Christmas Awards 2011

Friday 29 May 2009

Czech Mate

Sloane Taylor. Czech Mate. Ebook 85 pages. Copyright Sloane Taylor. Publisher Amber Quill

Lacey has been let down. She is stuck in Prague without enough money for a decent hotel and a plane ticket she can’t change. Dragan witnesses her confusion in his hotel and doesn’t like it. He is determined to throw her out, but she is doing outrageous things to his libido. Lacey is similarly affected. They haven’t got off to a good start but Dragan has a heart. He changes his mind about throwing her out when he discovers she actually has a room booked. Besides, Prague is full because of a convention.

Lacey is a designer and soon discovers the hotel needs a tasteful makeover. Someone didn’t know his or her business when it was done. Can she convince Dragan she is the girl for him – in more ways than one? For the moment they have more important things on their mind. Just as things look to be going well the rat who let her down turns up. Will he ruin everything?

The author brings her sharp wit to this book, giving the reader a sexy and entertaining story that ends just as it should. As usual Taylor has written a very sensual and enjoyable book. 4.5 red roses, Linda Sole


Robert Appleton said...

Sounds like another winner, Sloane! I'm enjoying your French series, so I might have to give this a whirl. Gotta love the title.


Sloane Taylor said...

Thank you, Rob!

A HUGE thanks to Red Roses for Authors and Linda for this terrific review. I'm ecstatic and sure do appreciate the gorgeous roses!!

Unknown said...

This is your best work yet, Sloane! I absolutely loved this story from first to last page. I put it my Sloane Taylor keeper file along with those Magnificent Men and Naughty Ladies to read again and again.

Sloane Taylor said...

Thank you, Melissa! You have made my day!!