Jeremiah finds her sitting on the lap of a rough sailor in a tavern he tries to take her away and is shot dead. Tory cries until she is almost too weak to live, but then Jeremiah comes back to her and tells her to move on with her life. She has a quest, something she must fulfil but she does not yet know what it is or the way to find her destiny.

Colt is an author in need of a best selling book. When the idea of a pirate novel about Blackbeard comes to him he little knows that he is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime – an adventure that will carry him through time as he helps Tory in her quest to return Blackbeard's head.

This is another sensual, imaginative story from a clever storyteller and the good thing is it isn't the last of the series. This is a book that keeps you hanging on until the end and great fun to read. Five red roses, Linda


Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1-4201-0361-8
US $3.99
CAN $4.99
Paperback/ 320 pages

Alyson of Olverton has often dreamed of marrying Guillelm de la Rochelle. Guillelm went to the Crusades after being turned down as a suitor by Alyson's father, but now he has returned to claim his inheritance. Meanwhile, through necessity, Alyson had taken refuge in his father's house and would have become his bride had he not died. Although her heart belongs to Guillelm she cannot bring herself to tell him for he seems distant and different to the young knight she loved. What Alyson does not know is that he has been scarred by a woman's cruel words, and though he loves Alyson he is afraid that she can never love him. Their path to true happiness is strewn with dangers, especially for Alyson who has an enemy in Guillelm's best friend.

This is romantic and compelling reading for all fans of historical stories. I enjoyed it and recommend this author for her strong voice and narrative skills. Five red roses, Linda

Saturday 15 March 2008




Published by

ISBN 978-0-7090-7922-4

When Valerie’s Aunt Loo, short for Louise, asked her to go home with her for a month’s visit to her estate, Troy Fenners, In Hampshire, she was delighted. Valerie’s mother was not too happy with the invitation but gave in when her husband suggested that his sister Louise was perhaps lonely in that great barn of a house on her own.
Valerie at the age of twenty-two had had several suitors but mostly they were much shorter than she was, as she stood a fine five foot ten inches and she bulked at trying to look shorter to blend with her escorts. She longed for a suitor who was at least six feet tall, although there was no hope of meeting one at her Aunts home but it would be wonderful to escape for a time, from her family.
When Valerie arrived at Troy Fenners her Aunt amazed her by telling her that she was a writer and in her new novel the heroine had certain tasks to perform, and Aunt Loo had decided Valerie would be the very person to try out the tasks. She was sure that Valerie would make a splendid Gloria, the heroine of her novel.
Also staying with her Aunt as a permanent guest was Pierre St Clair her late husband’s cousin, who was smuggled out of France as an infant, during the reign of Terror, he was raised on a farm in Normandy and educated at a seminary but now lived in England. His broken English would be a source of amusement to Valerie during her stay but his amorous advances were not amusing.
There were many things going on at Troy Fenners, which Valerie was beginning to wonder at. Was her Aunt being blackmailed? Money was obviously short, but she had thought her Aunt wealthy. Overhearing a conversation between Pierre and her Aunt she thought that Pierre was perhaps blackmailing her Aunt, but why?
Strange things were happening here and Valerie intended to get to the bottom of it all, was it anything to do with the couple who were invited to hold séances in the feather room or did it involve the mysterious Mr Sinclair, another cousin who wore green spectacles to hide his expressive eyes or his identity and lately had moved into the gate house on her Aunt’s estate.
Valerie was really enjoying herself, would she solve the mysteries and help her Aunt regain her money, or was there more danger than she realised? Would she be able to carry out the tasks her Aunt had set for Gloria and keep herself safe? Why were these strange cousins using her Aunt? And who were the strange couple that her Aunt set such store by and involved her in the séances which seemed to really scare her, what was her Aunt searching for? So many questions but the answers are all in this book, read and enjoy this unusual book set in Regency times. I award this book 4 red roses, AS.

Blood and Honey

Blood and Honey/Melissa Glisan/Red rose Publishing/ebook/131 pages

Barbara is a big girl. Love doesn't come easily and her encounters in bars are not likely to bring happiness. After one rather frightening one she decides that she needs to find an old friend. Her great friend Charlie is unfortunately for her gay. Perhaps it is a longing for old times that prompts her to push on and find out what happened to Marlene. However, her investigation takes her to dangerous places and only the man she finally loves can help her to find a kind of peace and happiness – though even here she has secret fears.

This story dabbles in the world of demons and evil spirits, of a parallel life where some of us are doomed to dwell against our will. This is strong stuff, well written and intriguing. 4.5 red roses, Morna

The Stone Beach

The Stone Beach/Kim Chatel/Eternal Press /46 pages

Caroline loves her cat, but Casey is old and ill. She is terrified of losing him and lonely because her friends are absent. Aimee is an odd girl who doesn't make friends easily. Caroline knows that her other friends would laugh at her if she made friends with her, but loneliness draws them together. Caroline is moving on, growing up, but it is Aimee who shows her many things, including how to understand that Casey has to leave her.

A charming, heart-warming story of friends and first love. I enjoyed this a lot. 4.5 red roses, Morna.

Blood and Honey/Melissa Glisan/Red rose Publishing/ebook/131 pages


Velvet/Lisabet Sari/Eternal Press/Ebook/18 pages
Marta is dressed in an emerald pantsuit that molds to her body when she takes centre stage at the business conference. Lori's thoughts are lustful as she listens avidly, but would someone like Marta every look at her?

This short story is about lust rather than love. If you enjoy F/F sex you may like this one. Award 4 red roses. Roxy

Friday 14 March 2008

A Valentine's Gift For Tori

A Valentine’s Gift for Tori by Zenobia Renquist/Red rose Publishing/ ebook

Tori and Christian are having problems in their marriage. For the past two years they have been fighting each other. Tori decides it is time to make some changes. She doesn’t want to divorce Christian but if they don’t find a solution soon they will continue to be miserable and see their marriage die completely.

Tori has come up with a plan. Now she just needs to find out if Christian is going to be a problem or accept this as the best solution for them both. Tori is looking for a boyfriend to get the romance back. Tori has come to realize that she and Christian are good friends but there is no sexual spark in their relationship. She wants that spark she has never felt with Christian.

After several false starts and deciding this isn’t going to be something that will be for her, Christian has come up with the perfect solution to their problem.

Now the fun really starts. Tori is finding the spark that has been missing and realizing Christian came up with the perfect solution.

This is a book that is worth reading. It was fun to see Tori and Christian work through their problems. Even the secondary characters add to the fun and hilarity. It is the type of book that once you start you don’t stop reading until the very end.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses.

The Wise Woman's Tale

Phillipa Bowers/The Wise Woman's Tale/Piatkus Books/ISBN 978-0-7499-3839-0 £6.99

Kate Barnes is fourteen when she first realises that she has the sight. Her grandmother wants to teach her so many things but her father forces her to return to London at the end ofWW1. At first reluctant, Kate falls in love, both with her job and her employer's son. When tragedy strikes and she is forced to return to her grandmother's home, Kate is reluctant. However, this is where she belongs and, as she gets caught up in the inevitable consequences of her grandmother's work, she once again finds love only to lose it once more. Is a happy ending possible for someone like Kate, who must following her grandmother's footsteps as the local wise woman?

This story goes back and forth into the distant past and the present (Just after WW1). As the story unfolds the story of an earlier wise woman (or witch) is revealed and the reader becomes more and more immersed in the story. This is an excellent, compelling read. If you can you should get this book! Five red roses, Linda sole

Philip's new book is called The Secrets of The Cave and will be reviewed here soon

Saturday 8 March 2008

Dance Of The Cedar Cat

Dance Of the Cedar Cat/Jane Toombs/Eternal Press/Ebook/37 pages

Susie lives alone in an isolated cottage that belonged to her grandmother. Her grandmother's Siamese cat still has all the male cats courting her, even though she has been neutered, but Susie does not have even one suitor. She is a pretty girl so it can't be the reason she is alone. Perhaps the men fear her as they did a foster daughter of Louhi of ancient times. So Susie is alone with the strange dreams that haunt her – until she meets Volan! But what significance does a tiny cedar cat have, and what will happen if Susie neglects her grandmother's ritual? You must read this book to find out!

This is a rather unusual and beautiful story about shapeshifters and the lore of ancient times in Finland. I enjoyed it and give it four red roses. Morna

Interview with Jane Beckenham

Tell us a little about yourself
Well I’m wife, mother and writer, and I try desperately to keep it in balance, though I must admit, writing sometimes becomes obsessive compulsive.
I live in New Zealand.

What do you write?
I write both historical, time travel, and contemporary. Woman of Valor my first book was a time travel set in ancient Judea, and Be My Valentine in Jamaica. Then followed several contemporaries, Always A Bridesmaid, Hiring Cupid, and He’s The One. No Sex Necessary is my recent contemporary for Red Rose Publishing, plus The Sheikh’s Proposal. My time travel Love in Waiting has also recently been contracted. Reading this, it makes me sound like I have a split personality!

Why do you write?
Because I have to. Though really I came to it late – about age 42, but once hooked, I could never, ever give it up. The chance to create characters to come to me, asking me to write their turmoil and find them ever lasting love is a task I could never refuse.

What are you writing now?
I have several on the go. A straight historical about a Huguenot girl escaping France and a contemporary set in England. Plus I’ve just written a novella, my sort of erotica LOL.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
Jeans. Casual. But if I could afford it I would have a person to do my clothes shopping. Stylish – of course!

Are you in love? Have you ever been?
I’ve been married 25 years this year. So love has lasted a pretty good time so far!

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like?
George Clooney! And no you can’t have him – he’s all mine!

What kind of comfort food do you like best?
Muffins and cake stuff- sadly.

What makes you laugh? Cry?
I like a good comedy. Cry – The Notebook made me cry. But laughing is best.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
I like to read, though find it difficult to make time. I have two daughters and love doing girly stuff with them. We’re into vintage cars as a family and often do car runs with a bunch of other petrolheads. I’m an avid interior decorating fan and can pour over magazines for hours! Mind you, I should be gardening, the weeds are reaching mega proportions in places!

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!
I like it that they make me feel special.

What do you hate about life?
The hectic pace. I’d love to have a month without stress LOL – does that sort of time exist?

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?
I think the most important thing for me is being a good wife and mother. That my kids will turn round and say to me that I did a good job. We adopted our girls after 13 years of marriage, so being a mum is very special to me.

What are you going to write next?
Finish the present book, an historical. Finish the present contemporary, plus finish the present novella. Then….a time travel I think.
Then, can I please have a rest?

Featured Author

This week's author is Jane Beckenham. She was nominated for Aussie Author of 2007!

Jane has several books already out
Linden Bay Romance have published Hiring Cupid and He's the One - bioth out in ebook and print.
Treble Heart books have published Always A Bridesmaid, Be My Valentine, in ebook and print. She has been a busy and scuccessful girl!

This is one of Jane's books. She certainly has some lovely covers! Jane also has The sheikh's Proposal and No Sex Necessary coming soon from Red Rose Publishing - and Love In Waiting from Cerridwen Press

Friday 7 March 2008

Steamed Desire

Steamed Desire by Fleur de Lis
Red Rose Publishing/ ebook/41 pages

Callie’s coffee just got a great deal hotter. Her favorite place, Java Jitters, to get her coffee has a new employee, Cole. For the last eight months they have been eyeing each other never sure if the other one is interested.

Cole isn’t quite who he has lead everyone to believe he is. Cole actually owns Java Jitters. He is there to find out who has been stealing from him. Cole is used to women that are interested in him for his money and what he has and not for who he is.

Callie goes to get coffee several times during the day and each time she looks for Cole. She hasn’t enjoyed coffee as much as she has been lately.

Cole finally decides to take a chance and ask Callie out to see if there can be more between them. After Callie’s boss encouraged her to go after what she wants. Now Callie has to decide if she has what is necessary to go after Cole. With Cole showing an interest, she says yes to him when he asks her out.

Now it’s not just the coffee that is hot.

This is a great short story. You really identify with the characters. This is one that is worth reading. Cole and Callie were a lot of fun to read about.

I give this one 4 -1/2 red roses

The Absent Wife



ISBN 978-0-7090-8367-2.

The story opens in the evening of January 1811 at a small and select dinner party of four. There should have been six, but the much talked about Lord Atherton and his missing wife, were not at the table. Present were Lord and Lady Elgin, the host and hostess and two friends being Lord Owen Meredith and his niece Miss Roslyn Meredith. Lord Owen Meredith was a well-known society painter and his recently orphaned niece was now residing with him. He was a very busy and popular painter but money ran through his fingers like quick –silver so he was nearly always broke, and his investments were usually a disaster. He was however a very happy and optimistic character who believed that something would turn up, eventually.
The disappearance of Lady Atherton was the talk of Mayfair but had not been mentioned at the dinner party, so far.
Lord Atherton had married the very beautiful but heartless Vanessa, who had taken the ton by storm. She collected a large following of admirers, but Lord Atherton had been the only admirer to ask for her hand in marriage. It was widely believed that he was madly in love with her, but unfortunately that love was not reciprocated. Vanessa had reasons of her own for agreeing to be his wife and it had to do with Benedict Courtenay, a very handsome rake who was always outrunning the duns. However when she disappeared Courtenay was still to be seen everywhere, so it was reasoned that they could not be together and many rumours were banded about. Lord Atherton remained completely silent on his wife’s disappearance and he left England bound for where?
Lord Owen and his niece were about to leave on a visit to Greece, although despite his busy life lord Owen was completely broke and he had been reduced to selling some of his possessions to keep the bailiffs away. However Lord Elgin had advised him on some investments, which should restore Lord Owen’s fortune, when they returned from Greece.
The journey in Greece proved to be a wonderful experience for Roslyn. There are some very colourful descriptions of the scenery in Greece, which transport you there. Roslyn also meets the much talked about Lord James Atherton and is very disappointed in him; he was rude and arrogant, not at all as she had imagined him to be. Her Uncle is puzzled as it is not the James Atherton he remembers. However the story has a twists and turns which unfold gradually and make a very good read. Do read the book and enjoy its journey through several people’s lives, as I have.
I award these book 4 roses. AS

Wednesday 5 March 2008

The Girl From World's End

ISBN 987-1-84756-006-3
440 pages/£5.99

Mirren suffers from a drunken father who beats her. When he is killed on the railway line, Mirren is sent to live with her grandparents at a farm in the Yorkshire Dales. At first resentful and bullied at school, she runs away to an isolated cottage at the edge of the moor called World's End. Trapped by a snowstorm, she uses her wits to survive a bitter cold night and in the morning, when a lad called Jack rescues her, she has formed a lasting feeling for the cottage.

Mirren grows up and marries the handsome, charming Jack, but the war takes him from her too soon and when he returns he has changed. Haunted by his memories, he becomes cruel and violent. Then tragedy strikes and Mirren's world comes crashing down about her. Is this the end of all her hopes or will her spirit survive and fight back to a new happiness?

If you read this book you will want Leah's next – The War Widows out in April with Avon Books. This author keeps you glued to the page, her powerful, evocative writing carrying you through to the end. Five red roses. Linda Sole