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Friday 4 May 2007

The Heartstone

Lynda K. Scott /Heartstone/Triskelion Publishing/ebook/160 pages
MS Scott takes your mind and holds it in thrall with this mesmerising book. Science fiction it may be, but written with such power and honesty that you cannot stop reading and believing.
Keriam is human or so she has always thought, but strange things begin to happen after her mother's death, which she fears may be a form of madness. She befriends a dog she calls Wolfgang little knowing that he is in one of his other forms and is actually the Antari Defender. Eric has come looking for the Stonebearer, because she is the only one who can find the Heartstone and save his planet – and the universe – from the Gawan.
The Gawan is an evil being who infests other beings and forces them to become a part of it, trapped in the web of its mind. Only Keriam and Eric can defeat this evil, but they must do it together. They can only become powerful enough by bonding in a special marriage called Ga'ja. Eric knows the old legend but even he does not understand the truth at its core.
Before they can discover the Heartstone they must journey a long way and face many dangers and monsters, of which the most terrifying is Gawan spawn. It is during their journey that their feelings become love and it is through that love that their quest will succeed.
A highly sensual love affair shines through this breathtaking adventure, holding the reader fast in tentacles of suspense to the end. Five red roses, Anne

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