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Saturday 31 October 2009

Featured Book

Debbie Gould is a best selling author with Red Rose Publishing!

November Rain Debbie Gould's new book

Coming November 26th from Red Rose Publishing

Jessica Kauffman says goodbye to her husband Tyler—again. He’s been deployed to Afghanistan , this time to fight in the war. Their attempts to have a baby unsuccessful, Jessica remains home alone…but that isn’t strictly true. Through a unique bond, she connects with Tyler in their dreams, seeing, touching, and being with him.

After finding out some precious news, Jessica’s world is soon turned upside down, plunging her into a nightmare. Tyler ’s plane has gone down, and the search is on to find him—dead or alive.

Frightened for her future, she keeps the faith that Tyler will come back, believing their love is the key to his return. But will the Search and Rescue team find Tyler and bring him back home, or will Jessica have to face the rest of her life raising his child alone?


“What can I do for you gentlemen this early in the morning?” Jess stared them down, mentally daring them to say what she knew they’d come to say. Inside, a piece of her died.

“I’m Lt. Col Garrison, and this is Reverend Michaels. I’m sorry, Mrs. Kauffman. I’m afraid we’re here with bad news.” The taller of the two men furrowed his brows and gestured toward the living room. “Would you like to have a seat on the couch?”

Jess stood still, refusing to budge from her spot. No, she didn’t want to get comfy on the damn couch. She knew what they were going to say, and she wanted them to get it over with. “I’ll stay where I am, thank you.”

“Mrs. Kauffman, I’m afraid there’s been an incident. Your husband’s plane was shot down during a mission twelve hours ago.”

The man studied her as if he thought she was going to fall in a heap at his feet. Well, she wasn’t. She tilted her chin up.

“As of yet, we haven’t found the wreckage and have no knowledge whether he was able to bail out of the aircraft before it crashed.”

“Then you better get your people searching for him.” Her stomach churned, and bile rose to her throat, but her voice remained strong, never faltering. “My husband landed that plane. He got out, and now he and his men are in enemy territory waiting for your help. Find them before it’s too late.”

“Ma’am…um…all indications show he was unable to exit. We don’t believe he made it out of the plane.”

This time Jess did move. She took a step forward and looked the officer directly in the eyes. “Sir, my husband is not dead. And if the Air Force is not taking every measure to find him, you can be sure I will shout it from the rooftops. Take it to every newspaper, radio, and television station in the damn country. You find my husband, and you find him now.”

“Ma’am, please be assured the Air Force is doing everything—”

“Good, then go do it.” She spun around, stormed back up the stairs, and slammed the door of the computer room. The men in her living room were idiots. They had no idea what they were talking about. Tyler wasn’t dead. His presence still lingered with her. But she also knew he didn’t have long.

Looks like being another best seller Debbie!

An Interview with Debbie Gould

Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Debbie Gould. By day I’m a nurse at a family practice in rural Vermont. By night, I’m a mom, a Nina (grandma) wife and writer. Got married at 18, had my first child at 18 and have been married coming up on 27 years in Dec. Now I’m only 44 so don’t get a picture in your head of a little old granny with white hair, lol. My daughter is 26 and in the Air Force, currently in Afghanistan. She has a little boy who is going to be 5 in Feb. My son is 23 and works for the family water well drilling business and my baby is 18 and currently in his first year of college. We have two dogs and I’m getting a Maine Coon cat for Christmas, YAY!

What do you write? A combination of things. Mountain’s Echo was a Romantic Suspense. Infidelity is another Romantic Suspense, but very dark in nature. November Rain is a Contemporary Romance with a paranormal twist. You’ll also find some small Military aspect in a lot of my writing.

Why do you write? Oh, gosh, I just love telling stories of love and happy endings. It’s also a great outlet; I get to pour out feelings on paper.

What are you writing now? Right now I’m working on Betrayal – a follow up to Infidelity and I’m also working on a Romance/Thriller called Sins of the Mind with another author. It’s been great fun plotting out this story and writing it with her.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear? I’m a jean, T-shirt, sweatshirt kind of gal. At home it’s a T-shirt and shorts year round, Flip flops or bare feet until it snows and I absolutely have to where shoes. If I have to get dressed up, then I want something the total opposite of what I usually wear. I want something that’s going to make me FEEL sexy, even if I’m not, lol.

Are you in love? Have you ever been? Well I’m married so I bet ya he hopes I’m in love, just kidding. Yes, I love my husband dearly. Back in my younger days I was always attracted to the “bad boy”. And I have to say I thought I was in love with one. The kind of love where you take your next breath only because you know you’ll be with him. But besides being young, that wasn’t the type of love that sustains you. It burns hot and fast and then fizzles out. There is so much more strength in my marriage than there was is that first romance.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he or she look like? Hmmm. I love a tall guy, broad, strong shoulders and arms and a nice butt, lol. Eyes really attract me too. Hey, I’m married not dead, lol.

What kind of comfort food do you like best? A homemade turkey dinner with all the trimmings or a boiled ham dinner. Red cake, cheesecake or thick chewy brownies.

What makes you laugh? Watching my grandson and listening to the stories he comes up with. He’s quite the story-teller. Cry? Heart wrenching movies, taking my grandson home with me and away from my daughter when she deploys, then having to give him back 8 months later when she gets back. The giving him back is always bitter sweet. I’m always so relieved and happy she’s back, but she’s stationed in Florida and I live in Vermont. So when I give him back I don’t get to see him for a couple months when one of us visits the other. But he loves living in both places and knows he’s loved all over.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working? Watch stupid reality TV. You don’t have to think about anything, just sit there, veg out and be happy you’re not the person on the TV.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please! Before I know someone, it’s the build and eyes. But looks can only go so far. A man has to have a great sense of humour. Be kind and caring and considerate and #1 don’t lie to me.

What do you hate about life? I don’t think that I really hate anything. That’s a pretty strong word. I get very frustrated by opinionated people who are so closed minded they wont even consider another persons point of view. I guess I do hate the racial divide that still exists. I wish people would just let other people live their lives the way the see fit. What do you care if someone is gay or living in a bi-racial relationship? I just don’t understand it.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success? Honestly, I just want my children to be happy and have good lives. So far we’re working on it.

What are you going to write next? After the two I mentioned above, I’ve got an outline for one that follows Infidelity and Betrayal called Deception. Then I’d like to try my hand with a paranormal.

Thursday 29 October 2009

Moonlight Protector

Moonlight Protector: Ashton Grove Werewolves Book 1 by Jessica Coulter Smith

Wild Horse Press


Pages: 308

Cole has gone for a midnight run when he comes upon a single car accident. When he goes closer to check it out he sees an injured woman in the car. Knowing he can’t do anything as a wolf he runs home to get some clothes and his older brother to help him with the injured woman.

Marin sees a wolf and is strangely unafraid of him. Wondering if it is due to her injuries or something else she nevertheless asks the wolf for help. Marin is beginning to think she might have hit her head a lot harder than she first thought when she passed out.

Cole and his brother Gabriel drive back to the accident so that they can get the woman some help. While Cole is getting his truck ready Marin regains consciousness long enough to tell Gabriel “no hospital” before she passes out again. While Cole is getting his truck ready he notices that there are two tracks of skid marks on the pavement where the car went off the road. Realizing there is more going on than he first thought, he goes back to his brother and the woman.

After Cole and Gabriel get Marin home they have a friend get her cleaned up and find out how badly Marin is really hurt. While there friend is cleaning her up the friend notices some older wounds that couldn’t possibly be from the accident.

Wondering what they might be getting into the brothers nonetheless vow to protect Marin from what ever she is running from. As Cole spends time with Marin he realizes that she is the mate he has been waiting to find all his life. Now he just has to keep her safe from the man that is after her and convince her to stay with him when all the trouble is over.

Marin is terrified that Stephen will find her and hurt the brother to try to get her back. Kidnapped and held captive by him once she isn’t about to go back, but she doesn’t want to risk the brothers either specially Cole. Cole makes Marin feel safe for the first time in a very long time. For them to have a life together they are first going to have to take care of the past. Which it looks like will be a lot easier said than done.

This is a good werewolf book. It takes the usual werewolf book and puts an interesting spin on the genre and makes it the uniquely this authors book. It is like a couple books beautifully brought together into one fascinating story. This is worth reading. If you love paranormals you will love this one. I am looking forward to seeing where this series goes.

I give this one 4 -1/2 red roses

In All Honour





ISBN 978-0-70908730-4.

Miss Sarah Davenport is in a very awkward position, since her Father died a year ago, her brother James, has been losing a lot of money at cards. Sarah has been managing the family estate, but whenever there is money available from the estate her brother takes it for his gambling depts.

Sarah suspects that he has got into bad company, but when she tries to talk about it to him he denies it.

She has been invited to London by her sister, Lady Alice Tarrant who tries to force her to encourage the advances of very person her brother is in dept to, Lord George Percival the Earl of Ramsdale. Lord Percivale has a very bad reputation and Sarah cannot like him at all. Lady Tarrant has warned Sarah that if she is not betrothed in the month she has given her in London she will do no more for her.

Happily for Sarah a very dear friend Lizzie, who she was at school with in Brighton, begs for her company and they are to go to go to Brighton with Lizzie’s uncle Charlie, General Gardiner, who is going to take the waters in an effort to cure his gout.

The one man that Sarah did think she could have a real affection for is Major Greg Thatcham, whom she met at Lizzie’s home, he had been wounded in battle and had been sent home to recuperate and had travelled home with General Gardiner and Lizzie. Sarah was very disappointed when she realized how close Lizzie and Greg were, almost betrothed she thought.

James Davenport was still losing to Lord Percivale and Sarah was really scared that they would lose their home too.

There are many secrets to be unfurled in this book and life seems hopeless for Sarah, as her brother tries to make her take Lord Percivale, because they might lose their family home if she is not pleasant to him and accept his advances.

. Can Sarah ever find happiness or will she be forced to work for her living and try to get away from the sinister lord who would own her.

This book is a great read, it has many similar qualities to G Heyers books, a must for lovers of this genre. I award this lovely book 5+ Red Roses.AS

Wednesday 21 October 2009

The Turnabout Twins





ISBN 978-0-7090-8625-3

This Regency romance has not one hero but two, Lady Amelia Fairhaven and Lady Anne Fairhaven, twin daughters of the Duke of Severn. The girls were so alike that very few people could tell them apart, even their suitors were fooled. The two girls were very beautiful both in nature and in looks. Their stepmother Lady Juliet Fairhaven often wondered just what would happen if the twins both fell in love with the same man. This she feared could so easily happen as they were as one in thoughts and tastes.

The girls were to have their come out this season in London and were expected to take the city by storm. Already Severn House was full of their admirers as the Duke found on his return from a business trip. Supposedly friends of his son Lord William Fairhaven, Mr. Stephen Young and Sir Whitney Blake had remained at the house for several days having broken their journey to London from Wales, via Devon, on the pretence of visiting the twenty two year old Lord Will. The Duke was not amused and decided that they should continue their journey as soon as possible and leave his household in peace. Lady Anne was entertaining the young men alone as her sister Amelia was away visiting some friends.

When Amelia returns home suddenly, soon after the Duke had arrived and bursts into the room the young men were astounded to see the beautiful twins together.

Amelia had changed while she was away and Anne couldn’t understand this new side to her sister, it was as if she was no longer as close to her and Anne couldn’t read her thoughts, as she used to be able to do.

What Amelia could not confide to anyone, including her beloved sister was that she had fallen deeply and helplessly in love with Mr. James Gault a Scotsman who had visited the family she was staying with. She knew Mr. Gault would not be acceptable to her father as a suitor and James also knew that he was far below her in the social standing and he had told her that there could never be a future for them. But Amelia felt that the love between them was too deep to lose and she could never forget him.

While Amelia was out one day a Mr. James Gault called to see her before Anne could explain the she was not Amelia, but her sister he had pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately . This embrace was to cause so many problems for Anne. Mr. Gault had pulled away from Anne quickly as he realized his mistake but the damage had been done, Anne was hopelessly infatuated and believed herself in love .

This delightful story has many twists and turns until both the girls find real happiness. It is a must, for lovers of this genre and I award this book 4.5 Red AS

The Caretaker

Gabriella Lucas
The Caretaker
The Wild Rose Press
ISBN 978-1-60154-559-6

Just once in a while I am lucky enough to be asked to review a special book, a book that draws me in and holds me, mesmerising and engulfing my senses. The Caretaker is such a book.

Nikki Quinn has both American Indian and Irish blood so it is hardly surprising that she is sensitive to the spirit world. However, when the story opens she is suffering from a painful divorce and looking for love. When her best friend Stephanie gets in touch by email and she realises that she is close to death, Nikki is forced to revisit the house where she had experienced odd feelings as a child. Her sadness at losing a friend, her need and her loneliness bring some surprises.

On the work front Nikki is luckier. She has a brilliant new job and a boss she is falling in love with, but what she cannot know or expect is that she, Michael, Stephanie and the Caretaker are all bound by the terrible tragedies of the past. They must play out a dangerous game before Nikki can find love and happiness and a restless spirit can pass on.

This is not the first book of this kind I have read but it is certainly one of the very best. This writer knows how to hook you and the story itself will haunt you. If you can only buy one book in the next few weeks or months make it this one. You will not regret it. Five red roses. Linda Sole

Monday 12 October 2009

An Interview with Rorrey Lynch

An Interview with Rorrey Lynch
Rorry also writes as Gabriella Lucas

Tell us a little about yourself:

I have been an attorney for over twenty year. I live in Ohio with two dogs, two cats and a thousand-plus books. I’ve always wanted to write (something other than legal pleadings) but really only had the time to work on novels and short stories after my son was grown and on his own. I love to travel and have been to Ireland and England twice, Belgium, France, Wales, Germany and Africa. Each year, I go to the Outer Banks with my personal editor. We rent a beach house for a week, soak up the energy of the ocean and work on edits of novels.

What do you write?
I have published seven romance fantasies with Red Rose Publishing under the pen name Rorrey Lynch, and my first full-length novel, a paranormal romance titled The Caretaker (under the pen name Gabriella Lucas) was just released in trade paperback by The Wild Rose Press on October 2, 2009.

Why do you write?

Because if I don’t, the stories and characters in my head would drive me insane.

What are you writing now?

I’m in final edits two YA paranormal romances, halfway through another YA romance, just completed a “Nicholas Sparks” type of love story titled Spruce Knob and a literary fiction about discovery of a lost gospel. I have also been working, off and on for eight years, on a novel in the historical fiction genre; it takes place during the Civil War.

I have about twenty more novels in various stages of completion that I hope to complete and publish one day.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

Mostly black - I’d wear Goth if I didn’t work for a corporation that frowns on it. Dress slacks with sweaters, blazers and boots are generally my ‘uniform’ for work. Jeans and T-shirts or sweaters on the weekends.

Are you in love? Have you ever been?

No and yes.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like?

Send Kiefer Sutherland my way.

What kind of comfort food do you like best?

Three things that aren’t good for my hips: mashed potatoes, dark chocolate and cheesecake.

What makes you laugh? Cry?

Movies like “Stripes” and “Young Dr. Frankenstein and deeply moving books and films like “The Kite Runner,” “The Stoning of Soraya M.,” and “Rendition.”

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?

I watch old movies, read and write. Travel as much as possible.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!

An open, brilliant mind.

What do you hate about life?

That I cannot do more to open people’s minds so we can peacefully co-exist.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?

I want to land a contract with a big publishing company and receive an advance that will allow me to write full time. That’s the goal I work toward every day.

What are you going to write next?

I have three adult novels completed that I’m going to slash down to marketable size and start circulating. I am writing a novel about a man and a woman who meet after great personal tragedies, and working on two more: one is romantic suspense and the other is another YA about a group of kids, all born during a hurricane in the Outer Banks, who have psychic powers.

Rorrey's book Monday's Rose is reviewed below. Look out for a review of Muslim Lover soon!

Sunday 11 October 2009

The Royal Snuff Box





ISBN 978-0-7090-8463-1

This Regency novel is about a beautiful young widow in her early thirties, she resides in Charter Street near Berkley Square, Lady Julia Reynolds, is content to stay a widow, enjoying the freedom which her status gives her, unfortunately she is being hotly pursued by the Prince Regent, who is hoping to make her his latest mistress.

Lady Julia, whenever possible shies away from his Royal Highness’s company and advances. She does not answer his ardent messages and tries to discourage his visits to her home, instructing her servants to say she is not at home. But on one of his visits she has to see him as he knows she is there, on this visit he leaves his snuff box behind which is quite a suggestive box and embarrasses Julia when he shows her it. She doesn’t know that he has left the box behind when he leaves. She has several other visitors that day and the box is not there as far as Julia knows.

Receiving a very ardent letter from the Prince later which implies that he wishes her to keep the snuff box and show it to him it the next time he calls, implying that his ardour is reciprocated. Lady Julia is very alarmed and sets about questioning her staff about the box. It is nowhere to be found and no one remembers seeing it.

Lady Julia receives a visit later from a close friend, Mrs Fanny Lowden, she tells her about the box and whispers to whom it belongs. Fanny is surprised but understands her predicament and after a glass of restorative Sherry, gives her some good advice.

Lord Trevor Whitney, who is the Regent’s friend, is summoned urgently to Carlton House to meet with Colonel Lake, the Prince’s Equerry. Colonel Lake is afraid that the Prince is going to cause yet another scandal over his new passion, Lady Julia, who he is pursuing so determinedly.

Lord Trevor Whitney has no good opinion of the ladies whom the Prince Regent pursues, in his eyes they are no better than they should be. But as he is not familiar with this particular lady, he sets about trying to get to know her.

When he finally is introduced to Lady Julia by his mother he is surprised by her and wonders if he is wrong about her. He asks her to allow him to call and when he meets her he comes straight to the point telling her that she must return the snuff box. Lady Julia finds him very intimidating and quite frightening. She explains that she doesn’t have the box and that she has returned all of the prince’s letters and gifts.

Lord Trevor is not sure whether to believe her or not, although she seems very genuine. He intends to return the next day ,when ,if the box is not returned the consequences could be dire for her. She also interests him and he wants to get to know her better.

Lady Julia is very upset by this interview and she dislikes Lord Whitney straight away and finds him very frightening.

This book is a very good read with a difference, a book you won’t want to put down. It has unexpected twists which are held until the end. I happily award this book 5 Red Roses. AS

Monday's Rose

Rorrey Lynch
Monday’s Rose
Red Rose Publishing
Ebook 62 pages

When Dru gets a call from an old colleague, asking him to drop by and attend to her arrangements because she is close to death, it sets him thinking about the past. Nell was the office dragon. She had protected her boss fiercely and with pride, and only Dru knew there was much more between them.

He knew that they had been lovers and when Mortimer died, Dru was instructed to take care of certain matters, which meant that Nell was taken care of. However, he had always wanted to know more. Now, at last, it seemed that he was about to learn – and might discover the origin of a single red rose delivered to Nell every Monday of her life.

This author has a lovely poignant way of writing and her description is beautiful. If you want a touching love story to enjoy you couldn’t do better than this. 4.5 red roses, Morna

A Poisoned Legacy

A Poisoned Legacy by Margaret Blake

Publisher: Robert Hale

Imagine Belinda Fenton’s astonishment when she is told that she has inherited a property and land thousands of miles away in America, from Jeremiah Nash. Astonishment because Jeremiah was no relation to her - Belinda’s father, Paul Fenton, having married Carolina, the daughter of Anna, Jeremiah’s first wife.

With no particular reason to stay in England, Belinda accepts the legacy and travels to sunny Florida to take up residence in the stunningly beautiful Nash House, surrounded by its lush, green fields.

It isn’t long, however, before Belinda begins to question her decision, especially as she does not receive a great welcome from Jesse Crane, Jeremiah Nash’s natural son, or from Marietta St Cyr, Jeremiah’s (divorced) second wife. Jesse makes it clear that Belinda is making a claim on an inheritance she isn’t entitled to and Marietta obviously believes her son, Carl, should have inherited his adoptive father’s home and land.

Belinda’s unfriendly welcome to Nash House continues when, one night, shortly after her arrival, she is frightened to discover a bird nailed to her porch door. Jesse Crane dismisses the incident as teenagers playing a prank, but, some days later, after a visit to Jesse’s property, the brakes on the pick-up she is driving fail and Belinda crashes into a tree. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that Belinda begins to feel someone wants her to relinquish her legacy.

But, who could that be – Jesse, or Carl, or both men, between whom the Estate would be divided equally if anything happened to Belinda within five years of accepting the bequest?

Belinda’s legacy certainly appears to be poisoned, but does she have the strength to continue her new life in Florida in the face of undeniable danger (and a growing attraction to Jesse), or does she give up everything and return to England.

Read on to discover Belinda’s fate!

I award this book four red roses. PS

Wednesday 7 October 2009

A Highland conquest

ISBN 978-0-7090-8658-1.
It is the summer of 1819 and American born Lauren Maitland, is visiting her English cousins in London. Lauren was not a willing visitor to England, as her American sweetheart Jonathon Ryder, an officer on the USS Chesapeake had died at the hands of the English, in the American War of Independence, fought some six years before.

Lauren had never forgiven the English for her loss, but because she had inherited a vast fortune from the English branch of their family, her Father thought it only right that she should meet her cousins and other members of the family. So she is staying with her cousin Hester and her husband Alexander Kingston and enjoying it more than she had anticipated, which was making her feel somewhat of a traitor to her lost love.

Lauren,green-eyed, with tumbling ash blond curls was very beautiful but did not realize what a stir she was causing with the young gentlemen of the ton. She found she had many admirers, not all of which also coveted her fortune. But no one touched her heart as a young Scottish lord, Rory Ardmore; the Earl of Glenvane, did when she was introduced to him. He was a devastatingly handsome man who rarely visited London, but for some reason unbeknown to Hester, seemed to have a low opinion of her fellow countrymen.

He had been a particularly good friend of her cousin’s husband when they were both on the town as young men. Therefore when the Kingston’s were invited to his Castle in Scotland to celebrate his young sister’s birthday, Lauren was also invited.

It was a long journey to Scotland and they stopped overnight night at several different hostelries. At the last one of these Inn’s , Lauren noticed that part of a coach had been covered so that the coat of arms was hidden from view, this intrigued her and she could not stop herself from peeping at the coach before she went into the Inn. She was sure it was a secret assignation of lovers, and smiled to herself if someone was playing her husband false it was not her affair. She did not speak to her cousin about what she has seen, or what she believed was happening. But when she heard an urgent knocking on a door close by, she opened her own door quietly and saw a young man sliding into a room near hers, she knew she was right, catching sight of a very beautiful young woman as the door opened she wondered who the young lovers were.

Eventually they arrived at Lord Glenvane’s castle and were shown their rooms, which were luxurious and comfortable. That evening Lauren was to meet Lord Glenvane’s younger brother and recognize him as the young lover from the Inn.
She was also to meet the woman who was part of Lord Glenvane’s life and realize that in her, she had met an enemy.

Many dramas were to unfold during Lauren’s stay in the dashing Lord’s castle. A Castle which Lauren found enchanting and exciting.

She realized that she had fallen madly in love with the Lord but didn’t think that he would ever look at her with his beautiful Mistress at his side, could she be wrong?

There is a lot more intrigue in this story, which unfolds gradually through the pages of this book; it is a really good read for lovers of this genre. I award this book 4.5 red Roses AS