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Friday 1 August 2008

Flavia's Secret

Lindsay Townend/Flavia’s Secret/Bookstrand /228 pages/ebook

Flavia is a slave in Roman times but her mistress treated her kindly. Lady Valeria aught her to read and write and she often wrote letters to her mistress’s adopted son. When Flavia found her mistress dead from drinking hemlock, she assumed that Lady Valeria had taken her own life because of her pain and she wrote a farewell letter to Marcus from her mistress.

Now Marcus is home to take his inheritance and his eyes are always on Flavia. At first afraid of him, Flavia grows to like him, but Marcus believes that Lady Valeria was murdered. He has a suspect in mind -–a man with evil in is heart, a man who wants Flavia and will stop at nothing to get her. Was he behind the theft of a precious bangle and did he murder to save himself from being exposed for the evil man he was?

Marcus is falling in love with Flavia and she returns his passion, giving him all the love she has to offer as they make love – but can she ever be more than a slave to him? And will their enemy ruin everything?

An exciting mystery set in ancient Italy and Rome. The romance between Flavia and Marcus is strong and passionate and the mystery is intriguing. Very enjoyable. 4.5 red roses. Morna

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Tiffany James said...

I enjoyed Lindsay's print book, A Knight's Vow, and have just started Flavia's Secret. It is wonderful! If only I could ignore my husband, children and housework and just read! :0)

Tiffany James