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Wednesday 30 January 2008

Going Home Again

Going Home Again
Raven Starr
Red Rose Publishing
ebook/61 pages

Raine had vivid dreams. The touble was they had a habit of coming true for other people. When the wooden railing in her new home gave way and she fell - into the arms of the best looking guy eve, maybe there's a chance of her own dreams starting to come true! Jordan has at least promised to fix the railing - can he fix her other problems?

This is another beautiful, very sexy book from a talented and popular author! Five red roses, Morna

Monday 28 January 2008

Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss

Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss by Deb Marlowe

Harlequin Historicals

February 2008



5 Red Roses

Deb Marlowe’s debut historical romance, Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss, is a sparkling Regency tale written by a fabulous new talent.

Charles Alden, Viscount Dayle, wants society to start taking him seriously. However, it seems that they are more interested in talking about his scandalous past, than they are about his burgeoning political future! With the scandal sheets seeming intent on dragging his name through the mud, Charles realizes that he must do his utmost to appear respectable – and it seems to him that the only way he can achieve this is via marriage!

However, when Sophie Westby, his childhood friend returns to town, all thoughts of propriety fly out of the window. Sophie is anything but conventional, and every time he claps eyes on her, he has to resist the urge to sweep her up in his arms and make love to her all night long.

Charles knows that he must keep his eye on the ball and marry a suitable partner, but nobody seems to match up to Sophie. Is Charles about to let the woman he loves slip through his fingers, all for the sake of politics?

An enjoyable historical romance laced with plenty of action, intrigue and passion, Scandalous Lord, Rebellious Miss is a compelling romantic tale that will keep you riveted from page one and leave you absolutely enthralled until the final full stop.JB

Sunday 27 January 2008

The Second Lady Southvale




ISBN 978-0-7090-8090-9


We are introduced into this regency romance at a fourth of July ball being held at the Carberry Mansion in Washington, by a very wealthy and influential business gentleman, Mr William Carberry.

America and Britain were on the brink of war once again, so when an English Lord was announced into the ball accompanied by the son and the heir of the house, Mr John Carberry, who was somewhat unsteady on his feet, it would be expected to cause quite a stir, which it certainly did.

Lord Southvale smilingly advanced into a somewhat hostile gathering, where a stunned silence had now given way to loud whisperings, seemingly unaware of the tension his arrival had aroused and proceeded to ask Miss Rosalind Carberry, the only daughter of the house, for the pleasure of her company in the next dance.
Mr William Carberry was looking thunderous and staring at his son in almost stunned disbelief. Mr John Carberry now blushing highly, had sobered up quite suddenly.
Lord Southvale was attached to the English Embassy in Washington and was known slightly to the Carberry family.

Rosalind at first was inclined to refuse the English Lord, but looking into his eyes something happened to her and she could not help but dance with him. The dance was to be a minuet and Rosalind was swept away by the feelings of breathlessness and excitement that she experienced by dancing with the English Lord.

Going out onto the terrace with Lord Southvale, against her better judgement, she experienced feelings, which she had never before known, so when he begs her to meet him the next day she agrees to go riding with him. Despite the fact that she knows that her father would be furious, the excitement she feels at the thought of meeting with Lord Southvale again was so overwhelming that she had very little sleep that night.

At breakfast the next morning her father’s anger was unabated and he warned John that unless he stopped drinking and mended his ways he would be asked to leave the family home. Rosalind decided to say nothing of her appointment with Lord Southvale. Unfortunately when she came down the stairs ready for her clandestine assignation with Lord Southvale, her brother was waiting for her and no matter how she tried to dissuade him he was determined to accompany her.

John wanted to talk to her about the ball and his father's anger, knowing the reason for his behaviour Rosalind was gentle with him and gave up trying to make him leave her to ride alone.

When John realises that she has promised to meet Lord Southvale he is very angry and endeavours to dissuade her, she however is determined to keep her secret tryst with the English Lord.

John rides angrily away but warns her that Lord Southvale will break her heart and ruin her life, he gave her no reasons for this warning.

This lovely Regency romance has many twists and much unhappiness is experienced but will true love conquer all and bring a happy ending for Rosalind and her English Lord. Have fun reading this compelling book and find all of the answers.
I happily award this book 5 Roses. AS

Thursday 24 January 2008

Taneka's Cowboy

Taneka’s Cowboy by Carol McKenzie / Red Rose Publishing/ ebook

Taneka has just broken up with her abusive boyfriend. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to be getting the message. Deciding she needs to get away for a while she takes her best friend, Rachel, up on her offer of taking a vacation at the dude ranch (in Wyoming) where her friend works.

Rachel has decided to play matchmaker for Taneka. By sending Denzel Keach to pick up Taneka at the airport and take her out to the ranch. Rachel thinks they will be perfect for each other.

Taneka isn’t sure whether she wants to strangle Rachel or thank her for sending Denzel. She decides to see where things go with Denzel before deciding just what she wants to do with her friend.

Finding that she is enjoying herself at the ranch and getting to know Denzel, Taneka starts to forget about things back home. At least for a while. The only down side to her vacation so far, is her ex wont leave her alone.

As things heat up in her new relationship, a dampener in the form of the ex shows up while they are having a wonderful, romantic dinner. Not sure if her ex has ruined her chances Taneka has to wait and see what will develop with Denzel. There is also the problem of both living in different parts of the country. Denzel in Wyoming and Taneka in Illinois. Taneka has under estimated just how determined Denzel is to make sure they have a future.

This story is very good. You get emotionally involved with the characters and do not wish to stop reading until the very last page.

I give this one 4 red roses.

Time To Move On

Time to Move On by Grace Thompson

Robert Hale Publishers

December 2007



4 red roses

Time to Move On is an absorbing heartwarming saga set in 1950s Wales!

Seranne Laurence loves nothing more than working alongside at her mother at her Victorian style tea room. She might no be able to socialize much, but nothing gives her more satisfaction than serving her customers and helping her mother. But Seranne’s idyll looks like it’s coming to an end, when her mother announces that she’s marrying the much younger Paul. Seranne does not want to play gooseberry to her mother and her new husband, so she heads off to the neighbouring village of Cwm Derm for a fresh start.

Luckily for Seranne, she finds a job working in a cafĂ©, and lodging at the gorgeous cottage, Badger’s Brook, but the nagging feeling that something is wrong with her mother never quite goes away. Her mother, once such a hard working and dependable woman, has now let her standards slip and wants nothing more to do with the Tea Rooms, and Seranne wouldn’t trust Paul as far as she could throw him.

Luckily for Seranne, the handsome and enigmatic stranger Luke promises to get to the bottom of this – especially as that means being closer to Seranne, with whom he’s fallen in love with.

Seranne reciprocates his feelings, but she knows that a future with him is out of the question, for Luke is married already.

Time to Move On is a wonderful romantic saga perfect for readers who enjoy curling up with a warm hearted tale featuring lovely characters in realistic situations. Sparkling with warmth, wit and charm, Time to Move On is a must-read for readers who enjoy good reading! JB

The Love Spoon



This romantic story is set in rural England in the late Victorian era. The Sutton family consisting of her father Tobias, her Mother Lillian, her two sister’s Alice and Violet and her brother Ned, all living in a big old fashioned but comfortable house, with her Father’s workshops in the yard. The central figure is Mary Sutton. Mary is a beautiful, perhaps a little wilful, girl with a talent for singing, dancing and also for calculating her fathers books in his coach building business, her father is very proud of her. She is a happy girl but never feels completely part of her family; she is very different from both of her sisters and her brother.
One day a young man appears at the family home looking for work, he is untidy and travel worn but Mary is strangely attracted to him, although she is only fourteen years old. As time passes Kester Hayes becomes very useful in the family business and Lillian, Mary’s mother is very fond of him and makes him feel almost one of the family, which pleases Mary.
There is an old cottage, belonging to her father, which Kester is allowed to live in and which he repairs and makes into a real home.
One day Mary visits him, to take him honey from their bees, while he is working on the cottage, he gives her a wooden spoon prettily carved, which he has found in a wall of the cottage. Mary sees this as something very special and she realises that she has fallen in love with Kester and believes that he loves her too.
On her way home she has to call at the home of the Widow Goodyear, who was the local midwife, with a pot of honey. She shows the spoon to the widow who tells her that it is a love spoon, carved by some unknown lad for his sweetheart. Mary is overjoyed at learning this, and is now convinced that Kester loves her too.
Mary is chosen as Queen of the May and has a wonderful day. She sings and dances for the crowds who clap her loudly all enjoying her talent. She is happy dancing with several young lads but seeing Kester she begs him to dance with her which he eventually does. After the dancing Mary is so happy that flings her arms around Kester kissing him she tells him that she loves him and asks if he loves her. His reaction surprises and hurts her as he flings away from her saying that she is just a child.
When Mary gets home she is summoned to see her father and mother, her mother did not like the way she had behaved with Kester and asks Tobias to speak to her about it, saying that it made Mary look wanton . What happens in this interview alters Mary’s whole life as she is told that she is not the child of Tobias and Lillian but the result of an affair Tobias had with a singer, who chose the stage over Tobias and her baby daughter. Mary is devastated and feels like running away her whole life seems to be turned upside down and she does not know who she is.
The story has many twists and turns until it reaches the conclusion. Can Mary come to terms with the story she has been told, will Kester fall in love with her or will he return to his own home, will Mary ever find her real mother, and understand who she is? Read this lovely compelling book and enjoy the story as I have.
I award this book 5 red roses. AS

Monday 21 January 2008

Feathers On the Wind: The Cygnets

Feathers on the Wind: The Cygnets by Camille Anthony

Red Rose Publishing

September 2007



4 Red Roses

I was enraptured by Ms. Anthony’s wonderfully passionate historical romance. Readers looking for a novel that will take them on an emotional rollercoaster ride and leave them breathless, will love this intriguing historical tale.

Jared, The Duke of Wyndmere, is being accused of treason and of consorting illegally with the Turks. He is being condemned by everybody in society: except for the high born Merridyth St John-Smythe, who much to her father’s chagrin, publicly defends him, and, once again, incurs the wrath and scorn of the whole of society.

Luckily for Jared, he is put aboard a Turkish brigantine and taken to Istanbul, where he is welcomed with open arms by the Sultan. Jared is stunned by how much he resembles the Sultan. But thinks no more about it, as he begins to get used to life in Istanbul.

As the years pass, Jared is informed that he will have to choose a bride, but, in the meantime, he will have a virgin slave brought to his room. But there is a shock in store for Jared, when he finds out that the virgin slave is Merridyth…

Feathers on the Wind is a wonderful book to lose yourself in! Passion, sex, romance, intrigue and passion are expertly blended in this superb tale, that will simply hold you enthralled from the first page to the last. JB

When the Clouds Go Rolling By

When the Clouds Go rolling By/June Francis/Allison & Busby/Hardback ISBN9780749080921/ £19.99

June Francis has written another of her wonderful sagas about the Bennett and O' Toole families in Chester during and just after the First World War. Alice Bennett's relief when she hears that Sebastian has been found alive turns to apprehension and fear when he returns home. Sebastian has wounds that do not show on the outside as well as the horrendous scars that make him feel like a monster and send his children screaming from his presence when they first see him. Both he and Alice have to come to terms with the changes.

Clara O' Toole has the burden of looking after her grandmother and going to work. When she learns that she has an aunt still living, Clara starts a search that will lead her to Sebastian and his family. However, far from being able to help her she discovers that her family need help as much as she does.

Francis writes a big involved story with lots of characters and several sub plots, some of them continuing from her last book in the Chester series. As always, her stories are about families, friends, relationships and hardship, the battles that ordinary folk have to fight merely to survive. These people and their stories are real; they could live just around the corner from you. We are given an insight into their lives, allowed to witness their struggles and their emotions.

Francis is one of the leading saga writers of the day. Her books are consistently good and very readable. If you are not already one of her legion of loyal fans you should try her now. Some of her books are available in paperback and available from bookstores or the Internet. Five Red Roses. Linda Sole

Sunday 20 January 2008

The Seekers:Into the Light

The Seekers:Into the Light
Sommer Marsden
Eternal Press
Ebook/42 pages

Martee Hollywood - her father wanted a boy, hence the name - is a psychic medium. She works for the seekers, a paranormal research team. Martee is part of a friendly group. They work together to help people who believe they are bing haunted, and at the moment they are concentrating on a house with many ghosts. The trouble is, Martee also picks up on feelings of the other team members, which can be awkward when one of them is lusting after another! This special sense she has comes forcefully into play when they meet up with a houseful of sexy ghosts! However, Martee has a wrong to right and until she has settled the past she cannot truly move forward

This is a short but intense book. It is also very sexy and funny. I liked the author's style and hope that this is just the first of many similar books, Five red roses. AI

The Singular Miss Carrington

The Singular Miss Carrington/ Barbara Hazard/Robert Hale/ hardback £18.99/ ISBN 9780709084600

Claire is determined never to marry. She has been brought up to believe that she is the equal of any man, and she will not curtsey to anyone. Her views are so outrageous in Regency society that she is forever offending people with her free manners and open talk. She would offend even more if they knew that she prefers to spend her time painting - and not the sweet landscapes that other talented young ladies enjoy. Claire is willing to paint naked women, and perhaps men too. It is as well that she does not wish to marry for who would want a fast young woman as his bride?

Andrew Tyson, Marquess of Blagdon, is intrigued by Claire, though shocked by her manners and lack of interest in her appearance. She suits his purpose very well, which is to rid himself of match making mamas and their silly daughters. However, he finds himself drawn to the rebellious young woman more than he had ever expected - but of course such a match would never suit his family. Are they doomed to part or is there a happy ending to this fascinating tale? The ending has a rather nice gesture from the heroine that makes the story special!

This is a beautifully plotted and crafted Regency tale. The heroine is unusual and spunky, though perhaps she needs to learn some of the lessons the hero means to teach her. This is the kind of book you simply want to read right through to the last page! This author is a talented addition to the Hale stable of excellent Regency authors. I give this book five red roses, Linda Sole

I wish I might

I Wish I Might
Jocelyn Modo/Eternal Press

Calixte's planet is doomed. Her father the King plans to send for help to Leader Sarin of Indus, but the two peoples are enemies and they know the soldiers will be killed. Calixte decides to go herself and offer a solution that may save her planet.

I cannot say more of the plot because this is a short Sci fi. It is however, interesting and enjoyable with a love story at the heart. I give this book four red roses. Had it been a longer book it would probably have deserved more. Morna

The Diary of A Vampire
Maggie Berkley/Red Rose Publishing
Ebook/ 51Pages

The Diary of A Vampire

The Diary Of A Vampire
Maggie Berkley/Red Rose Publishing
Ebook/51 pages

Prince Samsu's youngest wife tells the story of how she became a Vampire centuries earlier. Condemned to death for murders she did not commit, the princess is offered the Dark Gift by an Egyptian magician.

Told in the first person, this is a compelling read. I would have liked it to be much longer with more leading up to when she became a Vamp. I would also like to have seen more of her development into the rational creature she became as the centuries went on. I feel that this could have been an outstanding Vampire book had it been developed. However, even at this length it does haunt you. I am not sure if it is part of a series, but if it is just a one off, I would hope that the author gets busy and writes us a really meaty Vampire story as this had huge promise. I give this book 4 red roses. Morna

Prince of The Three Mountains

Prince of the Three Mountains/Ellie Tremayne/Total-e-bound books/ ebook/236 pages

Aeron, daughter of Mervyn, Prince of the Three Mountains, has returned home after the death of her brother prince Bryn. It seems she is expected to marry Alun Dylan so that he can protect the kingdom when her father dies, but Aeron dislikes him. However, a warrior has come to challenge for her hand, a man who makes her shiver with a mixture of fear and desire. His name is Rhys ap Idris, son of Idris the Fearless. Yet Alun and Rhys hate each other and their hatred causes tension.

Now the king is dead, murdered, and Idris accused, by Aeron, who believes that she saw him run from the scene. Idris and one son are killed in the chaos of the aftermath, but Rhys escapes with hatred in his heart. Fate turns full circle and Aeron is captured by pirates, sold in the marketplace as a slave. Now Rhys is her master. Still bitter at what he feels was her betrayal, will he treat her cruelly or can they ever recover the sweetness of love?

This is a passionate, compelling, sensual love story, an epic that carries you to the end, full of excitement and tension. This author is a master storyteller and her books are highly recommended. This one is awarded five red roses, Linda Sole.

Saturday 19 January 2008


Dominic/Hazel Statham/wingsepress/ebook/204pages

London 1776. Dominic is a rake, a gambler and enjoys living dangerously, shocking society with his wild ways. In the early hours one morning he stumbles home from a gambling den, discovering a youth who seems to have been beaten badly. When he discovers that the youth is a girl, named, she says, Jack, he tries to help her, but in the morning she has run away. Then Dominic becomes involved in a mad and tragic horse race, which ends with him being rusticated to the family home at Stovely in disgrace. When he meets Miss Sophie Thornton the fun and games begin. He soon discovers that Sophie and Jack are one! Yet he does not realise what a merry dance Sophie will lead him until all is settled satisfacorily.

This is a delightful Regency Romp. The hero is a bad boy who needs to be taught a lesson and Sophie is the girl to do it. This book is a lot of fun and highly entertaining. I recommend it. Five red roses, Linda Sole

The Black Rose

The Black Rose/Skyler Grey/Red Rose Publishing/ebook/78pages
Emily is lonely. She has no friends – so who would send her seven beautiful red roses? Emily would have been thrilled to receive them had it not been for the chilling message – seven days to your doom day. When the boxes and cryptic messages keep coming Emily gets scared and that is when she calls for help, which comes in the form of police officer Andrew Rossi! When a dangerous killer kidnaps Emily, Andrew is desperate but can he find her in time?

This is a beautifully crafted thriller with a good sprinkling of romance. I loved it. I hope the author writes more books of the same calibre. Five red roses, Linda Sole

The Shadowed Heart

Anne Whitfield/The Shadowed Heart/Enspiren Press/349 pages

The story begins in Yorkshire in 1864. Anna Claire Thornton loves her house and the beautiful valley in which she lives. This is her home and it gives her a sense of pride to know that she belongs here. However, when Anna meets the handsome, reckless Matt Cowan at a ball, a series of events begin that will lead to much pain and shame for Anna. She believes that she can never be happy again when she leaves her home, but it is only when she has travelled to a new country and learned a new way of life that she will find her true happiness for herself and her child. This is an epic story with many twists and turns and heart wringing scenes.

Anne Whitfield has written another beautiful, tender love story. Her descriptions and her story telling are superb. This writer and this book deserve a bouquet of red roses! Linda Sole

The book is not yet published but will be out later this year


Friday 18 January 2008

Behind Blue eyes

Behind Blue Eyes/Pat Cromwell/Amira Press/Ebook/115 pages

Seine felt that she could drown in his eyes they were so blue, like the ocean. Michael was all that she could ever want or desire in a man. She had loved him since she was a girl, but in her father's eyes he wasn't near good enough. Lawrence Simmons had plans for his daughter.

Michael needed the job at Lawrence's publishing company so that he could leave his past behind, but Seine has begun to haunt his mind and his body. When Lawrence forces him to choose, Michael goes his own way, vowing to take everything Lawrence cares for one day. Bitterness and hatred may bring both Seine and Michael close to destruction. Can this love/hate relationship ever end in happiness?

This is a well constructed, emotional story, which kept me glued to the page. I enjoyed this talented author's work and give it 4.5 red roses. Morna.

Loving Arms

Loving Arms/Lexie Davis/Freya's Bower/ebook/32pages
Jessica has returned to her hometown in Texas, having given up her career after a quarrel with her boy friend. She is experiencing a life that is far from perfect in a dead end job. However, when Alex Gray shows up things could take a turn for the better, but does Jess want to know? She thinks he is trouble but the touch of his hand is enough to set the flames shooting.

This is an erotic short story. It is also a very readable love story. I give this one 4 red roses, Morna

Thursday 17 January 2008

Daddy Loves Belinda

Daddy Loves Belinda by Anne Sole/Dark Eden Press/ebook/190pages

Helping her sister hide from the press Georgie tells April about a cottage she will be staying in while doing an interview for an article in Georgie’s newspaper. Georgie suggests April go down before her and stay there so no one can find her. Things go horribly wrong. Georgie has just received the most devastating news of her life. Her sister, April, who is also her best-friend and April’s new husband have been murdered and no one is sure why.

Georgie uses her job as an investigative journalist to find out what really happened to April. Was it April’s new husband’s enemies that brought about their death? Or was it a stalker from April’s past? Or was she murdered because she was mistaken for Georgie?

Georgie leans on her boss and other best friend Steve to get through this difficult time. But she also meets her sister’s brother-in-law, Fernando, and the sparks fly. Georgie doesn’t know if she can really trust Fernando. She needs to find out if he knows more than he is telling her about the deaths.

Things start to heat up even more as more people around Georgie start dying and no one is sure if they are accidents or if someone is hiding something and people are getting to close to the truth.

Trying to find out what really happened just might get Georgie killed if she isn’t careful.

As Georgie gets closer to the truth strange things start happening around her. Her lines of communication to the world are slowly being cut off. Georgie needs to get to the truth quickly if she hopes to survive what is happening.

This is a great book. It takes you on more twists and turns as you try to find out just what is going on and why things are happening. If you like mysteries and thrillers this is one book to read.

I give this one 5 red roses.

Thursday 10 January 2008

Lady Lisa's Luck


ISBN 978-0-7090-8295-8

This Regency romance is something different it lets us into the world of a very rich and successful young woman, Lady Elizabeth Rushlake who was introduced to the world of commerce by her father. So much did this world interest her that she began to deal in the city after her father’s death, very successfully. Some matrons in polite society tut tutted at the mention of a lady delving into a man’s world, but all of the ton recognised her. Lucky Lady Lisa as she was dubbed, was without doubt a very resourceful, beautiful and clever young woman of impeccable lineage.
Her heart had been broken by Chad Lockridge at the tender age of 18, when he was rumoured to have stolen an heir loom belonging to his family, the piece was known as the Queens pendant and had been in the Lockridge family for generations.
Although Lisa had never believed Chad had stolen the pendant, after a silly quarrel she gave him the impression that she too had doubts about him. The next thing Lisa heard was that Chad had left the country without seeing her again. That had been several years ago and although she had many admirers her heart was not awakened, it still belonged to Chad.
Living in the very fashionable Berkley Square Lisa had acquired the freehold of the neighbouring house. She was astonished to be met by the news that she had new Tenants in her house. Her younger sister was very amused and was watching a magnificent Indian directing the removable of furniture into the house from a removers cart. Lisa was puzzled that having just left Thomas, her man of business in the city he had not mentioned the fact that he had let the house.
Looking out of the window Lisa’s heart almost stopped as Chad Lockridge emerged from the house.
What will happen now that Chad is back in England, will the old rumours be forgotten, will he be accepted back into society and will he break her heart again??
Read this lovely romance with all of its twists and find the answers I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. I award this really lovely book with 5 Roses.

Monday 7 January 2008

Virgin Slave, Barbarian King

Louise Allen/Virgin Slave, Barbarian King/ Harlequin Historical/ ISBN9780373294770/299pages/paperback

Julia Livia is a Roman patrician but that does not save her from the violence when the Visgoths attack the city. Trying to reach safety she is attacked by rogues and saved from a terrible fate by a rather large and handsome barbarian. Julia is grateful for his help but her gratitude turns to anger when she discovers that far from letting her go on to her father, he is determined to make her his slave. Taken to his camp, she is furious when expected to do chores that she thinks beneath her – but faced with the choice of either cooking or starving, Julia begins to see that she must learn to adapt to her new life. However, she will never learn to like the life or to love Wulfric - will she?

This exciting book from a much-loved Regency author paints a vivid scene, bringing the fear and bewilderment of a patrician Roman lady as she is enslaved to life. Julia's struggles are believable and hold us breathless as we watch her story unfold against a background of drama and war. This is not just another romance but a living, breathing story that I for one could not put down. I give this book a well deserved five red roses, Anne Herries