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Monday 31 October 2011

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Wednesday 26 October 2011

Guest Post and a Contest

Werewolf’s, Vampires, and things that go bump in the night…..
In the past few months I’ve been writing werewolves and vampires. But November 1st is THE STORM THAT IS STERLING! YAY! I can’t wait. This is the second book in my Zodius series with Source books. I hope you will grab a copy. I really hope readers will love Sterling as much as I do. That character really is one of my favorites of all I have written.
Then at the end of the month I will be wrapping up THE VAMPIRE WARDENS TRILOGY though there will be more Wardens! November will be Troy’s story who in mind looks so much like Eric. It’s a hard comparison to avoid because Troy was bitten by a werewolf that mysteriously turned his black hair to blonde. There just aren’t many fair haired guys with long hair that are hot like the actor who plays Eric. I hated it when they cut his hair. I loved that long hair! Troy’s story will be late November. At the time I wrote this post I wasn’t happy with the 3rd Wardens cover yet so I’m not going to share it just yet.

Then next up on December 13th will be WICKED WEREWOLF NIGHT which will be a character you meet in Hot Vampire Touch! It will be in the same world as the Wardens and going forward there will be stories with both the Vamps and the Wolves. This story is going to be released as the final story in a 7 week span of Alluring Tales stories with my Allure pals that I did Alluring Tales 1 and 2 with.

So how about an excerpt from HOT VAMPIRE KISS and then a contest?

Excerpt from 99 cent HOT VAMPIRE KISS:

Three hours later, the bar was closed, but Evan had ensured that Marissa lingered in her seat, a drink in front of her. He wasn’t about to allow her to leave without him, and not just because of the wolf he was certain would have her in his sight. No – there was more to his desire to keep Marissa nearby. Plain and simple, he wanted her, and not just physically, though there was no question, she got him hot and hard. He was, after all, a male, a vampire male, with primal, sexual instincts that had him imagining all kinds of wicked ways to make her scream his name. But what really had him by the balls was not the desire she created in him, but the way she’d made him laugh when he’d have sworn it wasn’t possible. The way she’d made him smile when he was certain he had no reason. The way she’d made him realize how empty a century of hunting had made him and he wanted to know why, and how, a woman he barely knew could do such things. The time for discovery, both in and out of bed, was not now though.
He wiped down the counter, working toward closing up the bar, focused on getting Marissa out of here safely. To ensure the wolf didn’t target her, as he normally did the friends and acquaintances of his victims.
All but done with the fa├žade of this night’s bartender duties, he cast a quick, seductive glance at Marissa, making no attempt to tame the primal heat in his stare. She wasn’t for him, he told himself silently. She was a forever kind of girl, and not the kind of forever he could give her. Nevertheless, when she smiled shyly at him, his groin tightened, cock thickening against his zipper, and he knew he wasn’t walking away without fucking her every which way she’d have him.
He tossed the rag down, and rounded the bar, eliminating the counter that had separated them all night, to stand beside her, his hand on the back of her stool. She turned to face him, the scent of her teasing his nostrils, his arm creating an intimate enclosure, trapping her between the counter and his body. She was his in that moment and the idea appealed to him far more than it should. One tilt of his head and his teeth could touch that delicate, pale neck. His lips her lips. His body her body.
She glanced up at him, her long, dark lashes fluttering with a combination of uncertainty and desire, her pupils dilated with the effects of the alcohol she’d consumed.
“You really are…tall,” she whispered.
“And you,” he said, brushing a finger over her chin, “really are beautiful.” And innocent. Too innocent and perfect for the likes of him.
She shivered. “Tall and a smooth talker, I think I should be afraid.” Her palm slid down the bar. “Ouch!” She drew her hand forward, red pooling on her index finger, a splinter of wood sticking out from the red center.
Instant lust fired through Evan as he took the opportunity presented and snatched the splinter away before he drew her finger to his lips. The sweet taste of her blood exploded on his taste buds, filling him with lust, desire — fueling the sexual side of his vampire nature, when he already wanted this woman to the point of white-hot demand. His gums tingled, his recessed cuspids threatening to extend.
His eyes met hers, the scent of her arousal, the taste of her blood, seeping through him with a demand that he claim her, claim satisfaction. Somewhere in the back of the bar a door slammed shut. The sound was a jolt of reality that shook Evan just enough to calm the beast inside him threatening to take control of him, of her.
Slowly his tongue swirled around her finger, and then he released it, inspecting the area where the splinter had been.
“All better,” he said.
A stunned look etched her features. “I was right,” she whispered.
His brows dipped, “Rright?”
“When I said I should be afraid of you,” she explained. “Because there is no way that what you just did should not bother me but it…”
He leaned close, sliding his face against hers, his lips near her ear, his mouth far too close to the vein he hungered to puncture — for his own good – most certainly for her own good. And yet, he found himself asking, “Aroused you?”
She drew a breath. “Yes.”
“As it did me,” he assured her, and silently wondered if perhaps it was him that should be afraid of her, for the way she stole his reserve, his caution. His control.
He leaned back, offering her his hand to help her stand. “I won’t bite,” he promised. “Not unless you ask me to.” And damn how he wished she would, how he wanted to convince her she should.
She laughed, nervously. “I’ve never asked a man to bite me in my life,” she said, pressing her palm against his.
He brought her fingers to his lips. “Then I could be the first.”
Her eyes went wide, “To bite me?”
“In the most pleasurable of ways,” he assured her.
She blushed. “I must be drunk,” she said, “because I so believe you. Probably a sign I need to go home.”
“I’ll drive you and take a cab home,” he offered. “Then you’ll have your car tomorrow.”
She considered him a moment. “I should say no.”
“But you’re going to say yes.”


Now – for the contest!
To win a goodie bag of Vampire love – red candles and Vampire Blood hand sanitizer from Bath and Body works and a few other surprises – just tell me who your favorite character on television, movies, or a book is in a paranormal series. A vampire, a wolf, a….whatever! Give me some sexy hot character love!:)

Also as part of the contest you need to answer Lisa's question and become a follower of this blog.

Chasing Seth

Chasing Seth by J.R. Loveless

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

September 2011

ISBN: 978-1-61372-144-5

Pages: 220

Contemporary, Senaka, Wyoming

Seth Davies thinks he has found the perfect small town where if he can just get the people to trust him as a veterinarian he just might have a chance to have a nice quiet life. The prejudices against those that are considered outsiders by the town’s folks might not be as easy to get around as he thought it would but thinks it will ultimately be worth everything. He also needs it to work because he took all of his money to take over the veterinary clinic. Now if he can just get Kasey Whitedove to get over his dislike of white people he just might be okay.

Kasey Whitedove is the sheriff of Senaka and is sure that white men just don’t know how to treat animals; at least not the Cheyenne people know how to treat them. Kasey isn’t sure what to make of Seth but he is sure that he doesn’t want Seth in his town. At least until an accident that makes Kasey see Seth in a whole different light.

Kasey being a werewolf isn’t sure how to keep Seth safe in his world but Kasey knows that he will do anything to keep Seth in his life once Kasey realizes that Seth is his mate. Now Kasey is going to have to convince Seth to give him another chance since Kasey didn’t show his best side. Seth is hiding something from his past and Kasey is going to have to find out what that is because someone is stalking his mate and if he doesn’t find out what is going on he just might lose his mate for good.

This is a very different werewolf story that has a great twist to it that will have the reader on the edge of their seats. The characters are very well developed and interesting to read and learn more about. This is one that some readers might not enjoy as the subject matter is m/m but it is a very well written story. The story will keep the reader riveted to it as the characters work out their problems to find a way to have a future together. This one is hard to put down once the reader starts reading it.

I give this one 5 red roses

Night Moves

Night Moves: A Shadow Force Novel by Stephanie Tyler

Publisher: Dell

October 2011

ISBN: 978-0-440-42305-8
ebook ISBN: 978-0-440-42306-5

Pages: 368

Contemporary, Mexico & Texas

Kell Roberts is a soldier that knows how to get into and out of tight spots. It is place he has known for a very long time and that has kept as a loner as he feels that is the safest for everyone around him. On his latest mission one thing he doesn’t count on is a woman getting caught in his firefight with a Mexican drug lord. Now is he finding himself drawn to Teddie even though he knows there is a lot more to her story than she is telling him. Now he is going to have a new mission and that is to keep Teddie alive because someone is after her and he has to find out just who and what is after her.

Theodora “Teddie” Lassiter knows that Kell has saved her life but she has very dangerous men after her and she isn’t sure that Kell isn’t more dangerous than them. She is drawn to him despite the danger that radiates off of him. Now she has to decide if she can trust him enough to let him protect her from what is coming because she is fast realizing that no matter how well she can protect herself those after her are just a little bit better and if she wants a chance to survive she will need Kell to do it.

Kell and Teddie know that the attraction between them could be a distraction that can get them killed if they are not careful but the strength of that attraction isn’t going to go away any time soon either. Now they are in a race to find a place that is safe from those that are after them and if they are not careful a misstep will get them both killed.

This story is part of a series and while the characters from the other stories make an appearance in this one it can still be read as a stand alone. The story is action packed with enough twists to keep it fresh and engrossing. The character have enough flaws to make them believable and will keep the interest of the reader as the characters work their way through their past so that the can have a future together. It is obvious that the author took the time to do research to make this story very believable and entertaining. This one is definitely worth reading.

I give this one 5 red roses

Thursday 13 October 2011

Forever Mine

Forever Mine by Donna Grant

Publisher: Donna Grant

September 2011

Pages: 50

Historical Scotland

Jean MacKay isn’t sure she is going to survive when she is taken prisoner by Niall MacDougall. Not sure how she is going to manage to escape Niall and his men are surrounded by the man those in the Highlands call “the ghost”. Once she sees Braden MacAlister for the very first time she knows her life will never be the same again.

Braden MacAlister has been after Niall since Niall killed Braden’s family. The only thing Braden has been after is vengeance and to stop the man responsible. Just when Braden thinks he is about to stop Niall once and for all Niall uses Jean as a shield to stop Braden. Niall knows the one thing Braden will never let happen is an innocent to be used.

Braden has had only one goal in mind but once he sets eyes on Jean his priorities change and now he needs to find a way to bring Niall to justice but also find a way for Jean and him to have a future together because suddenly Braden wants a future he never thought he would have a chance at. Braden and Jean will risk everything to stand together and bring down Niall but more importantly to have a chance at what their hearts are telling them and a love that will last a lifetime.

This is a short story that is a great way to take a break and escape to the highlands. The story is quick with enough twists to keep the reader turning the pages until the very end. The characters are well written and come to life for the reader. This is a story that is definitely worth picking up and reading. The reader won’t be disappointed in this one. It is another excellent story from this author.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

Lord of the Wolfyn

Lord of the Wolfyn Royal House of Shadows Book 3 by Jessica Andersen

Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne

November 2011

ISBN: 978-0-373-61870-5

Pages: 288

Reda Weston has always been interesting in the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood, and after reading her latest sexy version she never expected to suddenly end up in another realm where it seems the wolf from Red Riding Hood really exists. Now Reda is going to have to figure out what is going on and fast because something is going on and she is afraid she is actually loosing her mind.

Dayn has been waiting for the day when the guide his father promised would come to him would help him get back home to stop the Blood Sorcerer and get the vengeance his soul craves. After the Blood Sorcerer cursed him with need to change into Wolfyn form Dayn has to find a way to deal with the consequences of the curse and find a way to accept what he is now. It just might be the only way he will be able to save his home and to conquer the Blood Sorcerer. It might also be the only way that Dayn will be able to save Reda, who Dayn is fast learning he can’t live without.

Reda might think she has lost her mind but she is coming to realize that what she has always believed in, in the human realm isn’t all there is out there and she just might have the answers Dayn needs to get home after all. Reda is also starting to think that the man she has always been searching for just might actually be real and she has found him in the last place she ever thought possible. Now Reda and Dayn have to find a way to survive the Blood Sorcerer and reclaim Dayn home so that they might have the future that they both want together.

This is a wonderful twist to Little Red Riding Hood that will have readers looking at that story in a whole new light. This story will be unforgettable and will have the reader sorry to see the end of these characters. The story is fresh and new and makes it a lot of fun to read and see all the twist this story takes. This is the third book in the Royal House of Shadows series and will it can be read as a stand alone it is much better and a fuller story when read with the other books in the series. The whole series takes fairy tales that most reader will recognize and gives them twists that make the reader feel they are reading the stories for the very first time. The series is written by some very talented authors that bring the realm of Elden to life.

I give this one 4 red roses

Wednesday 12 October 2011

The Storm that is Sterling

The Storm that is Sterling by Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

November 2011

ISBN: 978-1-4022-5159-7

Pages: 384

Contemporary, Texas and Las Vegas

Rebecca “Becca” Burns is a scientist that just might be the only one that can help the super-soldiers known as The Renegades against other super-soldiers knows as the Zodius. Becca has just come back from Germany where she was undergoing treatments to save her life. Returning home she finds on her doorstep the very last person she ever expected to see, Sterling Jeter.

Sterling Jeter is of the Renegades and he also knows Becca from when they were teens in Texas. Now he has to find a way to convince Becca to help the Renegades get a new drug off the streets. Sterling has always been one to act first and question later, but he is finding that with Becca he is more inclined to question first before acting. He isn’t sure that is such a good thing because the Zodius are after Becca and it will take everything he has to protect her and keep her safe.

Becca has been given the new drug and she is now finding out that she has some new powerful abilities and that the only way she has a chance to control them is to stay with Sterling. Becca is going to have to decide if she can trust him because if she can’t she is in a lot more trouble than she first thought. Sterling knows this is a second chance with Becca he never thought he would have and he isn’t about to loose this chance or her to either death or the Zodius. Sterling will do anything and everything to keep Becca in his life because he is finding out that he doesn’t have a life without her. Sterling is determined that this time he going to let anything stand in his way to the one person that can make his life complete.

This is the second book in the Zodius series and it lives up to the promise of the first book. The action is fact and non-stop and the story will pull the reader in and won’t let go until the very last page. While this story can be read as a stand alone it is greatly enhanced by the reader first reading the first book in the series. The characters are very believable and will have the reader hoping that everything works out for Sterling and Becca. The attention to detail really brings this story to life for the reader and pulls the reader into the story. The book will also have the reader eagerly awaiting the next one in this series and hating the wait that will ensue. This is one that should be picked up and read.

I give this one 5 red roses

Monday 10 October 2011

Donna Grant Winner

Raonaid is the winner.

Thank you everyone for stopping by and participating. Also thank you Donna for stopping by it was fun.

Raonaid please contact me at:

Wednesday 5 October 2011

A Guest Post and a Contest

Note: Contest now closed

Halloween stories anyone?

I was never one to pick up themed (Holiday, Valentines, ect…) books before I was asked to participate in a Halloween project. This was a couple of years ago, and I saw it was a way to push myself. Not only was it supposed to be revolving around Halloween in some way, but it also had to be a contemporary setting.

At the time I was very happy writing my historical paranormal. Oh, yes, I had dipped my preverbal toe in the contemporary waters by writing a time travel, but an entire novella? Hmm…

And then there was the fact that it had to involve either werewolves or vampires. I love reading about vampires, but have just never had the desire to write about them, so I chose werewolves.

It was a tough project I had ahead of me, but I dove into it and let my imagination soar. I had a lot of fun writing the novella. There was much more freedom for my heroines than I had in my medieval settings. But I had seen several authors try to switch time periods to disastrous effects so I was more than worried.

Imagine my surprise when this little novella sold and sold and sold. So when the rights came back to me, I snatched them up and set about redoing the cover and expanding the story a couple of thousand words.

The novella isn’t just a paranormal, I added a bit of science fiction in there as well. I blame it on all the Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes I was watching at the time. 

Yet, it seemed to work for the story. A heroine who doesn’t quite fit in and a hero who isn’t from this earth. Together they not only find love, but save the people of Cardiff from a very bad end one Halloween.

Though, I have to admit, there’s no way I’d take any kind of dare into any building that looks even remotely like its haunted. Lol. I’m one of those people who won’t sleep for months after just watching a commercial preview of a horror movie.

And after sleeping in a haunted castle in Scotland – and being touched by said ghost. Twice – I don’t mess around with fate that way.

What about you? Are you the kind that’s loves the scary stuff? Or are you more like me and a scardy cat? 

I’ll be giving one lucky winner their choice of one of my ebooks (Highland Fires, Highland Magic, Dragonfyre, or Mesmerized)

To read more about my books and the bestselling, award-winning Dark Sword series, watch book trailers, or sign up for my newsletter, please visit


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Late note: A winner will be picked on Sunday.

Tuesday 4 October 2011

Where Demons Fear to Tread

Where Demons Fear to Tread by Stephanie Chong

Publisher: Mira

August 2011

ISBN: 978-0-7783-1247-5

Pages: 368

Contemporary California and Las Vegas

Serena St. Clair is a guardian angel whose latest assignment is the latest hot Hollywood actor. Serena now has to enter into a club by the name of Devil’s Paradise to rescue her assignee and keep him from harm. What she doesn’t count on is getting caught by the owner Julian Asher. Now she has to find a way to rescue her assignee, Nick and herself from the situation she suddenly finds herself in.

Julian Ascher is an arch demon that seems to have caught an angel for himself. Julian’s sole purpose is to tempt those that are seeking pleasure and corrupt the human that are determined to have that pleasure. Julian isn’t about to lose the latest soul he has a chance to corrupt without getting something out of it for himself. The only way he will let Nick go is if Serena accepts his dangerous proposition.

What Julian and Serena didn’t count on is the passion that flares between them. Julian is determined not to let any woman be his downfall, again but that was before he met Serena. Now as they play out a game of seduction the stakes are a lot higher than either of them counted on, Their passion with either lead them both to everlasting damnation or to a love the will last an eternity.

This story will be pulling on the heart strings of the reader. The reader will be pulled into this emotional story that will have them hating to put it down until the very last page. The characters are written so well that they will have the reader cheering them on and feeling what they are going through throughout the story. This one takes the classic story of good against evil, angel against demon and turns it on its ear. This is story that will have the reader eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses