Christmas Awards 2011

Monday 24 February 2014

Release repost: His Secrets

His Secrets by Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: Pocket Star Books

February 2014

ISBN: 978-1-4767-7235-6

Pages: 68

Contemporary, Paris, France

Chris Merit has always found his art to be his escape until the day he met Sara McMillan. She has proven to be a light in the darkness of his life. Unfortunately that darkness bleeds from Chris’s life into Sara’s. Now Chris needs to show Sara everything about his life. He is afraid of what will happen once he does because he is sure that Sara doesn’t understand or really sees everything that he has shown her so far.

This is another great installment in the Inside Out series. This one is done from Chris’ point of view. With every novel or novella that is added to this series makes the series even better. It also gives readers more chances to visit some favorite characters and see just what else is happening.  It also gives readers more to whet their appetite and keep them coming back for more. This is one series that once a reader is pulled in they will find it very hard to leave and will have them wanting more. While this series has flavors of Fifty Shades of Grey it has proven to be its own with a story line that keeps on building with each story.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses.


Sunday 23 February 2014

Hard Glamour

Hard Glamour: The Glamour series by Maggie Marr

Publisher: NLA Digital

January 2014


Pages: 262

Contemporary romance, LA

Lane Channing is determined to follow her dreams since it will be honoring her mother’s last wish.  Lane is taking a big risk going to LA from her small Kansas town.  She already has a job lined up luckily since she only has her old jeep and 20 dollars to last her until she gets paid.  Everything changes and her hopes are shattered when she finds out that her job has been given to someone else and if she doesn’t find another job quickly she is going to be in a lot of trouble.  The last thing she needs is to be living on the streets.  What started out as a dream come true is quickly turning into a nightmare.  Lane definitely isn’t in Kansas anymore.

Dillon MacAvoy is determined to become a star no matter what.  One way for him to do that is by honing his bad-boy forever single image.  Though that image really isn’t far from the truth.  Dillon only cares about his younger brother and succeeding at his career.  He is on the brink of stardom as long as he can decide on his next right script.  For that he needs a script reader, one that he can trust.

Lane is Dillon’s last chance.  If she can survive the summer without being another notch on Dillon’s bedpost she will be guaranteed a job in the entertainment business. That shouldn’t be a problem so long as she can ignore the way her body heats up and her pulse races every time Dillon walks into the room.  Dillon isn’t the type to fall for a small town girl and love and commitment would ruin the image of Dillon.

This is very good story of what ifs and about the entertainment business.  The story is engaging and pulls the reader into it.  The reader gets to ride the roller coaster of emotional ups and downs with Lane and Dillon as they try and figure out just what is most important to them.  The story will pull at readers’ heartstrings.  This is the start of series that if the books continue along this line will be fun and interesting.  Especially if readers get more about the behind the scenes of entertainment.  With every word the reader can see the world this book is based in coming to life.  This will have readers wondering just what might happen in the next book.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


Tuesday 18 February 2014

True to the Highlander

True to the Highlander: The Novels of Loch Moigh by Barbara Longley

Publisher: Montlake Romance

February 2014

ISBN: 9781477817445

Pages: 337

Time Travel Romance, present day New York & Scotland 1423

Alethia Goodsky is working at the New York Renaissance Festival and getting the chance to meet all different types of people.  Though the one that stands out the most is a fortune teller that has sent her on a life saving mission back to the 15th century.  Now she is in a completely different time and place and needs to figure out just what is going on and what needs to be done so that she can go back to her own time.  Alethia just never counted on falling in love with a man from a different time.  Alethia has always taken care of herself and is finding it difficult to deal with a man who is determined to protect her against the enemies that are closing in on them both.  She is also going to have to decide if she wants to stay with the man that has stolen her heart or does she want to go back to her own time?

Malcolm of clan MacKintosh has enough going on with bloodthirsty feuds and rivalries.  When he comes across a maiden by the side of the road he thinks it must be a bad omen though a very beautiful one.  Protecting her from one of the men in his own garrison he is quickly brought to his knees by a woman that is determined to defy him at every turn.  He is left reeling by a woman that has managed to lay siege to his heart without him even noticing. 

With all the treachery going on in the Highlands while their king is held captive by the English the situation is made worse while some clans are busy trying to ransom their king, James and other clans that are just as determined to keep him off the Scottish throne.  Only time will tell just what will happen and who can be trusted.

This is a wonderful story that brings history to life for the reader.  It also shows the comedy of a modern woman trying to deal with a completely different time and a way of life.  The misunderstandings between Alethia and Malcolm are interesting and shows that love can overcome even the biggest differences.  The modern way of speaking that Alethia does while in the past causes some very interesting situations to take place and keeps the story moving along at a fast pace.  With all the ups and downs this story takes it really pulls the reader in and gives them an ending that is sure to please.  This is a time travel novel that is very enjoyable and is worth taking the time to read.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


Saturday 15 February 2014

The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys by Lilian Carmine

Publisher: Random House

November 2013

ISBN: 9781448176564

Pages: 514

Contemporary, Paranormal, Young Adult

Joey Gray is a 17-year-old girl that is feeling a little lost now that she has moved to a strange town. That changes when she meets a mysterious boy near her new home.  Now as Joey finds her place in a new school and town she must deal with other issues that she isn’t too sure how to handle.

Tristan Halloway has a very good reason for always being found at the local graveyard.  What he never expected was someone like Joey.  Now Tristan and Joey are finding more than friendship but if they don’t find an answer they just might lose what they have found together.

This is a story that is sure to yank on the readers heartstrings.  It an emotional book that will have readers reaching for the box of Kleenex.  The characters and story are very well written and pull the reader into the story and doesn’t let go until the very last page.  It also takes some great twists and turns that take readers on an emotional roller coaster that will not disappoint.  This story will have readers looking for more books from this author.  This is the first of a trilogy and if the other books prove as good as the first one this is going to be one trilogy that will be an absolute keeper.

I give this one 5 red roses


The Valentine's Day Disaster

The Valentine’s Day Disaster: A Twilight Texas Novella by Lori Wilde

Publisher: Avon Impulse

February 2014

ISBN: 9780062311511

Pages: 100

Contemporary, Romance, Twilight, Texas

Sesty Snow is an event planner that at the moment isn’t a fan of flowers, hearts or romantic dinners.  She has had to learn to control her emotions and her life.  Even with that running Twilight’s annual bachelor auction is right up her alley.  At least it was until her high school sweetheart comes back to town.  He is just as handsome as ever but he is still the daredevil he was in high school and the reason their romance didn’t work then.

Josh Langtree is a NASCAR driver that was injured.  Josh doesn’t have any interest in being anyone’s sweetheart.  He just wants a place that he can heal from his wounds.  At least that was the plan until a misunderstanding has him doing community service by doing Sesty’s auction.  Now he is in front of screaming women wearing a tux and a smile all the while seeing just how tempting Sesty still is.

The sparks between them are just as hot as ever and Josh says he has changed but Sesty has to decide if she can trust that and let Josh take control and lead her to a future she never expect to have.

This is a very sweet Valentine’s Day book.  It is a novella so it isn’t very long but once the reader starts they will find a story that is just as full as any novel they could read.  The story is fast paced due to length the reader definitely gets their money worth with the plot.  It is another wonderful story set in Twilight, Texas and gives the reader a chance to visit a town that is full of surprises and romance.  This is proving to be a wonderful series that has some great characters that are fun to revisit again and again.  This one is sure to put anyone in the mood for Valentine’s Day.  This is one worth reading.

I give it 4-1/2 red roses


Sunday 9 February 2014

Scream For Me

Scream for Me by Cynthia Eden

Publisher: Montlake Romance

February 2014

ISBN: 9781477848463

Pages: 380

Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Alabama

Kyle McKenzie is an FBI agent that has been fantasizing about his partner, Cadence Hollow, since the first moment he met her.  While working the darkest case so far in their careers, their desire for each other comes to the surface.  Once they are together they are determined that nothing will part them except maybe death.  A cunning stalker named The Night Hunter has been at work for fifteen years abducing women over a four state area though it first started in Paradox, Alabama with Kyle’s sister.  Now The Night Hunter is hunting the hunter and he will be more than happy to separate the lovers by death.  

Kyle is going to have to face a painful past that he has managed to hide so far from Cadence.  He is determined to end the Hunter’s reign of terror either by putting him behind bars or in the ground.  The Hunter has the perfect weapon to use to lure Kyle into his murderous trap and that is Kyle’s love for Cadence which is even stronger than his obsession to know his sister’s grim fate. 

This is one story that will take the reader on a ride that is sure to have them up late at night just to see what happens in the book but also because this is one thriller that will have readers jumping at the bumps in the night. The story pulls the reader in and takes so many twists and turns that the reader will soon be wondering which way is up.  Just as the reader thinks they have it figured out the story takes another twist that will have them second guessing themselves.  This is one book that while it is dark it is so very engrossing the reader will not want to stop reading for anything even sleep.  For readers that love romantic suspense this is one book not to miss.  The plot stays with the reader long after they put the book down.  This is another great story from an author that is proving to have ability to both thrill and chill readers.

I give this one 5 red roses



Soulless by Toni Hofman

Publisher: Toni Hofman

October 2013

ISBN: 9781492111849

Pages: 274

Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

Alexis “Alex” Martinez is a detective for the Fairfield Police Department and she is after an extremely brutal killer that has managed to hold the city in the grip of terror.  The victims are tortured and unspeakably mutilated and picked completely at random.  As Alex investigates the killings she is brought to the attention of a secret society that has members imbedded in law enforcement, world governments and all walks of life.  Their objective is stay hidden and when the investigation takes Alex too close to them she becomes a target.  There is only one person who can save her but he is also the assassin that has been sent to kill her.  He is the one that has already infiltrated her mind and heart, and he just might be the one she has been chasing all along.

David Jason Sawyer has the face of angel but is a predator.  His mind is a weapon that is just as formidable as his body.  He is a prince of the secret society that seems to be the next step in man’s evolution.  Also known to those of the society as Family.  They consume bio-energy directly because their physiology has evolved to that point.  They age at a remarkably decelerated rate and they are stronger than normal humans.  They have an extraordinary ability to heal so they are almost invincible.  They also need humans to feed on so that they can survive.

Since he was a child Sawyer has been trained to manipulate and entrap on reflex.  He was taught to put emotion second and Family first.  Yet in one moment he spares Alex the woman he has fallen in love with and now they are both a danger to his people and one Family will not tolerate.

If Alex and David are to have a chance at survival they must join forces and stay one step ahead of an army that is invisible until it is too late.

This is a very different paranormal.  It takes the concept of vampires and gives it a twist that is very intriguing.  The story takes many twists and turns that keeps the reader on their toes as they try to figure out just what will happen next and who Alex and David can trust.  It is a story that stays with the reader long after they put it down.  The characters have the fallacy that all people do and that makes them very authentic. The characters are complex which really brings the story to life and pulls the reader into the book.  For readers that love paranormal romances this is one to check out. 

I give this one 4 red roses


Tuesday 4 February 2014

Sentinels: Lynx Destiny

Sentinels: Lynx Destiny by Doranna Durgin

Publisher: Harlequin

February 2014

ISBN: 978-0-373-88589-3

Pages: 304

Contemporary, Romance, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico  

Regan Adler has to return to her family’s cabin in the Sacramento Mountains though she is determined to keep her visit very brief.  Her mother was driven crazy by the voices she heard there.  Now those same voices are threatening to do the same to Regan.  She can’t ignore them either.  Then she meets Kai Faulkers.

Kai Faulkers is a lone lynx shape shifter.  He knows danger is coming and he must protect his home no matter what the cost.  When he hears Regan’s sultry voice he is thrown into a new world of passion and desire.  Now the stakes are higher than ever.  Kai and Regan must fight for what they hold dear if they want a chance to survive what is coming.

This is a great story that is different than most shape shifter stories.  The plot is engrossing and the characters are very engaging.  The story comes alive for the reader and they can get lost in the story as each scene unfolds.  This is part of series but can easily be read as a stand alone.  The story explains the world behind it very well so that the reader never feels lost in learning about the world that this series is based in.  It will also have readers looking for the other books in the series to learn more and to have a chance to enjoy more in this series.

I give this one 4 red roses


Do or Die

Do or Die Reluctant Heroes by Suzanne Brockmann

Publisher: Ballantine Books

February 2014

ISBN: 978-0-345-54379-0

Pages: 576

Contemporary Romance, Florida

Ian Dunn has the world believing that he went rogue in a very big way by turning his talents to the lawless life with con jobs and jewel heists. In reality the former Navy SEAL and Special Ops warrior is leading a band of freelance operatives that still fight for good by fighting in highly unofficial ways. That makes Ian the perfect choice hands down for an operation that the government needs done but can’t be attached to because of it being a breach of a heavily guarded embassy.  A couple of children have been kidnapped by their father who is a sinister foreign national that will do anything to get what he wants even if that is turning his own children into casualties. Surprising everyone Ian turns the mission down for reasons he refuses to divulge.

Phoebe Kruger is Ian’s new attorney that refuses to take no for an answer. She is determined to get the children free and is able to get Ian on board. She also insists on riding shotgun with Ian on his Mission: Impossible style operation. Whether Ian likes it or not.

Phoebe is proving to have a knack for getting out of tight spots. What Ian and Phoebe don’t count on is their intense attraction to each other. As the team gears up to get done what needs to be taken care of Ian and Phoebe’s emotions grow stronger. They need to control their feelings for each other if they want a chance to survive a wealthy psychopath who loves both money and murder and a mob boss that is very vindictive and he has Ian on the top of his hit list. Playing lethal games of deception and dodging death squads Phoebe and Ian are determined to save the innocent children and take care of the guilty.

This is a book that starts off fast and doesn’t stop for anything. The action is intense and engrossing and keeps the story moving along at a very fast pace. With all the cons going on it keeps the reader enthralled and not wanting to put it down for any reason. The characters are engaging and sympatric and help the story come to life. With the twists and turns the story takes the reader is never completely sure what will happen next or just where they will end up. This one takes readers for a ride they will never forget. The secondary characters play just as big a part as the hero and heroine and this one does not disappoint. It will also have readers eagerly waiting to see just where this series will end up going.

I give this one 5 red roses


Captured by Three

Captured by Three: Mating Season 2 by April Andrews

Publisher: Twisted Erotica Publishing

December 2013

Pages: 78

Futuristic, Romance, m/m

Lucas is the last the scientist on Earth. He is also set to enter the old lands so that he can find enough fuel to save his people.  He has the aliens, Ayden, Regil and Danth as escorts in his mission.  The aliens have come to save his people but he is afraid that there is more to it and it seems he was correct in that assumption.  Ayden, Regil and Danth are proving to be both brooding and strong and they are turning Lucas’ world upside down.

Ayden, Regil and Danth are a mated trio. They also thought they were complete until they meet Lucas and they realize that something is missing in their relationship.  Something about Lucas calls to them.

Lucas isn’t sure what to make of the aliens as they are like nothing he has dealt with before.  They also treat him in a way that confuses him.  Ayden, Regil and Danth realize that the only way to figure out if Lucas can complete them is to take him to their bed even if that means capturing him body, heart and soul. 

This is proving to be a very good series that is different than most alien stories.  While the reader would get the most out of reading the books in order they are written in such a way that they can be read as stand alones.  This one keeps in the same vein as the first story but proves to have its own story line which makes it very enjoyable to read.  The characters are intriguing and fascinating.  With every word read the world building in the story comes to life and gives the reader a glimpse on what can happen.  For readers of this genre this is a series to check out.

I give this 4-1/2 red roses