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Thursday 28 February 2008

My Lady Innocent

My Lady Innocent by Annie Burrows

Mills and Boon Historicals

February 2008



Annie Burrows is a wonderful new talent for Mills and Boon Historical Romance! Her second novel, My Lady Innocent is a richly woven romantic tale of power, passion and politics.

When Maddy’s father refuses to give his allegiance to Henry Tudor, Maddy finds herself being branded a traitor’s daughter and treated no better than a servant due to her cousin’s selfish nature. Maddy may think that she’s insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but she doesn’t know the full story. However, after stumbling on a private conversation between her cousin and her lover, she realizes that her life is in dreadful danger…

Luckily, for Maddy, the King wants her to marry one of his knights, Sir Geraint, who may only be a wool merchant’s son, but who is determined to show her that he’s now her lord and master…

Annie Burrows is a supremely talented storyteller whose books will delight lovers of historical romantic fiction everywhere! Dramatic, romantic and passionate, My Lady Innocent, is historical romance at its absolute finest! Five red roses. JB

Look For The Silver Lining

Look for the Silver Lining by June Francis

Allison and Busby

November 2007




June Francis’ warm hearted Liverpool sagas have made her one of the genre’s best-loved writers. Wonderfully written, evocative and moving, saga readers just cannot get enough of her books!

In her latest novel, Look for the Silver Lining, when Nellie Lachlan defies her family and marries a Protestant man, she finds herself being cast out of her home and told never to darken their doorstep ever again. Although she is upset and hurt, Nellie vows that she will not let her family get her down, so whilst her beloved husband Teddy is off fighting, she finds a job and awaits Teddy’s return.

But the foundations of Nellie’s life are shaken to their very core, for when she gets a letter telling her that her mother’s died, Nellie finds herself having to take care of her two sisters, Babs and Lottie. Nellie leaves her new life behind and returns to her old one. But life for her doesn’t get any easier, for she soon receives another letter telling her that Teddy died fighting.

Will Nellie pick herself up and start over? Or will she keep on floundering in a world torn apart by cruelty?

June Francis is one of my absolute favourites! Her stories are dramatic, intense and poignant, but also heartwarming and tender. If you haven’t discovered the magic of June Francis, then rush to the book shop and get ready to lose yourself in her wonderful historical sagas! five red roses. JB

Tuesday 26 February 2008

My Dearest Friend

My Dearest Friend by Hazel Statham/Wings epress/276 pages

This book is set during Regency times.

Robert and Jane aren't looking for love but find it anyway. Jane is desperate and having a difficult time finding a ship that will take her to Portugal. She needs to get there as quickly as possible to have a chance to save her brother who has been wounded fighting for England against France. Thinking to ask Robert, the Duke of Lear to use his influence to help her locate a ship she goes to visit him. Robert goes further and offers his ship to her to assure her safe passage.

Robert is trying to deal with his brother�s death and the guilt he feels after buying his brother a commission. Robert feels Jane is giving him a second chance to save someone since he was unable to do the same for his brother. Robert takes it upon himself to escort Jane to Portugal and beyond to her brother so she will make it there safely and unharmed.

Will they be able to make it in time to save Jane�s brother? What will the journey bring for them along the way? What starts out as two strangers working together to save someone turns into a friendship that neither one expected. Perhaps most surprising of all is that the friendship leads to even more than either of them dreamed of finding. To hold on to all that Robert and Jane have found they are going to have to overcome some sizable obstacles.

This story is full of ups and downs. I enjoyed the story and was glad I had the opportunity to read it. If you enjoy historical books this is one to read.

I give this one 4 red roses LW

Monday 25 February 2008

Marie Rochelle/Cover Model/Red Rose Publishing/ebook/230 pages

Kissa is a romance author with writer's block. She had recently moved into a lovely new home but something is missing in her life. Her agent, Africa, s concerned because she senses something is wrong. Africa thinks Kissa is alone too much and wants her to get out more. She suggests that Kissa should pick out the model for her next novel

Forbes Huntingdon is persuaded to go for the job but he isn't truly a model. It is just a cover for an important assignment. Forbes is late getting to the model call and arrives after Kissa has sent away twelve candidates who were not right. His five o'clock shadow, sensual mouth and compelling eyes make her go weak at the knees. He would be perfect but surely a man like this isn't looking for a job as a model? Kissa is right. Forbes hates the idea but he needs to get close to her to dig out the information he needs on a member of her family

Right from the start it is clear that there will be fireworks between them, but how can anything good come from a relationship based on a lie? What will Kissa do when she discovers he is FBI – and is this going to bring her into danger?

If you want to find out you should buy this book. It sizzles and pops. Sensual and gripping, you are going to love it! A bouquet of red roses for this author! Morna

Featured author

This is Marie's latest book from Red Rose Publishing

Here are some of Marie's lovely books!

Marie is a best selling, extremely talented author.

Marie Rochelle is our featured author this week. She has several fantastic books out with Red Rose Publishing, and most have featured in the best selling list. Read her fascinating interview below. A review is coming soon!

Interview With Marie Rochelle

Tell us a little about yourself: Hi! I’m Marie Rochelle. I love reading good books and writing them too. I love listening to music and collecting butterflies. I think I have a fun personality and attitude towards life.

What do you write? I write interracial romances between black women and white men. I also wrote a IR romance between a black woman and a native American man called Be With You.

Why do you write? I write because I want to be able to draw readers into another world and enjoy getting lost into two characters that they will start to care about.

What are you writing now? I’m working on the next book in my Men of CCD series and the Drace Brother series.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear? I love wearing skirts and boots. I’ve a couple of jeans in my clothes.

Are you in love? Have you ever been? No, I’m not in the love at the moment. I think I’ve been in “lust” a lot with a few men, but never truly in love.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like? YES! I have a dream lover and he looks like several men, but I can’t tell because then someone else would be able to dream about him. 

What kind of comfort food do you like best? I love peanut butter cookies, so I have to stay away from them. I eat them every once in a while. 

What makes you laugh? Cry? I love a good comedy to make me laugh. I cry when something really touches me.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working? I love word search puzzles. I could work on them for hours.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please! I love when a man is tall, dark and handsome and a slight accent doesn’t hurt. I love for a man to look like a man and not a boy.

What do you hate about life? I really don’t think I hate anything about life. I only wish everyone is given a fair chance and people aren’t judged by their appearances so much.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success? What I want to achieve most out of life is happiness. I want to be able to know that I’m happy because I just love who I am. I think that I’m already a success because I’ve a wonderful family and a lot of fans that enjoy my writing.

What are you going to write next? I’m hoping to start a new series, but I don’t want to give too much away. I want it to be a surprise for my fans.

Wednesday 20 February 2008

The Contrary Corinthian

Emily Johnson/The Contrary Corinthian/Robert Hale Publishers Ltd. ISBnN978-0-7090-8410-5/hardback/ £18.99/ 223 pages

Phoebe has come to stay with Lady Latham for the season. She is the legal guardian of twins, Anthony and Dorothy, and loves them dearly. However, they bear a distinct resemblance to Lord Latham and to herself and the town is awash with gossip. People seem to imagine that they are his by-blows, which makes Valentine Latham indignant. When he sees the beautiful girl he is more angry than intrigued at first, and makes it is business to discover the identity of the children's parents. It is all quite innocent and above board, but for some reason Val is determined to dislike Phoebe and to take the children from her if he can. Fortunately for Phoebe his aunt and a particular friend can see what Val cannot and with a little help he is eventually guided down the path of true love.

This is a well-crafted and compelling Regency romp. A very enjoyable read and sure to be a winner with lovers of Regency romance. Five red rose, Linda

Monday 18 February 2008

Twists Of Fate:Creation

Twists Of Fate: Creation/Kitren Meyers/Red Rose Publishing/ebook/38 pages

Amelia lost her sight in an accident. Yen-Lo-Weng gave it back to her but she had to pledge herself to him. A blood bond he called it, but what did he really want of her? And does he know that she calls herself the Angel of Death? It will be too late when Angel finds out who he really is and what he intends.

This is the first book in a series. It was a fascination read about the conflict of good and evil, demons and Lucifer. If you read this you will want to read the next! 4.5 red roses. Morna

Destiny's Choices

Destiny's choices/Regina Paul/Amira Press/ebook/44 pages

Tiana was unpacking some special pots when James Waters came into her shop. She could smell his cologne and didn't want to turn round, because he had hurt her once before. James has come because he is investigating some thefts from her shop and the Tribal museum, but Tiana has hardened her heart. There is no way she is going to let him in again! He made his choice when he left the reservation six years earlier.

However, Tiana is the keeper of a sacred object and, when her grandmother is attacked, James realises that she could be in terrible danger. Can he protect her and solve the mystery.

This is an enjoyable, very readable love story. 4.5 red roses Morna

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Sunday 17 February 2008

Featured Author

MC Halliday is a bright star on the horizon, a multi-talented author who writes different genres spectacularly well!

MC Halliday's gripping mystery with Dark Eden Press

Here is some blurb for MC Halliday's new book with Samhain Publishing

Magaith is resigned to fulfilling her father’s command that she marry the King of Connacht. It is her duty as daughter of the King of Munster, even though she harbors a secret love for her knight protector, Sygtryg.

Sygtryg’s honor will not allow him to betray his king, not even for the love of Magaith. His painful duty is to see her safely to the kingdom of Connacht, then neither see nor speak any more of her, forever. But as a web of black spells closes in around Magaith, she and Sygtryg join together to thwart the dark forces that would claim her life and gain dominion over all of Eire.

Ahead of her lies a destiny she could never have imagined, a journey in which she must follow ancient Druid pathways, encounter a sleeping dragon, and learn the ritual spells and potions that are hers by right of blood.

As the journey grows ever more fraught with mortal pride, desire, jealousy, revenge and even her own terrible blunders, Magaith must risk everything, even Sygtryg’s love, to fulfill her destiny and save Eire.

For if the evil wizard who covets her cannot have her, he will see her dead.

Excerpt from The King's Daughter...

The tent flap tossed to one side and Sygtryg entered, sword
drawn. "My lady!"

"Forgive me." She shook her head to feign waking further. "I am yet
in sleep."

"There is much danger on this journey." His voice was harsh. "Do not
fail to speak when I call you."

"You be fearful for me, I ask for pardon."

The sword dropped to his side. "I over guessed your condition." He
ran a broad hand through his thick hair. "And be wrought with worry."

"My knight, I shall be safe with you as my protector."

His hand fell slowly to his side. "I ask it be so."

"I had a vision dream." A need to speak her truth before it be too
late, made the words pour forth. "And in that dream, you changed the
stars to have me for your own."

The knight stared at her, stock-still with sword in hand and hair
tousled in dark richness around his head.

She clasped her hands over her heart.

With all her being, she sought he would speak of his affection for

That he choose her over his king and clan. Take her away and keep her
forever with him. That he offer his life to her. And seek to hold her
above all else.

When he spoke, his voice was rough. "Speak no more of this."

She gave a single nod to him as he stepped from the tent.

The knight protector would not choose her over his king. She would
betray her king, her own father, to have Sygtryg as her beloved. But
he would not do it. Even for her, he could not betray his king. He
did not return the great affection she possessed for him. Her heart
closed into a small tight lump.

She completed her dressing, fingers fumbling at her veil clasp as she
vowed, "I shall be wife to a king and content with it." Then she
lifted her chin and made her way from the tent, resolving to keep her

For the remainder of the day, the procession went slowly and it was
twilight before they stopped to set up a camp. A hilltop was
selected, that knights could watch the countryside as the royal party
slept. Once the order was made, servants hurried about the set up of
tents while others lifted heavy tables and benches from the caravan
to forge a supping place. Kitchen serfs made fires to roast meats and
carried barrels of mead and beer from the caravan to make ready for
the evening meal. Magaith retired to her tent and called for mead to
be brought to her; she would not sup at a table near Sygtryg.

The darkening of night did not bring sleep, her knight protector
stood outside her tent and the tight lump in her chest grew into
simmering bitterness. She would do what was asked of her and marry
the warrior king. But she would not open her heart to him. And she
could not forgive Sygtryg for turning away from her.


Interview With MC Halliday

Tell us about yourself.

Originally from the UK, I now live in colonial country. My cottage is snugly nestled in a mountain valley at the edge of a forest near a village. It’s peaceful here, with bird songs when it isn’t raining and croaking frogs when it is! The seclusion suits me well as I am rather a hermit. My gardens are a way for me to get outdoors and enjoy nature. They have been ongoing project for many years and, using both wild and cultivated flowering plants, bushes and trees, I have created a lush paradise. Also, I’m a fair carpenter and an artist in a variety of mediums. I dabble in photography and use some of my photos in creating my book videos. Dogs and cats are very dear to me, and so I have as many pets as possible. They are quite used to my long days at the keyboard but every once in a while, one will suddenly jump in my lap, as if to say, “Stop that. You need to give me some attention now.” And I do, then it’s back to the keyboard.

What makes you laugh?

Dry humour with the absurd and the ridiculous are terrifically enjoyable. I continue to adore Black Adder, Red Dwarf, Absolutely Fabulous, Fawlty Towers (I named my cat Sybil and my dog Basil, now I need a Manuel and Polly), Monty Python skits especially ‘Dead Parrot’ and ‘Paying for an Argument’, The Vicar of Dibbly, Murder Most Horrid and anything, everything with French and/or Saunders.

What do you write?

Tales of women ranging in time from medieval to Victorian and on to contemporary. I especially like to portray an era with apt language and description evoking the senses, vivid believable characters and further, add surprising revelations and unexpected plot twists.

My newest book is the medieval fantasy romance released February 5th at Samhain, THE KING’S DAUGHTER.

The first book in my trilogy A Victorian Courtesan’s Memoirs, I CAME UP STAIRS has been available for a few months and is listed on Fictionwise. At present, I am writing the second book, I CAME ACROSS THE SEA, and hope to have it ready for July publication.

A BRIBE AGAINST THE INNOCENT was # 5 Best Mystery Novel at the 2007 P&E Readers Polls: Remarkably, the methods of a recent murder match a bizarre murder twenty years ago. The latest victim proves to be an enigma and Inspector Cambridge has only an old photograph to advance her investigation. As the enquiry progresses, hideous secrets are revealed that led to suicide and murder.

The next volume in my noir mystery series featuring Detective Inspector Octavia Cambridge, will be released on March 1st at Dark Eden Press. A LION FROM THE FOREST has Octavia revealing more about herself and her past while working another murder enquiry. We meet the newly appointed Chief of Pathology and a Forensic Profiler…another knife sharp shocking who-dun-it delving into the hidden side of the officers on the case and the persons of interest.

What are you going to write next?

Here are projects planned for later this year:

The third Detective Inspector Octavia Cambridge Mystery, A MAIDEN BETWIXT THE DEAD.

And the last book in the Victorian Courtesan’s Memoirs trilogy, I CAME TO RECKONING.

And I should like to write another medieval fantasy and a sci-fi romance but they will likely be completed next year.

Why do you write?

I came to place in my life where it was write or die. Literally. I had always wanted to write but denied my deepest desire to make my way in the world. I came to realise it doesn’t matter if I am a pauper, what does matter is that I am fulfilled, passionate and living my dream. Writing is a way for me to release my past, connect with my heart and soul, and experience love. I always fall for my current hero and because I know him inside and out, could throttle my heroine when she doesn’t see his heart or doesn’t want his love. But that is life for many of us, isn’t it.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?

After many years in business, I have been blessed to be able to embrace my dreams, extend a helping hand to others and accept my passions. I do believe for me that success is enjoying each day and finding happiness in the smallest of things, appreciating the kindness of friends and family, and remaining grateful for the abundance in my life.

MC Halliday
Deep, sometimes dark, always delicious tales of women through the ages

The King's Daughter

MC Halliday
Samhain Publishing Ltd.
Ebook/206 pages.

King Bascogne is to give his daughter Magaith to Borda of Connacht in marriage to keep his clan safe but it grieves him sorely. Magaith is sad to part from her father and the knight Sygtryg for whom she has great affection. For her the future is fearful. She has good reason to be afraid for there are those at Borda's court who wish her dead. However, the wise woman Imagael has seen her death foretold and is determined to prevent it.

Before Magaith can drink from the poisoned cup, she warns her and takes her away. Borda is determined to recover his wife, but he trusts Magaith's deadly enemies. Magaith and Imagael go to meet the wizard who tells Magaith that only she can stop the harm that now befalls her people, but she must first know her own heart. Can she learn the truth of her desires and is she brave enough to do what must be done?

This is a tale of love and wizards, of magic spells and wicked plots. Sensual and fun, this is a must for all those who love tales of a long forgotten world where magic held sway and bravery was all. Five red roses, Linda

Thursday 14 February 2008

The Stone Beach

The Stone Beach by Kim Chatel
Eternal Press/ ebook/46pages

Caroline is finding out that part of growing up is dealing with change. Some of that change is proving to be painful for her. With the new move Caroline needs to find something to occupy her summer vacation since she is no longer close to her friends. She is also finding out that she doesn’t have as much in common with her best friend as she once believed she did. It seems it is time to make some new friends.

Next door to her new house is Aimee. Caroline and her friends used to be afraid of Aimee and think her strange. Caroline is finding out that things aren’t what they seem. Aimee is actually a very nice person, but she can be difficult to get to know. By loosing her old friends Caroline is getting the chance to know Aimee and become friends with her.

Caroline thinks that her old friends have out grown her but she is finding that she is the one that grew up and is more mature. Through it all Caroline’s cat, Casey, is a constant source of support and comfort.

Caroline is learning that life isn’t always easy but with the right friend you can deal with what life throws at you.

This book is a real tear jerker. Definitely a minimum 2 hankie read. This one makes a real impact, but keep the Kleenex handy.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses.

Monday 11 February 2008

Bid For Love

Savannah has two books coming out later this year with Dark Eden Press
Love Is More Dangerous than Revenge
Special Delivery

She also has two short stories at Pink chair diaries
Perfect View and
A Naughty Secret Santa

Savannah Chase/Bid for Love/Dark Eden Press/Ebook/38pages

Nico, Audrey and Fran meet once a week at a café to discuss their love life, but for Nico it just isn't happening. Can the girls persuade her to bid at the Valentine's auction for the man she really likes?

Jeff has been picked as one of ten of New York's sexiest bachelors. What will happen when they both visit a speed-dating club? Maybe Nico will have to wait for Valentine's Day?

This is a sexy, very enjoyable read. A love story that is exactly right for Valentine's Day and lonely hearts. Five red roses, Linda

This is Savannah's first book and I think it is an excellent start to what I hope will be a long career.

Interview with Savannah Chase

Savannah Chase is our featured author this week

Tell us a little about yourself…
I have been writing for over twelve years now. When I am not writing books I love writing songs (lyrics).When I dream I tend to dream big.

What do you write?
I write romance and erotica, but I tend not to stick to one genre. I love writing contemporary, fantasy, paranormal. My favourite has to be paranormal, especially vampires.

Why do you write?
Writing is a part of me. I have always loved to do it. It’s my way to express myself. I have a wild imagination and writing always gives me the chance to get my ideas, thoughts and everything else out there. What I can’t express by talking I can surely express through my writing.

What are you writing now?
Currently I’m working on a book called Kisses To Die For. It’s a paranormal. I’m also working on a contemporary novella. Those are just two from the current twenty-six I have in the works.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
I feel most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. For special occasions I will dress up sexier. I love dressing up when needed. What woman doesn’t?

Are you in love? Have you ever been?
No I’m not in love and I have never been in love. Not yet. My story book hero hasn’t come my way yet

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like?
I don’t have a dream lover. To me a dream lover is someone who respects me and loves me just as much as I respect and love them. All I know is that he has to be kind and independent. Someone who I can see a future with. I will say that I think tattoos are sexy.

What kind of comfort food do you like best?
Reese’s Peanut Butter cups or cookies and cream ice cream.

What makes you laugh? Cry?
My family and friends make me laugh. Some of them have such a sense of humour that from the laughter I will have tears in my eyes. When it comes to crying, it can be many different things, even something unexpected that touches my heart.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
I love listening to music, reading and watching movies. I’m also a huge fan of going to live concerts. I love listening to live music.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!
The clean version, well...I would have to say a man’s personality.

What do you hate about life?
I don’t hate life; I do hate the fact that there is so much suffering going on and so much hatred in today’s society.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?
I want to be able to write for the rest of my life and live a life with very little stress. I want to break into the print market and to be able to walk into a book store and see my work on the shelves.

What are you going to write next?
I have a paranormal series that I have started that I would love to finish this year or at least finish most of it. I have a lot to occupy me for a very very long time.

Wednesday 6 February 2008

Interview With Raven Starr

Interview with Raven Starr

Tell us a little about yourself.
Okay, I’m a single mother of three wonderful kids. I’m a country girl living in a boring city and I can’t wait to go home again. I love writing whether it be poetry or one of my many story ideas.

What do you write?

At the moment I write Interracial Mainstream/ Contemporary Romance.

Why do you write?
I write for the most selfish reason, it soothes my wounded soul.

What are you writing now?
Right now I’m bouncing between a Paranormal Romantica and another Contemporary Romance; both stories will be novel length.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
What clothes. LOL. But it truly depends on my mood. I love the causal style. Jeans and shirt. And of course I love the flirty, girly style. Just depends, I guess.

Are you in love? Have you ever been?
I have been in love. It was an eye-opening experience that I wouldn’t change for the world. I believe that I will find love too. Maybe it’s right in front of me and I just haven’t seen it yet. Who knows? As long as I believe in love the hope of finding it swill always remain.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like?
Doesn’t everyone have a dream lover? My dream man is tall, handsome, dark haired Alpha male. His sexual prowess matches his loyalty to his family. I love a family man. How sexy is it to see a man playing happily with children is a turn-on for me.

What kind of comfort food do you like best?

What makes you laugh? Cry?
My kids, neighbours and friends keep me stitches. I’m very sensitive so many things make me cry, but emotional pain of the folks around me makes me cry more than anything. Guess that’s what I get for being an empathy. LOL

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
Well, I have three busy kids so when I’m not working I’m chasing them, playing video games or curled up with them watching movies.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!
Honestly I’m pretty simple. I love a man that can cook and it comfortable and loves children. Just like I mentioned above nothing turns me on more than a man being a father to his children (blood related or not).

What do you hate about life?
I try not to use the word, hate. It carries such a heavy meaning. But to answer the question I despise hatred in any means.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?
I hope to reach plateau in my life where I’m not preoccupied by paying the bills and stressing over the financial aspects every month. I’ll know when I’m not freaking out. Hahaaa.

What are you going to write next?
I’m working on a Paranormal and Contemporary romance. The paranormal is called Vampire’s Embrace and my contemporary romance is called Twin Souls.
Thank you, Raven

Lovely interview Raven! We enjoyed having you here!

Featured Author

One of Raven's Best Sellers!

Raven's latest book! Going Home Again!

My featured author this week is Raven Star. She currently has two books in the Red Rose Publishing Best Seller List and with her third now out I dare say it will soon be three. We reviewed her books here and she has a lovely style all her own, which makes you want to read her again.

Excerpt from Raven's latest book!

What would you do for an unexpected phone call?

Meet Raine Matthews an ordinary fantasy writer with an overactive sexual imagination. In her office with her head constantly stuck in the clouds Raine comes up with the most tantalizing and teasing stories but its only in her writing does she ever receive sweet release. Orphaned at a young she bounced around from family member to foster home until she was old enough to take on the world on her own.

After writing a story about returning to her home state of Tennessee did something miraculous happen. She got a phone call.

Could the story she wrote come true?

What twists and turns await Raine, when she finally decides to try her luck at Going Home Again.

Raven has an author day at our group this coming Friday. Join the group and meet her!

Buy her book at

Sunday 3 February 2008

The Vampire Family

The Vampire Family/Kristin Battestella/Eternal Press/ebook/156 pages

Antonio Welshire begins by murdering his father when he is sixteen, after years of being made to do a harsh penance all his young life. This story of Vampires begins in the British Isles in the 12century A.D. - but when Antonio kills his cousin from a desire to gain control and power it takes on a new sense of menace. Gaston is dead and yet the quarrel will reverberate down the centuries. Antonio is gven the dark gift so that he can gain the power he needs to subdue his enemies and a long saga of revenge begins.

Swapping back and forth over the centuries, this tale of Vampire blood lust gradually unfolds its mysteries. Victoria is Antonio's favourite child and it is she that receives the dark gift from him first. Victoria passes it to her brother and the struggle between son and father comes to a climax as the cycle of love/hate goes on. Antonio wants to rule a world filled with Vampires but others think differently, not least his daughter Samantha. Will the family be given redemption at the last or will the cycle begin again?

This is an involved story that reveals itself slowly, sometimes in flashbacks. It is intriguing, well written, and the ending is good, though I would have liked to feel more real emotion at times. I give this book 4.5 red roses. Morna

Studs For Hire:Woman On Top

Sherry James
Studs For Hire: Woman On top
Black Velvet Seductions
Ebook/225 pages

Sydnie was interviewing for a new employee for her firm Studs For Hire when her associate Casey told her that there was a delicious candidate waiting. Syd got a shock when he turned out to be someone she knew only too well! What was Trevor Vanden Bosch doing here in her office? Trevor sweet talks her into hiring him but his first job isn't quite what he expected and he knows Syd set him up!

Can Trevor make Syd like him again after the trouble that caused her to lose her job before she discovers that he is playing a double game? Trevor's real boss needs Syd back on the team, but without her realising what she is doing, or an important client might withdraw his advertising account. However, the sparks are flying between Syd and Trevor and he finds it difficult to keep his mind on the job. Why did he actual take this mission on and will he lose everything?

Do not be mislead by the title! It is a clever pun. This is sassy, fun and sensual. I loved this romance by an author new to me. Five red roses, Linda.

Sherry James spent her youth riding and writing. A former rodeo queen, she is happily married and the published author of more than seven romances.

Friday 1 February 2008

Adam Loveday

Adam Loveday by Kate Tremayne/ ISBN 978-0-7553-4620-2 and it is published on 7 February.

Publisher: Headline

The year is 1787 and Adam Loveday is enduring his last few hours aboard the HMS Goliath before it docks and he is able to travel on leave to his family home at Trevowan in Cornwall. Adam is twenty years old and does not want a career in the Navy. He wants to be a shipwright and has a real passion for the family estate, especially its shipyard. Unfortunately, however, Adam is not the heir to the estate and shipyard. This has fallen to his elder twin, St John, who has little interest in the business he will one day inherit. Adam and St John are fierce rivals and Adam had in fact been ordered by their father to join the Navy when his sons’ constant fighting and rivalry had become unbearable. Edward Loveday is struggling however to maintain the estate and shipyard and is certainly not being helped by his lazy, eldest son.

Adam and St John are also rivals for the affections of the local innkeeper’s daughter, Meriel Sawle. Meriel’s family are renowned for their involvement in the smuggling trade and she is fiercely protected by her violent father and brothers. Meriel favours Adam, but their romance is doomed when during his leave, Adam’s father arranges for him to become betrothed to his French cousin, Lisette.

Adams returns to his naval duties all too soon, but is shortly cashiered after falling foul of his old enemy Lt Francis Beaumont, who is also cashiered and determined to gain revenge on Adam Loveday.

Adam is therefore able to return to his family home and becomes involved in the family shipbuilding business. This angers St John who is concerned that his father will give his youngest son the yard and so he derives a plan to ensure that Adam never inherits the shipyard and will never have his heart’s desire, Meriel.

My review is probably not doing this novel the justice it very much deserves. It is a true family drama and tells us not just about Adam and St John, but also their cousins, the roguish Japhet, his pious brother, Peter and Thomas, who wishes to be a poet and playwright. I had not realised when I began this novel that it is just the first in a series of books about the Loveday family. Many issues remain unresolved at the end of the book (although it could stand alone), but the author has certainly captured my attentions and I shall be tracking down a copy of the next book in the series as soon as possible! I cannot imagine that my interest will be satisfied after that, however!

I award this novel 5 very well deserved red roses. PS

Judgement By Fire

Judgement By Fire
Lydia Grace
Red Rose Publishing
Ebook/318 pages

If there was one man Jon Rush trusted, it was Warren Dillon. Jon didn't want to face the fact that his company was in trouble until Warren made him see that the problem must be internal. How else could his plans for the West River Project have become public knowledge before he had made his final decision?

A world away from the high finances of Rush co., Lauren was getting down to work after a successful exhibition of her work as an artist when the story breaks. If this story about the new development is true, it could turn her life and that of others upside down. They were going to tear down the Harvard Castle Center for Canadian Arts and destroy beautiful woods. Obviously, they have to be stopped.

At a meeting to rouse the local feeling against Rush Co., Lauren sees a tall handsome with blond hair and has a sense of being drawn to him. As yet she has no idea that he is Jon Rush – when she finds out the sparks begin to fly! When Lauren's cottage is trashed she suspects it may have been on Jon's orders – but Lauren has an enemy. Danger to life and limb will sweep both her and Jon into the fire, but can they overcome all the odds to find happiness? Unravel the mystery yourself by buying this book!

This is a thrilling story, romantic, tender and satisfying. This author has an individual style and the power to please. Five red rose. Morna

Cassie's Sheikh

Cassie’s Sheikh by Linda Sole/Red Rose Publishing

Cassie has come to visit her parents at their horse stables. Her father trains race horses for others. While visiting Cassie’s father gets hurt, which means she is staying longer to help out. Part of helping out means getting the stables ready for a new horse owner that wants her father to train his horses.

Kasim wants to check out the stable where his uncle wishes to board their race horses. Figuring he will find out more about the stable if he pays a surprise visit he decides to do so. When he gets there Cassie mistakes him for his uncle and Kasim figures to go along with it. More confusion adds to some more misunderstanding and suspicions before everything gets straightened out.

When Kasim sees Cassie for the first time he gets more than he expected. He works too much so he doesn’t have time for a relationship but suddenly finds himself wanting to change that. He wants to take things farther with Cassie than he ever has with any woman before.

For that to happen they are going to have to be truthful with each other and learn to trust one another. They also have to let go of past hurts.

This is a great book. It is one that you don’t want to end. You will fall in love with the characters and find yourself rooting for them to find the love and happiness that they are both searching for. Because of the wonderful characters I didn’t want to see the book come to an end.

I give this one 5 red roses.