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Saturday 25 June 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast by Hannah Howell

Publisher: Zebra

April 2007

ISBN: 978-0-8217-8004-6

Pages: 336

England 1365

Gytha is in the middle of getting ready for her wedding which is to take place within days only to be told by her father that her groom is dead but the wedding is still to go forward as the she is now to marry her groom’s cousin and heir, Thayer Saiturn. Now Gytha finds out that her newest groom is a battle hardened knight that is known throughout the realm as the Red Devil. One of the first things that strikes Gytha as soon as she sees Thayer for the first time is the rightness of what is about to take place.

Thayer Saiturn has no doubt about his skill in battle but after having his heart broken by a woman he isn’t as sure of himself when it comes to women, especially beautiful ones. Thayer’s honor means everything to him so he knows that he will honor his foster-father’s promise that was made many years ago and marry Gytha. Thayer can only hope that she will be able to see the man beneath the scars he has.

Thayer and Gytha are brought together by their marriage but it is their passion for each other that gives them a chance to have a strong happy marriage. First though they will have to find out who is after them and defeat an enemy that hides in the shadows while striking at them when they least expect it. If they don’t find their enemy quickly they may not be able to have the happy life and family they both want to have together.

This is one story that can be read over and over again. The humor in it will have reader laughing at what the character do throughout the story. One of my favorite scenes is when Thayer and Gytha have a misunderstanding and Gytha knows the only way they are going to be able to get past it is for her to get Thayer to tell her what she needs to hear among other things is an apology. She gets that by making Thayer angry because she knows that will loosen his tongue where as nothing else will. Everyone thinks she has lost it but she knows that no matter what Thayer would never hurt her no matter how angry he gets. The way Gytha goes about will have you laughing out loud and when Thayer realize what she has done is funny too. This is one book that is hard to put down once you start reading it.

I give this one 5 red roses

Monday 20 June 2011

Interview with Jen Black

Today we have Jen Black with us. she has written some wonderful books, historical and modern.

Tell us a little about yourself

Jen has always lived within twenty miles of where she is now in Northumberland. The only continent she hasn’t visited is South America – and she has no plans to do so! With a degree in English and recently retired from library management, she writes almost every day – sometimes contemporary ghost stories, but more often historical adventures. She keeps her blog up to date and send the odd missive to Facebook and Twitter (@speckledbirds).

What do you write?

Historical novels, historical romances and a contemporary romance with ghosts. I have a contract for an e-book called Reluctance to come out next April. It’s what I’d call a Regency story, even though it is set in 1803 about a couple who marry for convenience and then she decides it won’t suffice and tries to make him break his vow of celibacy.

Why do you write?
Because I love doing it. There isn’t another outlet for my imagination that gives me anything like the satisfaction writing does. Imagine being in control of what characters do and say! Giving them what they want, or stopping them from having it. We all indulge in it as children, play-acting and role-playing. Well, now I get to do the same as an adult. If I get my hero in a tricky situation, I can stop and think about how he’s going to get out of it, or what smart crack he’s going to come out with this time.

What are you writing now?
I’m resting, and promoting my latest – the contemporary romance with ghosts. Shadows is set in France. A couple of years ago this was briefly published by Triskelion before they went bankrupt, and the rights were tied up in limbo for over a year. During that time I re-wrote the thing, and added in another 30,000 words, making it much better than it was and then I sold it to another publisher. Finally, it is back out in the world again and looking for readers!

Here’s the blurb: Melissa and Rory met three days ago and already he’s ditched a girlfriend for her. Now he takes her to France on a pre-booked holiday. Once there, she loves the ancient water mill, but is annoyed when he assumes she’ll share the only bed. Opting for the sofa that night, Melissa finds her childhood proclivity for seeing ghosts has returned with a vengeance and she finds it very hard to convince Rory that anything is amiss. Check out the trailer, or read an excerpt on my blog at

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

Comfortable trousers and fleeces for when I’m lounging around the house, but I do own some smart clothes. I look fairly respectable when I go out to visit with friends or go into town. I recently bought a striped black and white top in the John Lewis sale, and wore it with black tights to visit friends for dinner. They were amazed at my boldness. ‘But you never wore short skirts when you were young and it was fashionable,’ they cried in disbelief.

‘Well, I am now.’

It doesn’t do to stay in the same rut, does it?

Are you in love? Have you ever been?

I love my husband dearly, and in my younger days before I met him I knew the sudden rushes of adulation and longing that most of us feel at some time or other, usually for a totally unsuitable man. There’s been heartbreak, too.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he or she look like?

Naturally, I love whichever hero I’m writing about at the time, especially if I’m writing from the heroine’s point of view. He’s usually dark haired, but has been a red-head, but they are always the kind with a strong jaw and a stubborn streak. I don’t have to live with this man, you see, so I can have him as heroic as I like. If he has a fiery temper, I’m never going to suffer from it, as I’m in control of what he does. For a long time I was in love with Jerott Blyth and Francis Crawford in the Lymond series by Dorothy Dunnett. Sometimes I think I still am!

What kind of comfort food do you like best?
Oh, I have a long list. Sometimes it’s chocolate. Sometimes it’s scones, my own home-made fruit scones fresh from the oven. Garlic bread, Magnums, white wine, red wine, Kettle crisps with balsamic vinegar. Crisp Cox’s apples. Raisins. Toast with a scraping of butter and Marmite. The list is endless.

What makes you laugh? Cry?

Malapropisms. Inadvertent humour, usually. The kind where someone says the wrong thing, or trips over their own feet. The scene in Only Fools and Horses when Del leans on the counter that isn’t there. Doc Martin is a hoot and I can’t wait for the new series. I’ve watched the previous episodes until I know the dialogue off by heart.

Anything to do with animals can have me weeping. Don’t go there.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
Do some gardening. Walk in the glorious Northumberland countryside, taking photographs and putting them on my blog. Reading, when I can find something that interests me. I enjoy Sarah Dunant, Nora Roberts, C J Sansom and Jude Morgan. Meeting like-minded friends for chats and meals. Skiing once or twice a year, spending part of the summer in France, and at this precise moment, acting as general apprentice-cum-dogsbody to all the DIY-ery work going on chez Black. It will all be worth it when we have a brand new bathroom.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!
Haven’t a clue. Women don’t turn me on, but I like looking at them as objects of beauty in the same way as I’d admire a painting or a statute. With men, it’s much more a matter of personal attraction. Do I like the way he moves, does his voice catch my attention, does he look healthy? Good health and fitness is a major thing. Clear skin, bright eyes, quick reactions - the same thing you’d look for in a healthy animal! But those are the things that attract from across a room, or a field, for that matter. The other attributes come later – is he kind, has he got a sense of humour, do we share any interests, do we actually like each other?

What do you hate about life?

That there’s so much misery and poverty, that people can seem a blight on the world when they cover it in smoke, oil and pollutants, when rivers are too dirty for fish and that soon we’ll have eaten every living creature in the belief that only we have the right to live.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?

My goals are small in the scale of things. I’d like an agent, and a publisher, please, and an audience who likes my writing. I’m not asking to be the next Gabaldon or Gregory, though that might be nice, but I’m happy as I am and I’ll keep on trying.

What are you going to write next?

I’ve recently finished the second volume of his trilogy, so far unpublished. It is set in 1543 in northern England. Matho is on a learning curve in his new profession as courier between the English Lord Wharton and the Scots Queen Dowager, Mary of Guise. Very soon he’s going to take her letters to France, and gets impatient when she asks him if he speaks French. ‘It canna be that hard to learn, surely,’ he snaps. Little does he know!

Jen Black

Banners of Alba, 2006

Dark Pool, 2006

Far After Gold, 2009

Till the Day Go Down, 2009

Shadows, May, 2011

Reluctance, coming in April 2012

Friday 17 June 2011

'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy

‘Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy by Leslie Langtry

Publisher: Leslie Langtry

November 2010

ISBN: 0-843-95933-9

Present Day

Virginia “Ginny” Bombay comes from a very unusual family. Her family has been in the assassination business for generations and it is the only type of work they have ever known. Now Ginny is given a job that just might put her new relationship in danger and end it before it even gets a chance to real get started. Not to mention that something weird is going on with the family at least more weird than is normal and Ginny is juggling a lot of things that is about to sink her if she doesn’t watch which way she steps.

Diego Johnson is a bodyguard that has a client that has had several threats against him. Diego didn’t expect to meet someone with his latest job. Life would be a lot easier if he could just get his client to cooperate with him and just maybe he might have a chance to see just where the attraction with Ginny is headed.

Ginny never minded being in the family business until now but suddenly everything seems to be changing but is it changing for the better or is her life about to get even more complicated. Being a single mother isn’t easy and add in being a hit woman and things just get more involved and with a new relationship Ginny is suddenly wondering how she is going to be able to deal with it all.

This is one book that is in a class all by itself. The story line will have readers laughing with all the antics going on in this one. The action is fun and the situations that Ginny finds herself in are hilarious. This one really stands out with the story line about the family of assassins. This is one that once you read it you will want to read the other books in this series and it also a story that won’t be soon forgotten.

I give this one 5 red roses

The Master's Pet

The Master’s Pet by Stormy Glenn

Publisher: Siren Publishing

October 2009

ISBN: 1-606-01790-X

Jiri has just had the shock of his life when he is sold as a sex slave to Zane who is the leader of the Death Dealers. Jiri is going to have to figure out his place in Zane’s world so that he has a chance. Jiri has always known that he isn’t strong enough to fight others.

Zane is prepared to give Jiri the one thing Jiri cannot give himself and that is protection. In a new world there are only two types of peopled, those that have the ability to protect and those that desperately need that protection. Zane takes his leadership of the Death Dealers very seriously and knows it is his job to protect his people. What he wasn’t looking for was a pet which he now has with Jiri.

As Zane and Jiri get to know each other more they find they want more than just master and pet with each other. They are also finding out just how much ignoring what they feel for each other and not being honest about it can cost them when the deadly Night Dwellers attack. If they aren’t careful they just might lose each other to the Night Dwellers.

This story is a futuristic one that has a very interesting premise in that the end of the world came by disease. The characters are well developed and interesting to read about and to find out more about them. The secondary characters help move the story line along and makes sure the story never bogs now in to much detail. This is one that isn’t for everyone but is very much worth trying.

I give this one 4 red roses

To Tempt the Wolf

To Tempt the Wolf by Terry Spear

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

September 2009

ISBN: 1-402-21904-0

Oregon, present day

Tessa Anderson is a wildlife photographer that is determined to prove her brother innocent of the murder charges against him. The last thing she expected to find was a naked, unconscious man on the beach below her house. Now it seems that she suddenly has a completely different set of problems to deal with other than just the trouble with her brother.

Hunter Greymere is a lupus garou, also known as a grey werewolf that finds himself at Tessa’s cabin and is hoping for a chance to hide out at least for a short while. Hunter did expect to feel the attraction for Tessa that he feels especially with Tessa being human. Now he is being drawn into the troubles that are surrounding Tessa. Everyday that Hunter and Tessa are together brings them closer and closer and the attraction between them is beginning to burn out of control. Hunter doesn’t see a way for them to be together unless Tessa is willing to become one of them otherwise he will have to leave her for good once he settles the trouble that is plaguing Tessa.

Someone is after Tessa and right now the only thing standing between Tessa and the one that is after her is Hunter. Now Hunter and Tessa have to figure out just what is going on before someone ends up hurt. They also have to try and find out if the trouble with her brother has anything to do with what is happening with Tessa or are they facing different foes?

This is the third book in a very good series. The author has done a great job of world building with her werewolf world. This one has a great mystery that will have the reader turning the pages just to try and figure out who is doing what. Add in the chemistry between the hero and heroine and you have an absolute winner with this story. All the different threads that weave this story together come together very nicely at the end with everything explained so that the reader doesn’t feel like there are any lose ends to the story.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

Colter's Lady

Colter’s Lady by Maya Banks

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

June 2010

ISBN: 978-1-60928-024-6

Page: 262

Colorado, Present Day

Lily Weston has a past that she wants to keep there. Home any more is a secluded little nook in an alley. Looking to get some food at the local soup kitchen, she is happy with that but she didn’t expect is for Seth to offer to take her home with him. The temptation is there if for no other reason than to get off the streets for a night.

Seth Colter is a police officer that helps out in a soup kitchen. What he doesn’t expect is to see a woman that with one look makes him feel possessive of her. It just about kills him when he realizes that she is living out on the streets. Seth is determined that he is going to take care of Lily especially when he feels the way he does about her. Seth is sure that Lily is his to take care of and protect. What he didn’t see coming is that his brothers Michael and Dillon would feel the same way.

The brothers never expected to take the same path as their parents with the unconventional notion of three men and one woman but it looks like that if they want to have Lily that is exactly what they are going to have to do. Now they are going to have to rearrange their lives so that they can have the happiness they all want even if it is in a way they never saw coming. First the brothers are going to have to help Lily with her past so that they can have a future that is full of the happiness that their parents have had.

This is another excellent book from this author. Maya Banks is very good at writing emotional stories that keep the reader completely immersed in the story and that won’t let them go until the very last page. This is the second book in the Colter Legacy and while it can be read as a stand alone it adds so much more to the story when it is read with the first book in this series. This is one that most reader will find is a complete keeper and will want to go back and re-read again and again.

I give this one 5 red roses

A Perfect Darkness

A Perfect Darkness by Jaime Rush

Publisher: HarperCollins

January 2009

ISBN: 0-061-69035-X

Pages: 384

Present day

Amy Shane is suddenly awakened in the middle of the night by a stranger that is very sexy. Right after he whispers to her three other men break into her bedroom and drag Lucas away. What Amy is told turns her world upside down and shatters what was once a safe little world for Amy. Now nothing seems to be the way she thought things were and now she needs to find out the truth.

Lucas Vandewyck had to take a chance and contact Amy with information that could either save them or put them in more danger than they already are. Lucas knows that he and Amy share a psychic gift and now they are both in trouble and the only way they have a chance of surviving is by being together.

Lucas and Amy are being hunted by a government agency that seems to be more in the shadows than anything else. There is a conspiracy going on and the only way they are going to be able to get out of this alive is by finding out the truth of what is really going on. While their nights are filled with a passion neither ever imagined possible their days are filled with finding the truth so that they will have a chance at a future together. Someone is after them and if they don’t find out whom, then their friends will also pay the price because the one after them has a lot of power and a way of getting those Lucas and Amy care about.

The story line in this one is very different from other paranormals and is one that once you start reading you will get lost in the story until the very last page. All the different characters that surround the hero and heroine have a different psychic ability that when they use their abilities together make them stronger than those that are after them. This story doesn’t slow down for a moment even when it is giving the back story for the different characters. This is the first book in a series that if the stories keep going along this line will be an amazing series that will have the reader clamoring for the next book in the series. This is one worth trying.

I give this one 5 red roses

Thursday 16 June 2011

An Interview with Sherri Dub

Today we have a new author for you. I reviewed her lovely book recently. Take a look at her website. I predict this author is going to become a favourite with ebook lovers.

Questions for Red Roses For Authors/Reviews /Interview

Tell us a little about yourself
1. I was born and raised in California, but moved to Alaska in 1990 with my 3 month old infant and lived there nearly twenty years. While there, I did an array of jobs: Bartender, commercial fisherman, dental assistant, and tour guide. I found and married my prince charming in 1995 and we are still happily married today. I earned my AA and BA degree in Anthropology from UAA and spent 4 years in college collections and 6 weeks in the field along the Kenai Peninsula. In 2008, after my son graduated high school and went into the USAF, my husband and I moved to Nevada and I began to write full-time.

What do you write?
1. I write anything to do with the Paranormal and all things romance. My debut novel: Goddess Cottage was released on April 21st of this year on all Ebook formats. It has been doing quite well, and I’m very happy that I braved the waters of self-publishing to get it out there.
2. I am venturing into YA Steampunk Romance trilogy this Fall and I am very excited about that.
Why do you write?

1. I write because the stories inside of me are my way of dealing with things I wish I could make happen in real life. If I see a young woman, devastated by a broken marriage, I’ll think up an idea about what could’ve happened to her if she moved into a haunted house and began a new life with a ghost as a companion.
2. Things like that always fascinate me, when it comes to human nature. I want to take care of everyone, write all the happy endings, but make them believable.
3. Also, I truly feel that there is more to life when we die, and that creates my desire to write about the paranormal and the supernatural.

What are you writing now?
1. I am finishing the edits and the cover proofs for my second Paranormal Romance: The Witch Ball. It is about a young woman who buys and sells antiques. She buys a child’s trunk from the Victorian era, and inside, she finds a witch ball. The item is a historical piece, which in the past was hung next to the fireplace and it was believed that if a witch came down the chimney, she would see her reflection and be trapped inside. In the story, the woman traces the ball’s history and breaks a chain of entrapment caused by a family of greedy men, by solving the mystery of the woman trapped inside. And, since it is a romance, first and foremost, the woman falls in love with the man that helps her throughout the story. It’s a fun story for me, because I used a setting that I grew up in around the El Dorado County in California.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
1. I love all things Victorian era, and Steampunk. The white gloves, the bustles and corsets and of course the shoes. I think if I had to choose a woman’s style that I can relate to; it would be Bette Davis in (Now Voyager) the movie. Fantastic hats, linen suits and pumps.
2. Today, I wear a lot of pumps and dresses and slacks with crisp line blouses. I am not a jeans type of gal and I absolutely will not follow trends that are too young for my age.

Are you in love? Have you ever been?
1. I am so in love with my Husband. But, seriously, it took some time. I doubt more and more, as I grow older, that I truly ever loved before this. We spent a year together, then married and fought to remain together for the past 16 years. It was tough, but worth every tear and all the memories. He isn’t just my soul-mate, but he is my companion and friend. It did take us a long time to get to this point.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he or she look like?
1. Nope. I’m a very content and happy woman with my spouse. But, we work at it. We keep things spicy and fresh. We date a lot more now, then when we were courting. It’s crazy good. In fact, I just planned our first cruise together and we giggle about it like teens when we discuss how much fun we’re going to have. It doesn’t set sail until November.

What kind of comfort food do you like best?
1. My favourite thing to eat is nachos. I mean the very bad for you, yellow cheese and tons of hot peppers and onions over big corn chips. However, I’m curbing that, since I’m hitting the mid-forties.
2. I have a new blender and make a lot of fruit juice drinks and eat a lot of yogurt and cereals. I’m not big on red meat, but I love all seafood and chicken. Oh, and soups.
3. Also, as a side note, I may be crazy here for admitting this, but I don’t like eating out in restaurants. I like home cooked meals, and light dishes without the noise and dirty silverware. I’ll take a picnic or BBQ any- day, over a gourmet meal.

What makes you laugh? Cry?
1. I cry terribly when I witness TV commercials about starving children and homeless people. I grew up middle-class, so I’ve never really had that in my life, but it makes an impact on me in so many ways.
2. My husband and I have sponsored three children from Child Network groups in Africa, and we put one young girl all the way through college to become a teacher. I believe it is everyone’s job to educate, feed and care for all humans.
3. But, what makes me laugh is my family. I have two sister and two brothers. I am the second child, of a hilarious group of siblings ages 44-27 (all of us have the same parents) and our parents are still married. We always get together from our different corners of the world and make each other smile. We use SKYPE a lot and Facebook and the telephone. In fact, next week, one of my sister’s and I are spending a day in Disneyland, without anyone else, just to act like kids again. I love doing things like that.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
1. I love to read, find new authors to chat with on Twitter and Facebook and I am a big fan of TCM movie channel. I fell in love with old classic films a long time ago and have never looked back. My favourite stars are: Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, Bette Davis, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price & Robert Young. Horror films are my all-time favourite.
Also, I love to take day trips to places I can drive to and explore any museum, cave or haunted mansion available. I have spent the night in many acclaimed “haunted” houses and hotels. It’s a passion of mine.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!
1. The voice gets me every single time. I was born with a hearing problem and my parents didn’t realize it until I was nearly 5. I had my adenoids removed and tubes inserted, so I think sound is a major part of my senses. I can hear a voice, without seeing the face and know it if I’ve heard it before. So, in a relationship, I am most turned on by the timber and lilt of my husband’s voice. His is very deep, and I tease him that he sounds like an announcer on TV, but it’s sexy.

What do you hate about life?
1. Watching the demise of the planet and human compassion. I believe that Utopia is simply best described as a world where everyone is cared for, and materialism isn’t a factor.
What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?
1. I believe I’m a success at being a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. Therefore, I consider myself pretty damn successful. I just strive to help out my fellow man, in any way I can. I donate a lot, here and there. I inspire when I can, and I always give off a positive vibe.
What are you going to write next?
1. I have a third Paranormal Romance I am fleshing out that is slated toward an Alaskan Native theme. It is about a fictional ritual that a tribe of reclusive natives continue today, using a single tourist as a sacrifice each year. I am pulling out all the stops, as far as my Anthropological skills go, and I am making the story as real as it can be, in a present day setting. It will be scary, but ultimately a romance.
2. After that, I am working into the Fall on the YA Trilogy with a Steampunk theme, as I’ve said before. It is my pet project, and one that I have been working on whenever I can. I really love the story, the characters and the concept I’ve been plotting.
3. Then, who knows. Hopefully, I will find an agent and Publisher to help steer my career. I joined RWA in 1997 and became a PRO member in 2008. I belong to FF&P, as well. I have a website: and I can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads as, Sheropatra.

Sunday 5 June 2011

Goddess Cottage

Goddess Cottage
Sheri A Dubb
Sheri A Dub

Available from amazon and various outlets on the internet

Sierra owns and runs a coffee shop with her business partner and friend Mitch so when a man calling himself Hayden turns up and asks her to go off to Alaska with him to see the grandmother she didn't know she had, she is very surprised. Sierra has a lot more surprises in store for her, because Donella Ivory is a witch. The Ivory witches have the balance between the various races in their hands and Donella needs to pass her power onto her grand-daughter, but Sierra is reluctant - especially as it means she has to marry a wolf.

Hayden is a very attractive man with a problem. If he doesn't get what he needs from the Ivory witches he may go wild and then his tribe will be lost. Raven is a beautiful princess, descended from a line of werewolves and vampires - a powerful race who lost out to the Ivory witches. If Raven takes the power back the world may slide into chaos.

This is a wonderful mixture of healing and falling in love with enough violence to make it different to many books of this kind. If you enjoy witches and werewolves you will love this. My copy had some typing mistakes but the author assures me that this has been changed and it is now perfect copy. A well edited version of this book is well worth the bouquet of red roses I am awarding it. I enjoyed it very much and this author should go far.

Linda Sole

Friday 3 June 2011

SEALed with a Kiss

SEALed with a Kiss by Mary Margret Daughtridge

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

April 2008

ISBN: 978-1-402-21118-8

Pages: 432

North Carolina, present day

Pickett Sessoms is a family therapist that knows how to deal with the demands of military families. Pickett has seen through her patients what can happen to military families when they don’t take enough time for themselves and the families that are left behind.

Jackson “Jax” Graham that can be put into any situation and know exactly what to do to take care of his men and get them home safely. The one situation that has him completely baffled is how to take care of his four-year-old son now that his ex-wife is dead. Now he has to find a way to juggle his career and the demands of a child who doesn’t completely understand what is going on in his world that has been turned completely upside down with the death of his mother.

Pickett knows she can help Jax but he will have to be willing to make some changes in his life if he wants a chance to help his son and be more involved in his son’s life now that his son only has one parent left. When Jax gets stranded with his son Tyler in a hurricane Pickett takes them in even though she feels it isn’t the best idea to do so. It also gives Pickett perfect opportunity to show Jax just what he needs to know to help his son who is a scared and lonely little boy. Together Pickett and Jax learn more than they bargained for when an outing turns deadly and Pickett learns first hand exactly what being a SEAL is and Jax learns that sometimes the toughest SEAL needs some help.

This is a great story with a very hot hero that is a SEAL. For those that enjoy books with the hero showing the best of the military this is one to try. The story is well written and shows the steps Jax has to go through to get to the place he wants to be with his son. Pickett is a strong heroine that never felt that way until she met Jax and watching the transformation she goes through in the story is at times emotional but ultimately very rewarding. The characters are believable and the story line is very engrossing and worth the time it takes to read.

I give this one 4 red roses