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Sunday, 30 April 2017


Firewolf by Jenna Kernan

Publisher: Harlequin

May 2017

ISBN: 978-1-335-72099-3

Pages: 249

Contemporary Romantic Suspense


Dylan Tehauno is an expert in preventing and fighting forest fires since he is a hotshot. He suspects that both he and filmmaker Meadow Wrangler were supposed to die in the inferno that killed a tech billionaire and that it wasn’t an accident. Dylan and Meadow decide to find the real arsonist when Dylan is identified as the prime suspect by lawmakers.

Dylan is a proud Apache and a war hero that is also a self-made man. Meadow is a rich girl with a tabloid past and they have nothing in common with each other. But they can’t deny the heat that is between them. Now they have to figure out if their attraction is more than physical desire. But will they be able to survive long enough to find that out?

This is another amazing story in a series that is proving to be unforgettable. The characters are complex and engrossing and move each book and the overall arc of the series along at a fast pace. With each clue that is revealed that shows what is going on behind the whole series it pulls the reader in more and more. This is proving to be series that will go on may keeper shelves. While each book can be read as a standalone readers will get a lot more out of the series if they read the books in order. It will also have readers wanting the next book right now.  It will be interesting to see just where this series will end up and just what is ultimately happening and how it will end.

I give this one 5 red roses


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