Christmas Awards 2011

Sunday 30 April 2017

After the Dark

After the Dark by Cynthia Eden

Publisher: HQN

March 2017

ISBN: 978-0-373-80192-3

Pages: 368

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Fairhope, Alabama

Samantha Dark is a disgraced former FBI agent. She was also one of the most respected profilers in the Bureau. An expert on the dark hearts and twisted minds of the most depraved criminals. Samantha’s career was destroyed when her former lover turned out to be the serial killer she was hunting. Samantha left Washington, DC, for the quiet anonymity of Alabama when she was blamed for the FBI’s failure on the complex case.

Now an all-too-familiar killer is hunting once again. For Samantha to catch the cunning assassin she must put her trust in her former partner, Blake Gamble. Blake is ex-military that is precise, tough and protective. Even with her entire life on the brink, she knows that at the very least he wants her back in the FBI and possibly for more.

Someone else wants her also. A threat is waiting in the dark. The killer has the ultimate trophy victim in his sights…Samantha.

This is suspense story that has many twists and turns that keeps the reader turning the pages just to see what will happen next and if Samantha is going to be able to catch a killer that wants her. This is the ultimate cat and mouse story that will leave the reader wanting more from this series. This is a story that will stay with the reader long after they finish it. The story is complex and intriguing and it pulls the reader in completely. This is one romantic suspense to read for those that love this kind of book.

I give this one 5 red roses 



Firewolf by Jenna Kernan

Publisher: Harlequin

May 2017

ISBN: 978-1-335-72099-3

Pages: 249

Contemporary Romantic Suspense


Dylan Tehauno is an expert in preventing and fighting forest fires since he is a hotshot. He suspects that both he and filmmaker Meadow Wrangler were supposed to die in the inferno that killed a tech billionaire and that it wasn’t an accident. Dylan and Meadow decide to find the real arsonist when Dylan is identified as the prime suspect by lawmakers.

Dylan is a proud Apache and a war hero that is also a self-made man. Meadow is a rich girl with a tabloid past and they have nothing in common with each other. But they can’t deny the heat that is between them. Now they have to figure out if their attraction is more than physical desire. But will they be able to survive long enough to find that out?

This is another amazing story in a series that is proving to be unforgettable. The characters are complex and engrossing and move each book and the overall arc of the series along at a fast pace. With each clue that is revealed that shows what is going on behind the whole series it pulls the reader in more and more. This is proving to be series that will go on may keeper shelves. While each book can be read as a standalone readers will get a lot more out of the series if they read the books in order. It will also have readers wanting the next book right now.  It will be interesting to see just where this series will end up and just what is ultimately happening and how it will end.

I give this one 5 red roses



Abduction by Cynthia Eden

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue

March 2017

ISBN: 978-1-335-72085-6

Pages: 249

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Hope, Florida

Sheriff Hayden Black was once the town troublemaker. Then he became the teen hero who saved young Jillian West from a savage kidnapper. He also never got over their brief affair. He is an ex-SEAL and she is now the burned-out FBI agent and they have reunited in their Florida hometown. They have also rediscovered their powerful attraction. Will they get a second chance at happiness while they hunt down a long-forgotten killer? Hayden won’t let Jill fall victim again when a series of accidents begin to plague her. There is too much desire and history between them.

This is another book by an author that delivers edge of your seat suspense. The characters are engrossing and it has a story line that keeps the suspense building until the very end when it delivers an explosive ending that doesn’t disappoint in the slightest. It also shows why this author is so popular and one that continues to get better and better with each book she writes. This is the first book in another series that promises to deliver some amazing suspenseful stories.

I give this one 5 red roses



Jet by Jay Crownover

Publisher: William Morrow

November 2013

ISBN: 978-0-06-230241-0

Pages: 371

Contemporary Romance

Denver, Colorado & Louisville, Kentucky 

Jet Keller is every girl’s rock-and-roll fantasy with his tight leather pants and sharp edge that makes him dangerous. Ayden Cross though is done walking on the wild side with bad boys. She doesn’t want to give into the heat that she see’s in Jet’s dark, haunted eyes. His touch sets her on fire and she is afraid of getting burned from the sparks of their spontaneous combustion.

Jet can’t resist the Southern belle that defies his every expectation and that has mile-long legs in cowboy boots. The closer he gets to Ayden the less he seems to know her. He knows what happens to two people when they have very different ideas about relationships even if he is tempted to get under her skin and undo her in every way possible.

Will the blaze the burns between them turn into an enduring love or will it consume their dreams and turn them into ashes.

This is proving to be a very an amazing series with characters that stay with the reader long after they finish each book. The characters are complex and move the story along at an amazing pace. It will also have the reader wanting to read the next book right away. This is a must read series that will also have readers wanting to check out the authors other series.

I give this one 5 red roses


Reconstructing Amelia

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

Publisher: Harper Perennial

December 2013

ISBN: 978-0-06-222544-3

Pages: 385

Contemporary Suspense

Brooklyn, New York

Kate Baron is a litigation lawyer and a harried single mother. She is shocked when her daughter’s private school calls to tell her that her high-achieving, intelligent fifteen-year-old daughter, Amelia was caught cheating. Kate is blindsided when she arrives at Grace Hall by even more devastating news: Amelia is dead. She jumped from the school roof, despondent. At least that is what the police and Grace Hall tells Kate. Kate believes it too until she gets an anonymous text that Amelia didn’t jump. Kate is going to find out the truth – no matter where it leads her. Kate reconstructs the pieces of her daughter’s life by shifting through Amelia’s text messages, e-mails and Facebook posts. She also finds the people that where in her daughter’s life. She is determined to discover why Amelia was on Grace Hall’s roof that day and just how she did die.

This is a story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seats as they try to figure just what is going on in the book. The suspense keeps building until the very end when the truth finally comes out as to just what happened to Amelia. As each clue is revealed it leads to more questions that the reader gets answered at the very end and it doesn’t disappoint in the least. This is a very hard book to put down as the reader will want to know just what happened that lead up to Amelia’s death. With all the twists and turns the story takes it will keep the reader guessing as they try to figure what happened when.

I give this one 5 red roses



Rule by Jay Crownover

Publisher: William Morrow

October 2013

ISBN: 978-0-06-230240-3

Pages: 387

Contemporary Romance

Denver, Colorado

Shaw Landon and Rule Archer are opposites in every way. Shaw has loved Rule from the first moment she laid eyes on him. Shaw is a straight-A pre-med student and Rule should be everything she doesn’t want. He is also the only person she has never tried to please. She isn’t afraid of his wild attitude, tattoos or his scary piercings. Her heart just won’t listen though she knows Rule is wrong for her.

Rule Archer is a rebel and to him Shaw is his dead twin brother’s girl and a stuck-up perfect princess. He makes his own rules whereas she lives by other people’s rules. She may be the only person who can see the person he truly is but he doesn’t have time for a good girl like Shaw.

Spilled secrets, a short skirt and too many birthday cocktails lead to a night neither can forget. Now they need to figure out how a girl like her and a guy like him can be together without destroying each other or their love.

This is a start of a series that has some very interesting characters in it. Seeing how Shaw and Rule figure out where and how they belong makes for a story that takes the reader on a roller coaster ride that doesn’t stop until the very last page. The characters are complex and make for a book that is very hard to put down once the reader starts it. It will also have readers reaching for the next book to see what happens to the next couple and where this series will end up. This is one book that will not be forgotten and will stay with the reader long after they finish it.

I give this one 5 red roses