Christmas Awards 2011

Monday 26 March 2007

Coming Home/Emily Brevard/The Wild Rose Press/ebook/

Jenna Wade's marriage has ended and with that all her faith , hopes and dreams of her own family. Returning home to her mother, she shuts out the rest of the world. She feels that her life is over, and she will never find nor want love again. Through her depression and loss Jenna finds a unexpected friend in Jake McConnell. Jake has always held his faith that had kept him moving on through his own crisis. Jake has fallen in love with Jenna and wants to see her live again and not hide from life and wants her to take a second chance to find happiness, love and trusting along with rebuilding her faith. Coming Home is an emotional read filled with inspiration. I really liked this story very much. It's wonderfuly filled with ups and downs and all about being brave enough to take that second chance in life and not let life slip by. I give this wonderful story a bouquet of roses. MP

Sunday 25 March 2007


L.A.Kelly/Published by Fleming H. Revell-Backerpublishinggroup/Historical Fiction

With an Honorable Heroine and an Unlikely Hero, Tahn is a story alive and deeply filled with all things of life. From regrets, dark memories, that is given hope and replaced by faith, forgiveness and above all love, to move onward. Tahn is a mercenary with dark troubles and deeds in his past that should never had been done, filling his life with pain and regrets. Now Tahn must choose between what he feels is right or be forever slaved by the corruption of his master. His new mission is to kidnap Noble Lady Netta from the House of Trillet. This time it would not be an easy task. For many lives were at stake and the freedom of children he hoped to set free from his cruel master. Unsure of compassionate Netta and doubting her God, but through this woman so filled with hope and faith and her compassion, he was beginning to see a new light... Netta was willing to risk her life itself to help free him of his torture, and show him the meaning of love.
A tale of bravery, compassion and love. L.A.Kelly sweeps one from the beginning to the very end filled with excitement, and has written such a beautiful tale and for this I give five red roses. MP

Never Seduce a Scoundrel
Sabrina Jeffries/Historical/PocketStarBooks/

Sabrina Jeffries writes always wonderful light and refreshing stories. Never Seduce a Scoundrel features Lady Amelia, who seeks adventures away from the boring fortune hunters. But with the arrival of Major Lucas Winter, Amelia is thrilled with excitement by this arrogant American with a shady past. Luck has changed and adventures of sensual tension and fantasies abound. But why is Lucas suddenly set upon wooing her? Not passing this mystery up, Amelia sets out to discover the truth, in any way possible.
Alive with excitemnt that never stops Sabrina Jeffries writes a fun romance in Never Seduce a Scoundrel, a part of The School for Heiresses Series and is not to be missed.
I give five red roses. MP

Tuesday 20 March 2007

The Garrison:Catwalk

The Garrison: Catwalk/Anglea Verdenius/Triskelion/Science fiction/ebook
A planet in melt down because of the greedy abuse by a mining company that has brought it to destruction; a prison that holds aliens, and Styx, a drug that helps pain but is addictive. These are just some of the problems Thrower and Lucia Isles have to overcome as they try to escape from being trapped underground when the planet begins to self-destruct.
This is an exciting, all action adventure laced with imaginative descriptions of fantastic creatures and space oddities. Thrower and Lucia are guards at the Garrison; Lucia the senior and blessed with the extra strength that being a half-breed Banoi has given her. Suffering from withdrawal symptoms now that he no longer has the Styx to ease his intense pain caused by a previous injury, Thrower has to rely on her to help him when he is badly mauled by one of the aliens. The two bond together in their need to escape all the dangers that face them, falling first into lust and then realising their love as they battle their way to safety. The needling that goes on between these two is what holds the story together, their growing feelings for each other giving the story it's romantic heart. I found this a powerful, compelling story that kept me reading to the end. It isn't strictly a romance so I can't give it a bouquet of roses, but for the strong love story within the adventure plot I will give five red roses, Anne

Saturday 17 March 2007


Decieved/Nicola Cornick/Harlequin Historicals
Princess Isabella must make a hasty marriage to be relieved of her debts to a man she once loved long ago, Marcus. But Marcus is now bent upon revenge and wants her in more ways than in name only.

Will this old passion now consume them both as they are confronted with their temptations or is this a greater love than they ever imagined?

Nicola Cornick writes a charming tale of the old flames of love. People with hidden desires and past love once lost to be refound again , just as alive if not more then when it was lost. Filled with new hope of the second chances they find togather. I really enjoy old-love-lost tales to be refound again, bringing two people together again to refind that missing love. These stories to me are unforgetable. For this I give five roses. MP

Temptation Unleashed!

Temptation Unleashed/Kari Thomas/Triskelion ebook

Venture into a world of magic and shapeshifting. A strong and determined shapeshifter Aiden will do anything to keep Kira the Witch his, as they are unexpectedly brought together by dangers and betrayal, to find the healing powers of love.

Kari Thomas has interwoven magic, romance and sensuality in one big adventurous read. For this fun shapeshifting adventure filled with magic. I give four roses. MP
I loved this too, Kari, Anne!

Friday 16 March 2007

A Scandalous Situation

A Scandalous Situation/ By Patricia Rowell/ HMB/paperback
ISBN 13-978-0-263-84669-0
Iantha Kethley is a beautiful girl with a dark secret, which threatens to distroy her life. The secret is held deep within her soul. She holds everyone, including her family at arms' length, until an accident brings Lord Duncan into her life. He tries to help her but she points a pistol at him warning him to keep his distance. Will she accept his offer of help in her dangerous predicament?
Suddenly a snow slide almost buries her pony and cart. Lord Duncan springs from his horse grabs her and saves her life. The gun flies from her grasp.
She has no option but to trust him and go to his castle, as the roads are impassable behind them. Can she live within the castle walls with no other woman present and retain her sanity?
Lord Duncan tries to understand his guest’s fears and wonders what has happened to her in the past. He too has a terrible tragedy in his past and so feels a bond with her, but Iantha keeps him at arms length and reveals nothing that could help him find the answers.
Knowing that having Iantha in his home for several days with no chaperone will ruin her he determines to ask for her hand in marriage when he is able to return her to her family.
When he can at last take her home he learns of her terrible ordeal, which has completely changed her. He is shocked, but holds to his offer of marriage, desperately hoping that he can save her.
They have many difficulties to overcome, can Iantha learn to trust Lord Duncan, will their union be fulfilled and will she once again learn to live as a whole woman? Read this exciting book and find all of the answers.
An exciting Historical Romance, which is something out of the ordinary and has been well researched in the field of human trauma and the way back to normality.
I award this book 4 roses. As

Thursday 15 March 2007

Boys Down Under!

Boys down Under/ Five stories in one book/ Triskelion.
Havoc Retreat – Karen Mandeville
The executioner – Maggie Nash
Hooked – Sarah Dickenson
Operation seduction – Angela Verdenius
Visiting Paradise – Jessica Dee
This is a collection of short novels set in Australia and gives a broad picture of life there with the hunky men Australia is famed for. In the first book a backpacking trip into the rainforest leads to all kinds of accidents for Katie and Matthew, which result in them spending their time between patching each other up and making love. This is sexy and fun, with the couple getting lost but managing to find the kind of love that means something,
In the second a team training exercise leads to murder and the rediscovery of love between Nick and Maddie. Maddie doesn't understand why Nick dumped her and she is trying to rebuild her life. What she doesn't need is to discover that he is a part of the new job she has taken on. Exciting and mysterious, this book was very enjoyable.
The third book is more exotic and deals with the life of a shape shifter, who spends a part of her life as a fish and her time on land looking for human love. This is a very different kind of story, with echoes of The Little Mermaid from the fairytale. I thought it was fun and enjoyed it
The fourth is a doctor/nurse relationship in the outback, but set in the future with the service using a spaceship rather than a plane. Reg and Digby are the flying nurse and doctor of the future. We have futuristic cattle rustlers and I found it imaginative and great fun. It also deals with a woman's feelings about being unattractive because of her size, which gives it something more.
The fifth story is about a trip on a luxury yacht and is pure seduction, both the physical kind and also the description of the beautiful scenery. Beth is nervous of getting hurt, but her boss has designs on her heart and her body. A really good read! This is an enjoyable book because of the variety of the stories and settings. Sexy and fun, it is recommended for light reading. Award five red roses, Morna.

Tuesday 13 March 2007

The Inconvenient Duchess

THE INCONVENIENT DUCHESS./ Christine Merrill./ HMB paperback
ISBN 13; 978-0-84674-4

Miranda, born to the upper classes but now forced to earn a living
through no fault of her own, is sent to the home of The Duke of Haughleigh where she is told that the Duke, will accept her, as his bride. No coach was sent to meet her by the Duke's household when she arrived in the village, so she walks to the house through the grounds and is caught in a storm. Arriving wet, cold and unexpected she faces ruin. Can the resourceful girl win happiness against all odds with the handsome but apparently bad tempered Marcus, Duke of Haughleigh?
. Due to a promise made to his late mother and the fact that in appearing as she did alone, she faces ruin, he agrees to marry Miranda and then leaves her on their wedding night, to go where?
Miranda has secrets, which she cannot divulge to anyone about her past life. She is lonely while the Duke is away but faces the challenges of the house, which has been sadly neglected for years, taking charge and setting the servants to work to bring the house alive, again.
While he is away in London the Duke attempts to find out whom Miranda really is and why his mother demanded that he should marry her.
There is a feud between the Duke and his younger brother St John, who returns to the house while Marcus is away. He befriends Miranda but should she trust him? This is a house of secrets - can she and Marcus find happiness together and create a family home again.
The main characters unfold well as you progress through the novel and I found it a good read, with a satisfying ending. An exciting Historical Romance, which makes you want to unfold all of the secrets within the story.
I would give this book 4 roses. AS

Monday 12 March 2007


Operation: Pleiades/ Anaz-Voohri/ Vijay Schartz/ Triskelion publishing
This book is not a romance but it does have a love story at its heart. It is actually a science fiction story about aliens planning to take over the world and
the men and women devoted to stopping them.
When Zack Duncan was a young man his little sister Ashley was snatched from her bed by an alien being. Zack witnessed the kidnapping and should have died, but Kavak, the war leader of the Anaz –Voohri, messed up and he survived and recovered. From then on he was determined that the truth should be heard and devoted his life to finding his sister. Along the way he met an army lieutenant Tia Vargas and despite the tough training he endured at her hands, he began to fall in love with her. However, these are dangerous times and when Zack is terribly injured protecting Tia it leads them down separate paths for some years.
I have to admit that this isn't my favourite genre, though I thought the book was tense, exciting and imaginative. I liked Zack's tenacity and the way the story panned out at the end. I think this must be one of a series, which I am sure will enthral lovers of this genre for some books to come. For the romance that it does contain I award four red roses. Anne

Sunday 11 March 2007

Secret Contract

This " up and at you" book starts with a bang on page one and carries on the same way to the end. Carly Jones is in prison for hacking into a USA Government computer and has five more years to go. When she and three other women are offered a chance to start over in exchange for helping in an undercover assignment, Carly plans her escape. Once she is out she will find a way to disappear. However, she finds herself being drawn deeper and deeper into the mission until she realises that she is caught fast. She has become part of a team and is falling hard for Nick Tarasov, the team leader.
This exciting fast-paced story is very much for lovers of intrigue and computers but can be enjoyed by everyone. The writing is gutsy and the love story takes a while to kick in but it is a satisfying read and recommended. Award four red roses. Morna

Saturday 10 March 2007

The Bracelet

THE BRACELET/Karen Rose Smith/ Harlequin Everlasting Love/ISBN 987-0-373-65416-1
The Bracelet is a love story for grown-ups. It begins when Laura Malone's husband Brady is rushed into hospital for heart surgery. There are reporters outside the door because a story about the past has suddenly become hot news. Laura fears that her insistence that her husband should tell their children the truth about what happened to him in Vietnam has caused his illness. Sitting with their son Sean as Brady fights for life before he undergoes surgery, the past begins to play in Laura's head like a movie. She recalls the way they met, how good it was and how everything changed when the inevitable horror of being in Vietnam began to take its toll.
This story has raw edges as the viewpoint switches between the various characters and we realise what a terrible war did to the lives of so many people. Sometimes told through the charms that were bought for "the bracelet" to mark milestones in their lives, sometimes through the painful memories that even now cause so much pain and distress, this is a passionate story that grips the reader and will not let go. This book tells the pain and passion of a lifetime of love and will remain in the reader's mind long after it is read. Tender, heartbreaking and very real it deserves to be read and appreciated. Award: A bouquet of red roses. This book is special, Anne

Innocence and Impropriety

Innocence and Impropriety Diane Gaston/Harelquin Historicals/Regency

Jameson Flynn is determind in his career. But when his employer sets him off on a mission to win the beautiful Vauxhall Gardens singer Rose O'Keefe for himself, Flynn is confronted with all his secret desires of a world left behind. The more Flynn is entranced by this beauty , the more his career is at stake if his employer Lord Tannerton ever finds out. But in the end will Flynn choose his success or love?

I&I is a great Regency fun read and highly recomended. Diane Gaston writes a wonderful Irish/English tale filled with musical enchanment and love. Characters who overcome risky situations...for the ones they love. There's a happy ending to such a passionate tale. For this refreshing bright tale mixed with danger, I give an bouquet of roses.

Cutlasses & Caresses

Cutlasses & Caresses
Jean Fullerton/Historical/Triskelion Publishing
ISBN: 1-60186-057-9

Prudence Stone is a strong spirited Heroine with determination when she arives in Port Royal, a pirate capital of dangerous intrigue, only to find her Fiance captured by a notorious pirate and left with no inheirentence till his return.

Prudence sets out to see that he is safely returned to her. And will do anything to succeed. In her search comes across Nathan Frazer -who aids her in her in finding her Fiance. But Prudence is no lady to sit and let adventure pass her by as she fights to find her Fiance. But can they both resist the temptation and desires of another along the way?

Jean Fullerton writes an vivid 1680's pirate adventure filled with strong sensuality and love. I love the characters lively personalities and the strong sense of passion and exotic setting. For this truly delightful exotic read I give a four rose rating.

Thursday 8 March 2007

The Hellfire Series

Anne Herries/M&B Historical/Regency
The First in the series is called: The Improper Companion. Daniel, Earl of Cavendish has returned and highly bored with the ton since his lively adventurous life in the Peninsular War. Soon boredom disappears as there's a mystery to solve. One involving the disappearances of gently bred girls. Soon the investigation leads to danger, especially to his mother's new companion, the beautiful Miss Elizabeth Travers, who he just can't resist!
Second is: The Wealthy Widow. Arabella is a Lady haunted by her late husband's death caused by the War and the memory of that past love sweeping away all hope for a new husband. But as dangers of fortune hunters near with deadly attentions, Lady Arabella turns to Charles Hunter for protection and sets to solve the mystery of his abducted sister. But more and more she becomes entranced by Charles, should she take this second chance at love?
Third is: A Worthy Gentlemen. Sarah Hunter is saved from abduction and sets out on a new life. But is soon faced with the mystery of the man she once loved and who saved her life. Mr Elsworthy is a man whose name is being tarnished by rumours and dark secrets. Will it break their refound companionship or can she regain love?
Anne Herries has a unique style all her own and writes deep moving tales.
Victoria Holt Gothic style Regency. Filled with danger and a touch of darkness. That is filled with a light of hope, love, and redeeming of what was once lost. The Hellfire Series are touching and beautiful. Deep compassion and mystery. And full of passionate characters.
For such an 'personally' touching read of Mysteries I give The Hellfire Mysteries a bouquet of roses rating.

Falcon's Honour

Falcon's Honour/Denise Lynn/Mills & Boon/ ISBN 13978026385160/ £3.69/296 pgs

England 1142
The Lady Rhian of Gervaise wants nothing more than to escape her fate, which is to be escorted to her family and given to a stranger in marriage. Lord Gareth Faucon is equally determined that she will be safely delivered to her mother's people as the King has decreed. Unknown to him, there are dark forces at work as an evil man plots her death. Only Gareth stands between her and certain destruction, but as he battles to save her life and complete his mission, he finds himself unable to deny the passion that flares between them.
Denise Lynn has written a delightful medieval story, which blends passion and desire with mystery and a sinister thread of mysticism and danger.
Award five red roses, Anne

Playing with Fire

Playing with fire/Judith Rochelle/Triskelion/ebook

Rochelle has written a riveting story about love and betrayal. Six years previously, Cassie Fitzgerald had run away from her home town and a broken love affair, but now she was back for her mother's funeral. She hoped to arrange it all and leave in a few days, but that was before she met Cole Martin again and everything came rushing back. The pain and pleasure mixed together to turn her traitorous body weak with longing. And there was something else! No one wanted to talk about Cassie's sister Diane. She'd been murdered after Cassie left home and despite the fact that he had a cast iron alibi, everyone seemed to blame the man she still loved.

Can Cassie discover the truth and find happiness? This deeply sensual page turner will keep you reading to the end and the love scenes explode off the page. This is for 18+ but a terriffic read.
Award five red roses. Morna

Tuesday 6 March 2007

Sins Of The Past

Sins of the Past. Samantha Gentry/Triskelion ISBN 1933471867
Cameron Pierce is a succesful business man but he has secrets that haunt him. Now it looks as if someone is trying to murder him - but has it anything to do with the beautiful Shelby Haywood, who has recently come to work for him? Shelby is very attracted to her boss, but she has a secret too. When a blatant attempt to kill Cameron involves Shelby she narrowly escapes death. But as they become involved in a steamy love affair, the mystery deepens as they being to wonder if Cameron is the murderer's real target.
This book is steamy but the story is fast paced and an excellent read. Recommend for over sixteens!
I award this book five red roses

A Bouquet of Roses means you are special

Mustang Wild

Mustang Wild-Stacey Kayne-Harlequin Historical/Western
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-29441-1
ISBN-10: 0-373-294441-7

Skylar Dianes is a strong willed woman with a mission: To protect the deed to her land her late father has promised her and her kid brother. Along the way finds Tucker Morgan, twin brother of her fathers business partner Chance Morgan who tricks her into marrying him. Tucker soon claimes the deed and land is his.

Sky is dead set on proving him the land is hers. Setting out with Tucker on a journy as a Mustang rangler with a troubled past, to his ranch in Wyoming. While danger is abound. Should Sky get their marriage annulled? Resist temptation of falling in love with Tucker? Or stay married , to win her dream of what she wanted most, an home?

Mustang Wild is a romantic road to love and sensuality. Breathtaking western journy that is wild and vivid. Filled with danger, hope, redemption along with passionate charactours. Believable story comes alive in the very beginning and ends beautifully. Stacey Kayne knows how to write an great and thrilling western historical read.

I give this a bouquet of roses

Monday 5 March 2007

The Gladiator's Honor

The Gladiator's Honor/Michelle Styles/Harlequin Historicals/ISBN 1397803732417-6/pb/295pgs

Valens the Thracian has gained respect and fame for his valour and bravery as a gladiator, but when Julia first sees him she does not know him. He is used to having women fall at his feet and finds her ignorance of his identity amusing, but when he looks at her lovely face something stirs inside him. When she slips and hurts her ankle, Valens proves that he can be gentle and tender, which sets up a strange longing in Julia's breast. The attraction between them is strong, but love between a Patrician lady and a gladiator is forbidden. Can Valens overcome the obstacles in his way and claim his lady?

This is a stunning debut novel from a brilliant new writer. A romance set in ancient Rome that is enthralling and different. Not to be missed! It isn't surprising that this book has been short listed for the RNA Romance Prize. Award five red roses. Anne

Lord Greville's Captive

Lord Greville's Captive/Nicola Cornick/Harlequin Historicals/ ISBN 139780379294275/pb/296pgs

Lady Anne Grafton was taking a terrible risk when she went to the camp of her enemy to plead for her people. Lord Simon Greville was for the Parliament and she was for the King. She knew that he meant to throw the might of his army against Grafton in the morning and if he did many would die.

Lady Anne's only hope is to reveal that his brother Henry is not dead, as he believes, but a prisoner of the King's general Malvoisier. Will Lord Greville believe her? Will the feelings he once had for her save Anne from a man who must now be her enemy?

Nicola Cornick once again produces a vivid story of romance, but this time laced with danger and an underlying hint of menace. An English Civil War story that grips the reader from the start. Another excellent read from this lovely author. It is not surprising that the book has been short listed for the RNA Romance Prize. Award Five red roses. Anne

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