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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Me And My Ghoulfriends

Rose Pressy/Me and My Ghoulfriends/Lyrical Press/ ebook/261 pages

Larue sees ghosts. In fact they won’t leave her alone. Abe Lincoln follows her around, telling her she doesn’t have a husband. A long dead confederate soldier seeks her help in finding his wife and children. She finds it easy to talk to dead people but not so easy when the gorgeous man is alive and running a coffee shop.

With her best friend Mindy trying her hand at match making and Abe constantly reminding her of her unfortunate single state, Larue is having a hard time. She is in constant demand to help people get their ghosts to leave and leads a busy life with the ghost hunting and her bookshop. Callahan, the gorgeous hunk from the coffee shop, has asked Larue on a date and things look good but she has a rival who hates her! Just how dangerous is Brianna – and how far will she go to get what she wants?

This is an entertaining and often funny book about ghosts, ghouls and witches. I enjoyed this a lot! 4.5 red roses, Morna

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