Christmas Awards 2011

Sunday 31 August 2008

Love Unexpected

Love Unexpected/Gwen Morgan/Eternal Press /23 pages

This book is actually two short stories.
Sarah and Her Angel Bear is about an airhostess who has just broken up with her husband. She is going home to her sister for Christmas and her kindness to a lonely child leads to love and happiness.

Cowboy with a car seat: Jan has stolen her dead sister’s child to save her from a bullying father. When her car breaks down a cowboy comes to her rescue and perhaps the future looks brighter.

These stories are just right for a coffee break. It is nice to read happy, pleasant stories for a change. I enjoyed them both.
Four red roses, Morna

Devil's Got A New Disguise

Lexie Davis/Devil’s Got a New disguise/ebook/126 pages/Amira Press

When Tyler’s friends dared him to seduce Jasmine Winters he refused, because she was his boss’s daughter. She was the plainest woman in the room and the rules of the game meant that he had no choice but to try. Jasmine was waiting for her sister Madison. When Madison arrived she turned out to be beautiful but she had a temper and she packed a heavy punch. Tyler was about to lose his bet!

Madison thinks her sister is innocent so when she discovers Jasmine is pregnant her first thought is to blame Tyler. However, the child isn’t his and Tyler has a thing for Madison. She thinks he is a jerk but when her father offers help with her business, Tyler is given the job of promoting it. They have a love/hate relationship but there is a strong sexual attraction. The trouble is that Madison doesn’t trust men – and with good cause. Can they ever stop fighting long enough to fall in love?

This is a sharp, tough love story. If you enjoy sex and quarrels you should like this one. 4 red roses, Morna

Tuesday 26 August 2008

Dragon Heat

Read this heartfelt and loving review for Dragon Heat by an avid reader and a member of our group. Your review is much appreciated Caffey

DRAGON HEAT/Red Rose Publishing/ Ebook/ by Missy Lyons, is book one in the Dragon Heat Series. Being both a historical fantasy as well as a shape shifter of dragons,this is one totally unique and captivating read!

Set in 1716 A. D. inRidgecrest City, Island Of Sky, author Missy Lyons starts with a prologue that pulls the reader right into the story and the backgroundof the heroine, Alyssa, as she is made captive, tortured and forced toturn over her father's shipping business. Feeling the emotions ofAlyssa's torture both physically and emotionally brought about a start to this book that will make you mesmerized to continue reading to know her story more. Too, the empathy for the characters and story isstrong, realistic and photographic. Each chapter may end but the need to grasp to the next chapter right away will be a guaranteed!

After close to one year from being captive and escaping the dungeons below the King's home, Alyssa has been spending her year safely within a druid group of women called Elisaid, in the Mountains ofJabar. The Elisaid are a group of druid woman that have been cursedto finding love. They stay within their home of woman and deepen their skills in magic and fighting. It's here that Alyssa heightens her fighting skills as well as attempting to improve her magic. As she is not a druid like the Elisaid women are, her attempts with magic are met mostly with failure, but Alyssa's gifts of her physicalstrength keeps her safe and enhances her gifts through the year.With rarely having any male visitors to their home of the Elisaid,Prince Xanther of the Royal House Of Sinclair, the King's son, visits the Elisaid woman in the mountains to pick two woman to serve the Kingfor one year. As Alyssa and another woman are chosen, Alyssa plans to investigate and take on a revenge to all those who took so much from her, especially those who forced her to be branded with the dragon so she could be sold to slavery and lose her father's business.

Thosewith Dragon Blood are branded with the Dragon to continue the line andthey become Life Servants to the King, as their ones are becomingextinct. With both of Alyssa's parents dead, she believes she wasbranded falsely. As the King's son, Xanther recognizes those of hisblood and is immediately gallant towards Alyssa as soon as he sees herand her dragon brand. With both Alyssa and Xanther both feeling theinstant attraction to each other, Xanther is strong in hisassertiveness of what he finds and wants of her but Alyssa tries toresist the attraction as her past reminds her of attending towards the revenge she plans on.The world building of this story is wonderfully written, both veryarresting and so well established with ease and understanding in DRAGON HEAT, that it becomes genuine. The world of DRAGON HEAT is so realistic that its felt as being transported into that time as placein the castle and lands as the story unfolds.

The intensity of Alyssaand Xanther love is one that grows and struggles through the book as Alyssa also has to confront her past and future. There will be many times for tears as well as smiles when watching their relationshipsoar reading DRAGON HEAT. Both warm and beautiful, the tension ofboth the sensuality and adventure, made for a gripping story of Alyssa and Xanther. It was truly a wonderful joy to read DRAGON HEAT by Missy Lyons. This book is a full novel and available at Red Rose Publishing. There were so many times that there was no way to put this book down with the enthralling story of the romance and drama of this book.

It is so hoped that Liam and Elsbeth, two other characters in DRAGON HEAT,would have their story told as well as the fight to solve the curse. Lady Isabelle, Mother Superior of Elisaid, the leader, having abackground with the King, makes you want to know more as how she gotto where she was. Its hoped that her story too will be told, and a truly to just to be able to re-visit this so enchanting world. Thebeauty and joy of DRAGON BLOOD by Missy Lyons, earns and deserves all the five roses.Caffey

Time Shift

Christiane France/ Time shift/Amber Quill Press, LLC. Ebook, 100 pages.

Mariette had come to France to see the real Paris – a beautiful city she has heard so much about. She wants to experience for herself what her grandfather had told her of his life here in W W l l.
When she discovers his old house has suffered a fire she is curious and asks to go inside. She has an accident and then something strange happens and the book becomes very sexual. She has walked into an orgy taking place in the eighteenth century and mention is made of the Marquis de Sade. She enjoys her encounter with Phillipe but then encounters the Marquis de Vernnay, who is too cruel for her liking.

Are her erotic encounters all in her head and can she find her way back to her own life and happiness?
This is an erotic adventure and will not suit everyone. However, If you enjoy this kind of book you will love it. It gets four red roses from me. Morna

The Fair Haired One

Rorry Lynch/the Fair-Haired One. Novella~2 of the Daughters Of The Dagda Series. Red Rose Publishing. 77 pages/ebook.

Clio, daughter of the Dagda, Lord of all living things is alone walking a beach on earth. She expects to be dragged back to exile in the underworld at any moment, but watches a threesome on a beach and then gives herself without love to a stranger. Disappointed at not finding love she becomes a seagull and flies across the ocean to a new place. She is searching for love. When she meets Connor she is drawn to him but he says that his heart is dead. Can she bring him back to life and happiness?

This is a fable about goddesses from myths and legends. It is also the story of two people searching for love. A nice story with a happy ending. 4 red roses Morna

Thursday 21 August 2008

Ransom Love

Ransom Love by Rita Karnopp

Eternal Press/ ebook

1868 Montana Territory

Jennie has spent the last four years surviving among the Blackfeet Indians. Taken as a young girl, she still struggles to forget her life among the white people. She thinks she will never be able to return to that way of life.

Cody Larimer has his reasons for rescuing girls and women that have been taken captive by the Indians. He has just been hired by Jennie’s sister’s adoptive mother to find Jennie and bring her home. Cody can usually find the ones he is searching for. He thinks Jennie is just another woman to be rescued.

At first Jennie fights his rescue but as time goes on things start to change. Cody wants to get Jennie to Fort Benton where her sister Violet is. First he has to convince Jennie this is what she wants and they have to manage not to get killed by the men that have been hired to kill them. Now, if they can only figure out why someone would want them dead. They also are trying to fight their attraction to each other. It is a complication they neither want nor feel it will ever be able to go anywhere.

Fighting the weather, outlaws and Indians they have to wonder if they will ever survive this rescue. Jennie is convinced that if she does make it to civilization she will never be accepted since she has spent four years among the Indians. She has decided that as soon as she can she will escape from Cody and go to California to start a new life. Cody isn’t about to let her get away.

On the way to Fort Benton Cody is hurt badly and Jennie isn’t sure she is going to be able to save him. While taking care of him they run into more trouble. Now if she can just figure out how to get out of this latest mess they just might be able to survive.

Once at Fort Benton they find things aren’t quite what they expected. Just when they think things are going to be fine they find that Violet has run away and no one will say why. Jennie wonders if she will ever see her sister again. Four years ago she made sure that the Indians where unable to find her little sister, Violet, when she was captured, now her sister is rumored to have left Fort Benton to search for Jennie on her own.

This story is full of twists and turns. Just when you think you know what is going to happen along comes another twist. This one is full of bad guys and lots of action. It is hard to put down once you start reading. Some readers may have some problems with some of the situations but each part adds to a great whole.

This is a 4 red roses read. Larena

Wednesday 20 August 2008


Debbie Gould/Infidelity/Red Rose Publishing
Ebook/321 pages

Dan gets a call that sends him hurrying to his sister's home but his partner insists on coming too. Melanie's husband Tony is a brute and she needs to leave him fast but he gets home before her brother and Luke arrive. Melanie and Tony fight and end up falling down the stairs. Tony is killed but Melanie is bleeding. Luke deserted her years before but now he makes a vow that he will never run out on her again – but will she ever trust any man again?

Melanie lost the baby she wanted so badly. She is suffering, hurt by the pain and humiliation heaped on her by her former husband. No one understands better than Luke. Luke has a terrible secret in his past that scarred him for life. He does not believe that he can find personal happiness after what happened to him – but what he can and must do is protect the woman he loves, because her life is in danger.

This is a beautiful love story. Tender and touching but also terrifying in places. Love wins out against the evil of others. A lovely book and one to keep. Five red roses, Linda

Featured Author/ June Francis

June Francis is one of England's best and most loved writers, particularly for her warm and wonderful sagas. Her historicals are researched exactly and very popular. We are privileged to feature June here this week!

June Francis was born in Blackpool but was reared in Liverpool where she still lives. She started writing in her forties, producing articles for My Weekly and has since gone on to have twenty-five novels published. These included historical romance for Harlequin Mills&Boon and sagas for other publishers. Married with three grown-up sons, she enjoys fell-walking, history, swimming, reading and lunching with family and friends.
These are just a sample of June's wonderful books!

Saturday 16 August 2008

Two New Regency Stories from Hale

Sarah Stanley/Star-Crossed Summer/ Robert Hale Hardback £18.99
ISBN 978-0-7090-8395-5 /224 pages

Beth Tremoille was cast out of her home by her spiteful stepmother after her father died, seemingly the mistress of all her late husband’s property. However there is another will naming Beth the true heiress. Sir Guy Valmer, whose father was cheated out of the estate by Beth’s father, is determined to have both her and the estate he believes rightfully his. Beth becomes the mistress of a blacksmith in order to stay alive. She steals and cheats until she attracts the attention of a titled gentleman who asks her to be his wife – but will Sir Guy catch up with her?

This book might cause lovers of the traditional Regency to lift their brows. Think Moll Flanders rather than Heyer and you are on the right lines, though this heroine doesn’t quite have the audacious wit of Moll Flanders. A lot of cheating, lying and whoring goes on in this entertaining book, which ends as if there is a sequel planned. Different! I found it fun to read. 4.5 red roses. Morna

Jeannie Machin/A Christmas Courtship/Robert Hale. Hardback £18.99. ISBN 978-0-7090-8656-7/ 223 pages

Blanche Amberley thinks she is in love and persuades her ailing father to allow her marriage, even though he must do her suitor’s scheming father a favour before he will allow it. Blanche thoroughly despises the man who now owns her father’s estate and wishes he had stayed away from the area, but when Blanche’s brother is in trouble the man she thought she loved shows his true colours and turns out to be an even bigger rogue than we all thought. As Christmas approaches, Blanche discovers the true meaning of love as Sir Edmund takes charge.

A typical Regency filled with threats, blackmail and a dashing hero to ride to the rescue. This is the stuff that lovers of the genre expect from their fix of romantic nonsense. Fun to read and very enjoyable. 4.5 red roses Morna

Tuesday 12 August 2008

Meeting At Prince's Bridge

Meeting at Princes Bridge by Bruce Cooke/Eternal Press/ebook

It is before WWII in Australia

Meg, Iris and Val have been friends all their lives. It was their fathers' friendships that brought them together. Now it is their fathers' tragic death that has brought them even closer. All three girls look forward to their Saturday outings together. A ritual of tossing a coin off of Princes Bridge that was started by their fathers to celebrate the girls' birthdays is a fun way to keep their fathers' memories alive and keep in touch with each other.

As the years go by and the girls get older things may change in their lives but they still have their friendship the one stable and constant in their lives. Meg is the one that brought everyone together as she is the most popular. Iris being painfully shy counts on and depends most on Meg and later Val. Val depends on her looks, which in turns makes most girls jealous of her so her only friends are Meg and Iris.

All three are always there for each other as they start dating. They stood by each other through all the trials and tribulations as they start seeing more of the world and finding their places in it. Val has more experience with the boys so Meg and Iris look to her for advice. Though one joke from Val has consequences that she did foresee and deeply regrets.

One tragic act of betrayal brings all their lives to a halt. One unthinking act from Val against Meg destroys their friendship. Now Iris can only hope that time will heal this breach as she is torn between the two best friends. Val knows she can never undo what has been done but she never thought she would lose Meg's friendship. Meg always stood by Val and can't believe what Val has done to her. Meg always believed in Val and always thought the other girls where lying when they spoke of Val.

Now their lives are going in different direction and all three are married. The war has started and the girls' husbands are signing up to fight. As each woman handles the separation differently no one sees what is on the horizon or how each of their lives will take an even bigger turn. As each one faces their obstacles they wonder if they will ever or if they can be friends again and will they be able to get the closeness back. It takes a tragedy for them to realize that no matter what true friends are forever. And they just might have the chance they need to fix their lives and their friendship.

This is a very good book. It brings to life and era that is gone but not forgotten. You are drawn into each life of the characters and see different point of views. The story flows very well even when the point of view is changed. This one is definitely worth reading.

This one is a 4-1/2 red roses experience. Larena Wirum
This sounds terrific! LS

Thursday 7 August 2008

Featured Author

Lisa Logan is our featured author today. Read her interview below.

This is her last book with eternal Press.

Interview With Lisa Logan

Tell us a little about yourself
I'm an author, editor, publisher, reader, movie buff, mother, wife, hospital unit clerk, gardener, former competition costumer and production assistant, and environmentalist...not necessarily in that order. LOL. I live in Southern California with my actor/producer husband and the last of 7 children still at home: a 4 year old daughter who composes songs and wants to win American Idol—next week if possible. I grew up in a show biz family and I guess it stuck!

What do you write?
Romantic fiction in a variety of subgenres. When I write murder mystery, there's romance in it. Contemporary intrigue? Romance arc. Paranormal or psychic mystery? Romance again. Seems I can't fight it—and I don't want to. There's just something so satisfying about exploring that exciting time in a person's life when they find new love, and I enjoy the challenge of putting a unique spin on the typical boy-meets-girl arc we all know (and many love).

Why do you write?
It's a way of reading, and I LOVE good stories. Because I let my characters tell me their stories to a large degree rather than the other way around, each book I write unfolds as mysteriously as the books I read. That this is an interactive—and sometimes controllable—form of reading is a huge added attractant that I've found rather addictive!
What are you writing now?
My current WIP is an erotica novella called Kata Sutra. It's a love triangle/menage story between a karate instructor, his assistant, and a new student. I also have a paranormal romance nearly complete called The Wiccaning, about a "good girl" who falls into a one night stand...and discovers the stranger in her bed is a witch.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
I work full time in a hospital, so I'm often modeling those oh-so-fashionable scrubs! Other times, I'm a bit earth hippie meets casual mom.

Are you in love? Have you ever been?
Many times...gotta love love! My husband Mike was the cool guy in our social group; you know, the guy with a dazzling smile, charm, and taste of long-haired bad boy you just HAVE to have. Ten years later, he's cooler, longer haired, and sexier than ever. Thankfully, life with a hunk/actor means never lacking for sizzling hot romance novel ideas!

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like?
See above. Outside that, I'll admit that Johnny Depp has done a cameo or two in my dream life...and was partial inspiration for a couple of my alpha hunk heroes!

What kind of comfort food do you like best?
Yes! Heh heh. It depends, but chocolate is up there in the top five slots of my top ten.

What makes you laugh? Cry?
My husband and children do both—generally more of the former than the latter, thankfully! That aside, I'm a sucker for a good movie.
What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
See above!! Dig movies—it's a prerequisite for living in a family involved in show biz for four generations now—and we have over 600 DVD's in our collection. I also love to read a wide variety of genres. After a several month stint of reading Hannah Howell and Karen Marie Moning's highlander series', I am now reading Stephen King's Duma Key AND Dean Koontz' Odd Thomas. Though we live in an apartment, I love to garden and am interested in the environment, so I grow what veggies I can on our patio deck. I'm even growing loofah sponges this year! Yep, the kind you scrub cellulite and the sink with. LOL

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!
Humor, that smoldering undertone, and that irresistible knowledge that a sexy man wants you so much he can't stand it.
What do you hate about life?
That there are only 24 hours in a day when I have things I want to get done, and that there are 24 whole hours a day when I'm doing things I DON'T want! Sometimes I wish I could defer sleep to the afterlife.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?
That I'm here with a family, a job, a life, AND a writing career is a huge success story, since i battled alcohol addiction many years ago. It's a disease few can battle their way back from successfully, and every day thereafter is a gift.

What are you going to write next?
I've got SUITE SEDUCTION, an adult fantasy-island series of books in the works, Book 1 under consideration with Ellora's Cave and Book 2 recently finished. Once The Wiccaning and Kata Sutra are complete I'll get back to the rest of the seven-book series.

Bid For Love

Savannah Chase/Bid for Love/Lyrical Press/Ebook/38pages

First published by Dark Eden Press this is now republished.

Nico, Audrey and Fran meet once a week at a café to discuss their love life, but for Nico it just isn't happening. Can the girls persuade her to bid at the Valentine's auction for the man she really likes?Jeff has been picked as one of ten of New York's sexiest bachelors. What will happen when they both visit a speed-dating club? Maybe Nico will have to wait for Valentine's Day?This is a sexy, very enjoyable read. A love story that is exactly right for Valentine's Day and lonely hearts. Five red roses, Linda

This was Savannah's first book and I think it is an excellent beginning for her

Me And My Ghoulfriends

Rose Pressy/Me and My Ghoulfriends/Lyrical Press/ ebook/261 pages

Larue sees ghosts. In fact they won’t leave her alone. Abe Lincoln follows her around, telling her she doesn’t have a husband. A long dead confederate soldier seeks her help in finding his wife and children. She finds it easy to talk to dead people but not so easy when the gorgeous man is alive and running a coffee shop.

With her best friend Mindy trying her hand at match making and Abe constantly reminding her of her unfortunate single state, Larue is having a hard time. She is in constant demand to help people get their ghosts to leave and leads a busy life with the ghost hunting and her bookshop. Callahan, the gorgeous hunk from the coffee shop, has asked Larue on a date and things look good but she has a rival who hates her! Just how dangerous is Brianna – and how far will she go to get what she wants?

This is an entertaining and often funny book about ghosts, ghouls and witches. I enjoyed this a lot! 4.5 red roses, Morna

The Attic Ball

Taylor Kincaid/ the Attic Ball/ Red Rose Publishing/ Short Story/ Red Rose publishing 10 pages/ebook

She has the beautiful mansion to herself that night. Going to the attic she performs the ritual that the women on her family have kept alive and magical things happen. This is a ghost story that you would like to believe.

I would have liked this to be longer but it was an enjoyable love story. $.5 red roses, Morna

Muslim Lover

Rorrey Lynch/Muslim Lover/Red Rose Publishing/79 pages/ebook ISBN 978-1-60435-161-3

He said she was like the Sea’s High Priestess, she called him Zee, because he was number 26. They met at a class to study Muslim laws and religion, but he knew all there was to know for he was a true believer. She was kind to him when the other students ostracised him and he taught her new and wonderful things. They watched a dolphin playing in the sea and made love – but Zee demands so much Can she give all of herself and will she find happiness if she does? More importantly perhaps, will she find herself?

This is a beautiful story, haunting and sad but also compelling. I like the way this book was written, with such well formed prose. 4.5 red roses, Anne

Hide And Seek

ISBN 978-0-7090-8379-5./HB

Miss Annabel Gresham, well used to her father taking to his sick bed and assuring his family that it was this time, his death bed, smiled at her sixty five year old father who was surprisingly attractive for someone so near death’s door.

But her father was not to be shaken in his conviction that he was indeed living on borrowed time. He had sent for a young local lawyer to write a new clause into his will, in order to safe guard his young daughter’s future inheritance, against her half-brother Roderick. Roderick now Lord Mavor, had been left a large inheritance, which he had systematically worked his way through with gambolling and womanising. He was a man not to be trusted and was believed to have stolen a codicil made by his Grandfather to his will, which safeguard Annabel’s future.

The poor young lawyer was trying to discourage Mr Gresham from altering his will because he said without the codicil it would not be legal, but Mr Gresham ordered him to take down what he dictated. Despite his misgivings the young man, Mr Pilkington, obeyed Mr Gresham who triumphantly, when the altered will was written out, produced the codicil, which he had lately found in one of his favourite books.

Annabel was amazed the codicil to her Grandfather’s will, had not been stolen after all, it seemed her inheritance would be safe from her greedy half-brother Roderick after all.

Two other interested parties witnessing the drama in the bedroom were surprised when the codicil was produced, one being Toby, Annabel’s stepbrother of whom she was extremely fond. The other Molly her new maid who had so nearly dropped the tray of cordial she was holding. Annabel was annoyed at Molly’s reaction, it was nothing to do with the maid and she wondered not for the first time why Molly had applied for the position as her maid as she was so obviously not the usual type of girl who became a ladies maid. Annabel had never really taken to her but had kept her on solely because Molly was very clever at dressing her hair in the modern vogue.

Toby was sent to London post haste to lodge the new will with Mr Gresham’s London firm of solicitors, having been warned to guard it safely and make it his top priority and to behave himself and return home without delay.

Mr Gresham having satisfied himself that he had safeguarded Annabel’s future from her greedy half brother, his first born, decided to visit Weymouth for his health’s sake, was well pleased with himself.

Unfortunately Toby has problems in London, he meets an old acquaintance from his college days, who is rather a disreputable person and becomes involved in some trouble at a bawdy house. Later he is found, badly beaten, by Richard Tregerran a friend, who takes him to an Inn The Dog and Duck, where a doctor is summoned and Toby is taken care of. Unfortunately Toby realises that his pockets have been picked and he has lost the package containing the all-important will and codicil.

When Annabel receives a missive from Toby explaining what has happened to him she leaves for London as soon as she can. Hearing the whole story from Toby she is at first very angry that he did not make the solicitors his first call in London but seeing how sorry he is and how badly he has been beaten she relents and they try to decide how best they can seek to discover the whereabouts’ of her most important property.

Annabel is to become involved in the seedy side of London and it’s houses of ill- repute, she will be in great danger but somehow she must win through. Robert Tregerran, whom she finds wildly attractive, but does not trust him or his morals could be her hero or perhaps her enemy, she must learn who to trust. Unfortunately her very sheltered upbringing does not equip her for such outrageous situations in which she finds herself, who can she trust? Kidnapping, dog knapping and auctions for innocent young girls who are in desperate straits, are some of the adventures she finds herself embroiled in. Will Annabel retrieve the all- important will and will she find security and love in the twilight world she has been pitched into?

An exciting and unusual Historic Romance, which you will not want to put down, I award this story 5 Red Roses, enjoy!!

Friday 1 August 2008

Flavia's Secret

Lindsay Townend/Flavia’s Secret/Bookstrand /228 pages/ebook

Flavia is a slave in Roman times but her mistress treated her kindly. Lady Valeria aught her to read and write and she often wrote letters to her mistress’s adopted son. When Flavia found her mistress dead from drinking hemlock, she assumed that Lady Valeria had taken her own life because of her pain and she wrote a farewell letter to Marcus from her mistress.

Now Marcus is home to take his inheritance and his eyes are always on Flavia. At first afraid of him, Flavia grows to like him, but Marcus believes that Lady Valeria was murdered. He has a suspect in mind -–a man with evil in is heart, a man who wants Flavia and will stop at nothing to get her. Was he behind the theft of a precious bangle and did he murder to save himself from being exposed for the evil man he was?

Marcus is falling in love with Flavia and she returns his passion, giving him all the love she has to offer as they make love – but can she ever be more than a slave to him? And will their enemy ruin everything?

An exciting mystery set in ancient Italy and Rome. The romance between Flavia and Marcus is strong and passionate and the mystery is intriguing. Very enjoyable. 4.5 red roses. Morna