Christmas Awards 2011

Friday 29 May 2009

Czech Mate

Sloane Taylor. Czech Mate. Ebook 85 pages. Copyright Sloane Taylor. Publisher Amber Quill

Lacey has been let down. She is stuck in Prague without enough money for a decent hotel and a plane ticket she can’t change. Dragan witnesses her confusion in his hotel and doesn’t like it. He is determined to throw her out, but she is doing outrageous things to his libido. Lacey is similarly affected. They haven’t got off to a good start but Dragan has a heart. He changes his mind about throwing her out when he discovers she actually has a room booked. Besides, Prague is full because of a convention.

Lacey is a designer and soon discovers the hotel needs a tasteful makeover. Someone didn’t know his or her business when it was done. Can she convince Dragan she is the girl for him – in more ways than one? For the moment they have more important things on their mind. Just as things look to be going well the rat who let her down turns up. Will he ruin everything?

The author brings her sharp wit to this book, giving the reader a sexy and entertaining story that ends just as it should. As usual Taylor has written a very sensual and enjoyable book. 4.5 red roses, Linda Sole

Monday 25 May 2009

Kate Of Kratos

Kate of Kratos by Robert Appleton
The third book in the Elemental Crossing series
Publisher Eternal Press.
Ebook, 92 pages

This book begins where the second left off. Kate is alone and tracking Jason, who has been carried off by one of the predators of this strange and wonderful world that Robert Appleton has created. Her journey is much advanced by the discovery that she can bounce huge distances on the membrane canopy of the forest.

Catching up with Jason she finds that he has been dumped in a sort of larder for the beasts and with him are three more survivors from the Monique, the crashed space ship that brought them to this planet. They came in search of a powerful element that would provide fuel for their own world and have found it in large amounts. Can they now use it to help them escape from the vicious creatures that see them as food – and can Kate and Jason find happiness after all their adventures?

What makes these three books so appealing is that the author seems to have an endless vision of strange and different monsters and writes vividly of the beautiful strangeness of the planet. I feel this author will one day write a science fiction masterpiece. He is at this moment feeling his way but I believe when he has the courage to strike out for where he belongs – in mainstream print – he will have a promising career.

Once again I can only give this book five red roses. I loved the ending. Linda Sole

Sunday 24 May 2009

A Country Cotillion





ISBN 978-0-7090-8659-8

On a bitterly cold night in January 1814 a beautiful young widow, named Elizabeth French set out from her home, Oakgrove house in Kensington, to attend the Grand Ball given by the Duke of Devonshire. She was to attend with her soon to be betrothed Sir Alexander Norrington.

Elizabeth was the widow of James French a notorious young rake who after only a few years of marriage had broken her heart. At first he had been all a young bride could wish for but when they went to live in Madras he had soon altered, becoming cruel and unfaithful whenever he wanted to. In the end the furious husband of a lady James had been having an affair with, had killed him in a duel. Elizabeth mourned her young husband as he was in the beginning, but was glad to be free of the man he had become.

She knew that Alexander could never thrill her, as James had done at the start of their life together, but he was kind and gentle and she was happy to settle for that...or was she?

One day while driving in the city to visit her Aunt, she decided to look at the house she and James had lived in when first they were married, where they were very happy. While she sat in her carriage the door of the house she was watching, opened and a young man came out. Her heart jolted. Was it James? No it could not be but he looked so similar that it filled her with longing for the young James once more.

Many moments of longing and sadness were to unsettle Elizabeth over the next few weeks. She no longer trusted her own heart for when Alexander kissed her she wished it was the young man who so reminded her of James and although she would probably never know who he was or where he was from, the longing would not go away. Could she go through with her betrothal ball feeling this way and was it fair to Alexander, knowing as she did that he could never capture her whole heart?

The plot in this lovely Regency romance is good with many twists. The description of places and houses they visit is excellent. You could be in the rooms with them; indeed you are with them. I have not given much of the story away as I feel that might spoil the pleasure for future readers. Please read this lovely book and enjoy it, I am sure that you will, I loved it. I award this book 5 RedRoses.

Saturday 2 May 2009

Bronze Lightening

Bronze Lightening by Lindsay Townsend


March 2009

ISBN: 1-60601-273-8

Pages: 356

Krete, c 1562 BC
Isle of Stones – Kingdom of the Atterians, 1561 BC

Sarmatia is the Bull Rider in the sacred rites. It is her place to help the children go through the rite so that they may become adults. She has always been content with her life but that is about to change with a chance meeting, a meeting that will end up transforming her view of life.

Fearn has always been a healer. It is his ability to heal that has made his name know far and wide. He has come to Krete to heal the king. Traveling to Krete has given Fearn the chance to meet Sarmatia, which has changed his life.

Fearn has found the one woman that he wants to spend his life with. Before he can do that he needs to make sure his people have a healer when he is gone. He goes home with the promise to Sarmatia that he will return for her and that they will be together. Once home he finds opposition to his leaving his family and the people. As he is about to leave having trained a new healer the unthinkable happens and the king dies. Now being part of the royal family Fearn must be tested along with others to see who will be the new king. Wanting no part of ruling the people Fearn nonetheless takes the test to show his good will. The one thing Fearn never saw coming was inheriting the crown. Now the only chance he has at happiness is if Sarmatia is willing to come to him on a several months long journey and giving up the life she has always known.

How strong is Sarmatia? She is about to find out just what she is capable of. She is about to start on a journey that will test her in its own way. One that if she is not careful she just might not survive. Sarmatia is going to find out just how much she loves Fearn as she is tested time and again.

Thinking that once she is reunited with Fearn that all will be well. Now they are going to be able to start their lives together she finds that she is very much mistaken. Some one is trying to hurt them and if they don’t find out who is behind the attacks they just might not be able to have a life together after all. Someone wants what they have and will stop at nothing until they get what they want. There are several people with a motive but which one is conniving enough to get away with the stealthy attacks without being seen. They will have to survive long enough to find the person or persons so that they will finally have the happiness they have tried so hard to enjoy.

This is a remarkable book in that it takes you back in time. It is well written so that you get a glimpse of the world at that time and it gives you a wonderful mystery as to who is behind the attacks and keeps you guessing as to what will happen next. The many twists and turns keeps you engrossed as you try to figure out who is behind all the mishaps that keep happening.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses.