Christmas Awards 2011

Tuesday 29 September 2009


Erin Grace
Lyrical Press
138 pages

Isabelle is newly married but her husband is killed in a drnken brawl on her wedding night and she is left alone. Fortunately Lady Rutherford offers her a postion as a companion and the pair journey to Scotland. However, before Isabelle joins the train her husband's half brother tries to force himself on her. Isabelle escapes his attentions only to be pursued by another villain on the train itself.

In Scotland she meets a man she thinks of as a dark angel and for the first time her heart is touched. Charles, Lord Gaines has a bitter secret at his heart but he makes an effort to overcome it for love of Isabelle, but when one of her pursuers tells him her story he is driven to anger and their love is at risk. Can the telling of another woman's story set him free - and can he find happiness with Isabelle?

This is a passionate story of love, regret and revenge. 4 red roses

Sunday 20 September 2009

A Tribute to Mills & Boon authors

His Runaway Maiden/ June Fancis/Mills & Boon Historical
Paperback ISBN 9780263868050 £3.79

Fleeing the Clutches of her cruel stempmother, Rosamund Appleby dons a youth's disguise and heads for London - until she is halted in her tracks by Baron alex Nilsson! Intrigued by this boy he susects is really a well born lady, Alex seeks to protect her.

Comment: This is another well researched medieval from Francis, an excellent author who combines strength of plot with historical accuracy.

The Wicked Baron/Sarah Mallory/Mills & Boon Historical/
Paperback ISBN 99870263868043

When he returns from his lavishily opulent lifestyle in Paris, Luke ainslowe's reputation as an expert seducer of women preceeds him. the ladies of the ton are torn between scndalised outrage and the desire to become the mistress of the most dashing rake in London.

Comment: This author is fairly new to Mills and Boon but well loved for her Regency romance stories for another author. I think she has found a niche here for her stories are well paced and a little different.

An Innocent Debutante in Hanover Square/Anne Herries/ Mills & Boon historical
paperback ISBN 9780263867992

Debutante Helene Henderson has been given a gift of one season in London - if she is to save her impoverished family she must find a husband! Only unworldly Helene's compassionate nature leads her into the path of a handsome rake with secrets of his own.

Comment: the second in the Hanover Square trilogy, this is an amusing Regency tale from a well loved author.

The shiekh's Unsuitable Bride/Liz Fielding / Mills & Boon Romance
Paperback ISBN 0373174896

Zahir was surprised to find he had a beautiful new driver. This chaffuer did not blend into the background. Oh no. Diana Metcalfe talked. She laughed. She took him on unplanned detours. And he had more fun that he'd had in years.

But back i his desert kingdom, a dynastic marriage was being brokered for Zahir...

Comment: This book had warmth and charm in abundance. It did not rely just on sex as many of the modern books do these days. I loved it and have become a fan of this author.

Her Warrior Slave/ Michelle Willingham/ Mills & Boon Historical
paperback/ISBN 978-0-263-86810-4 £3.79

Kieren OBrannon is no ordinary slave - defiant, daring and dangerous, he is untameable! Iseut Mac Fergus is drawn to this powerful man with the strength of a warrior and the honour of a king. She trusts him to help her find a lost child.

Comment: This author is well known for her bold and adventurous heroes and the reader will not be disappointed with her new book.