Christmas Awards 2011

Saturday 10 March 2007

Innocence and Impropriety

Innocence and Impropriety Diane Gaston/Harelquin Historicals/Regency

Jameson Flynn is determind in his career. But when his employer sets him off on a mission to win the beautiful Vauxhall Gardens singer Rose O'Keefe for himself, Flynn is confronted with all his secret desires of a world left behind. The more Flynn is entranced by this beauty , the more his career is at stake if his employer Lord Tannerton ever finds out. But in the end will Flynn choose his success or love?

I&I is a great Regency fun read and highly recomended. Diane Gaston writes a wonderful Irish/English tale filled with musical enchanment and love. Characters who overcome risky situations...for the ones they love. There's a happy ending to such a passionate tale. For this refreshing bright tale mixed with danger, I give an bouquet of roses.

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