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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Bid For Love

Savannah Chase/Bid for Love/Lyrical Press/Ebook/38pages

First published by Dark Eden Press this is now republished.

Nico, Audrey and Fran meet once a week at a café to discuss their love life, but for Nico it just isn't happening. Can the girls persuade her to bid at the Valentine's auction for the man she really likes?Jeff has been picked as one of ten of New York's sexiest bachelors. What will happen when they both visit a speed-dating club? Maybe Nico will have to wait for Valentine's Day?This is a sexy, very enjoyable read. A love story that is exactly right for Valentine's Day and lonely hearts. Five red roses, Linda

This was Savannah's first book and I think it is an excellent beginning for her

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