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Wednesday 25 March 2015

Wild Horses

Wild Horses by B.J. Daniels

Publisher: HQN

February 2015

ISBN: 978-0-373-77956-7

Pages: 384

Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Beartooth, Montana

One impulsive moment on a two-lane highway cost Livie Hamilton more than she could imagine.

Cooper Barnett is a determined cowboy that feels a man is responsible for his own prosperity.  What he has sacrificed to get a piece of Beartooth, Montana for himself and his fiancĂ©e, Livie, no one could know or guess.  What he is willing to do for love no one knows.  At least until someone’s twisted vendetta threatens their happy ending, one that should have happened long ago. 

Livie is keeping more than one secret from her fiancĂ©. One fateful mistake is just the beginning.  She was victimized during a blizzard by a man she mistakenly thought she could trust.  Now she is pregnant and isn’t sure who the father is.  With the threat of exposure by a blackmailer, she now must confess all to Cooper and trust that he will still protect her. When the truth comes out she might end up losing the only man she has ever loved or something even worse.

This is part of a series set in and around the small town of Beartooth that makes for a wonderful return to the town and population.  It will have readers wondering how it is possible to have so much happening in such a small town but makes for a series that is fun and interesting to revisit time and time again.  It has plenty of action and suspense that the reader will never guess just what is going to happen next.  It will also have readers hoping for more from Beartooth.  While the story can easily be read as a standalone readers will find it much better if they read the other books in the series first.  Readers who enjoy westerns or contemporaries will find an amazing series in this one.  Even readers that don’t enjoy westerns will find themselves loving this series.  It is definitely one to check out.

Received a review copy.

I give this one 5 Red Roses


Bargain with the Beast

Bargain with the Beast by April Andrews

Publisher: Twisted E-Publishing

October 2014

Pages: 81

Contemporary, Paranormal Romance, m/m

Tobias Thorn doesn’t think twice when he sees a hooded figure abducting a young girl and races to her rescue.  Unfortunately he isn’t quick enough to stop it.  The next thing Tobias knows he is in a cavernous room and he is bound hand and foot to an equally huge bed.  His chances of escape are looking very slim.

Tobias is determined to find his way home as he is not a man to take things lying down.  Then he meets his abductor and quickly realizes that things aren’t as simple as he thought.  Tobias is now in a world that is unlike anything he has ever known before.  There is only one way to get his freedom and that is by making a bargain with the beast. 

This is the first story of a series that makes for an interesting read.  This story ends on a kind of cliff hanger that actually manages to work well overall. It will also have reader promptly wanting to read the next book to see just where this is going and what will happen next.  The characters are complex and in some cases mysterious.  They make for a story that is very hard to put down and fortunately it is a short story so it proves to be a very fast read.  For readers of this genre this is one to check out.  It will also have readers wanting to read other books by this author. 

I give this one 4-1/2 Red Roses


Angel Codes

Angel Codes (Angelfire Chronicles Book 3) by Ami Blackwelder

Publisher: Eloquent Enraptures Publishing

March 2015

ISBN: 1508593175

Pages: 260

Contemporary, Paranormal Romance, YA

Manhattan, New York

Kian has been kidnapped by his sister, Duman who is also a demon. Now he has fallen into a spiral of good and evil and he has to overcome Duman’s cruel games if he has any hope of keeping himself from the darkness.

Ali is learning how to be strong without Kian by her side.  It is the only way to save Kian and her friends and family.  Not to mention saving Manhattan. At the same time Lucianda has to work at mending her broken heart after Jacob dies.  Molly and Jen have to face the fact that the Otherworld exists and has been right under their noses.

Ali will find out if she can save Kian and if their love will be able to survive.

This is the final book in the trilogy that should be read in order or readers might have some problems following the storyline.  It is action packed and the action doesn’t stop until the very end.  The characters are well written and make for a story that is hard to put down once the reader starts it.  It also has an ending while some parts are sad overall is very satisfactory and will stay with the reader long after the last page is turned.  It is definitely a trilogy for readers who love paranormals to check out. 

Receive a review copy.

I give this one 4 red roses


Deception Lake

Deception Lake by Paula Graves

Publisher: Harlequin

February 2015

ISBN: 978-0-373-69820-2

Pages: 224

Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Deception Lake, Tennessee

Jack Drummond is a cowboy whose rodeo days have come and gone.  Now it seems he is in for a different ride of a lifetime.  A ride that has life hanging in the balance. He unexpectedly runs into an old flame, Mara Jennings. Which sets off a series of events that Jack never saw coming. 

One problem is that Mara isn’t anything like the woman Jack knew. She looks and sounds like Mara but is completely different now. The passions that are reignited between them aren’t enough to hide the fact that she is harboring a very big secret.  She is also hiding out from an even bigger enemy.  The truth may be the only way they will be able to stay alive.  Then again the truth just might tear them apart permanently.

This is a story that slowly builds at the beginning but once it catches some speed it doesn’t stop until the very end.  It is part of a series but readers won’t have any problems following the story as it unfolds.  This book has enough twists and turns to keep readers on their toes as it all comes out and reveals an ending that doesn’t disappoint in the least.  While readers might guess some of the secrets there are enough others that will keep them turning the pages. It will also have them wanting to read the rest of the series to learn more about this particular world.

Received a review copy

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


Thursday 12 March 2015

Under the Surface

Under the Surface by Kira Sinclair

Publisher: Harlequin

February 2015

ISBN: 978-0-373-79840-7

Pages: 224

Contemporary Romance

Jackson Duchane is a former SEAL that has spent a decade hunting down the wreck of a Civil War-era ship, the Chimera that is rumored to be filled with gold.  He is agonizingly close to the biggest discovery of his life.  Jackson is determined to be first to find it especially with a rival diving team hot on his tail. What he didn’t bargain for is a sexy distraction.

Loralei Lancaster’s nautical nightmare is heading up a diving team.  Lucky for her nothing distracts a girl from her water phobia like a man that is ripped like a surf god.  With as hot as Jackson is he manages to make Loralei forget everything even the fact that he is an arrogant jerk.  Loralie soon finds herself caught between the devil and the deep blue sea when heated words turn into steamy nights.

This is a story that has action and is a lot of fun to read.  The characters are well written and complex enough that readers will lose themselves in a story that is hard to leave once it is started.  It is also the start of a series that will have readers wanting more and more.  With the story of the ship as a back drop the story has a little bit of a mystery as to what might have happened and makes for an amazing story that will have readers wondering about real life ship wrecks and the stories behind them. 

Received a review copy

I give this one 4 red roses


Back in the Game

Back in the Game by Lori Wilde

Publisher: Avon

March 2015

ISBN: 978-0-06-231126-9

Pages: 369

Contemporary Romance

Stardust, Texas

Rowdy Blanton is looking for a ghostwriter that is female, a baseball fan and happens to have a great pair of legs.  He is an ex-pitcher that has yet to find a woman he couldn’t conquer or a team he couldn’t beat.  Now that his field days are past he is ready to tell everything about when he played the field.  He chooses Breeanne Carlyle for the job.  She has the right requirements but more importantly and even better she makes him want to be a better man.

Breeanne is convinced there is a lot more to Rowdy than just a wicked smile, good fastball and a tight pair of pants.  Breeanne is tempted to find out.  Always being the good girl has been boring and Rowdy dares her to be a little bit bad. The stakes are definitely high. This time though win or lose Breeanne is going to break all the rules by playing the game of love.

This is the start of another series by an author that proves just how much fun small town living can be. Including all those characters that are determined to help by butting into everyone’s business. With just this one book the start of this series is great and will have readers eagerly awaiting the next installment from this small town.  This is a sweet story that is hard to put down once the reader starts it.  The town comes to life for the reader with each description of the town and businesses and people that occupy it.  It will also have readers wishing they could visit it themselves.

Received a review copy

I give this one 5 red roses


The Darkening

The Darkening (Dawn of Ascension novella) by Caris Roane

Publisher: Caris Roane

February 2013

Pages: 234

Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

Phoenix, Arizona and Second Earth Phoenix

Samuel Daman fears his newly emerged grayle power.  He fears it will kill innocent ascenders. He also struggles to keep his distance from Vela Stillwell.  What he can’t fight is the breh-hedden that has her light floral scent tearing at his restraint. Then an enemy draws them both into the darkening. It is a place of secret travel reserved for Third ascenders.  Samuel will have to learn to control his power or destroy what he desires most.

Vela Stillwell wants a life away from Militia Headquarters. A new life away from the reminders of her husband and all she lost when he died five years earlier.  She is after a more reclusive occupation.  On her last day of work the infamous breh-hedden and Samuel Daman sweep through her life.  As she tries to disconnect from both Samuel and her new emerging power she is pulled into the darkening and with just a call she is in an adventure that terrifies her and yet also reveals the truth of her deepest desires. Now she has to decide if she is going to succumb to the breh-hedden or allow her fears prevent her from living the fullest life possible.

This is another book in a series that proves to have some amazing characters whether they are the lead characters or secondary characters or characters that are making a cameo appearance.  For readers that love vampire books this is a series worth checking out and getting lost in.  The world building and plots are unique and hold up and get better with each story that is told.  The series takes the reader on an amazingly wild ride that will have them eagerly wanting the next book just to see where this journey will ultimately take them.  Each story is different and manages to stay fresh with each and every story that is told.

Received a review copy

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


Hidden Prey

Hidden Prey by Cheyenne McCray

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

June 2014

ISBN: 978-1500230531

Pages: 314

Contemporary, Romantic Suspense

Bisbee, Arizona

Tori Cox is a talented musician that is also much sought after.  She heads back to the small southwest town of her roots as she is getting away from an abusive relationship.  When she arrives back in her hometown of Bisbee she finds herself in the wrong place at the very worst time. She witnesses the execution of a federal agent.  An execution that is carried out by the son of El Demonio, who is the head of the Jimenez Cartel.  Suddenly Tori and everyone she loves is in danger as the cartel comes after her to stop her before she can testify.

Landon Walker is a special agent with the Department of Homeland Security. He sees a beautiful woman running from the cartel, one of the world’s most ruthless cartels and by rescuing Tori he manages to save her.  Now he is determined to protect her.  Though soon protecting her isn’t enough for him.  Landon’s heart has been wounded but soon the passion that blazes between them proves he wants Tori in ways he has never wanted another woman.

Diego Montego Jimenez is not about to let one young American woman threaten his family or his business.  He will do everything in his power to kill Tori.  He will not let anyone live that can testify against the Jimenez Cartel.

Landon will go to the ends of the earth to protect Tori.  He isn’t about to let the cartel get their hands on Tori.  He is also determined to show her that he will never let her go.

This is story that starts out fast and never slows down.  The action is fast and furious and amazing.  It makes for a story that is hard to put down.  The characters are complex and well written and make for a story that the reader can easily get lost in.  The small town of Bisbee comes to life for the reader and proves to almost be a character all on its own with the rich history of the town.  This is the start of a series that if the other books prove to be as good as this one, will be one series readers that love romantic suspense won’t want to miss. 

Received a review copy

I give this one 5 red roses