Christmas Awards 2011

Sunday 16 March 2008


Zebra Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1-4201-0361-8
US $3.99
CAN $4.99
Paperback/ 320 pages

Alyson of Olverton has often dreamed of marrying Guillelm de la Rochelle. Guillelm went to the Crusades after being turned down as a suitor by Alyson's father, but now he has returned to claim his inheritance. Meanwhile, through necessity, Alyson had taken refuge in his father's house and would have become his bride had he not died. Although her heart belongs to Guillelm she cannot bring herself to tell him for he seems distant and different to the young knight she loved. What Alyson does not know is that he has been scarred by a woman's cruel words, and though he loves Alyson he is afraid that she can never love him. Their path to true happiness is strewn with dangers, especially for Alyson who has an enemy in Guillelm's best friend.

This is romantic and compelling reading for all fans of historical stories. I enjoyed it and recommend this author for her strong voice and narrative skills. Five red roses, Linda

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