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Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Debbie Gould/Infidelity/Red Rose Publishing
Ebook/321 pages

Dan gets a call that sends him hurrying to his sister's home but his partner insists on coming too. Melanie's husband Tony is a brute and she needs to leave him fast but he gets home before her brother and Luke arrive. Melanie and Tony fight and end up falling down the stairs. Tony is killed but Melanie is bleeding. Luke deserted her years before but now he makes a vow that he will never run out on her again – but will she ever trust any man again?

Melanie lost the baby she wanted so badly. She is suffering, hurt by the pain and humiliation heaped on her by her former husband. No one understands better than Luke. Luke has a terrible secret in his past that scarred him for life. He does not believe that he can find personal happiness after what happened to him – but what he can and must do is protect the woman he loves, because her life is in danger.

This is a beautiful love story. Tender and touching but also terrifying in places. Love wins out against the evil of others. A lovely book and one to keep. Five red roses, Linda

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