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Sunday 13 May 2007

Ghost of a Chance

Ghost of a Chance/J Morgan/Triskelion Publishing/ebook/137 pgs
I have just spent the day reading this gorgeously funny book. I meant to dip my nose in and then do some work but once started I didn't stand a chance. Ms Morgan has written a real sparkler.

Jessica is dead. Someone stabbed her in the back just she spotted this wonderful hunk, and maybe that is the reason her spirit refuses to head towards the golden light. When Deacon Chance comes to investigate and a cop bad-mouths him, Jessica gets mad. She chases after her hunk, who is the only one who can see her spirit at this point, though others join in later. Deacon has been seeing dead people since he had an accident and was put on paid leave from the American police force.

Now begins a crazy, fun filled adventure with a voodoo priestess, Lucifer, the dark angels and a talking cat that can not only see Jessica but also read her mind. Gabriel (the angel!) also keeps an eye on the proceedings from a distance. It turns out that because she is a daughter of Lilath, Jessica is gifted with special powers that make her a danger to Lucifer and his kingdom and that could upset the balance and throw the universe into chaos. When it comes to a contest with the dark powers I'm betting on the cat! The Egyptians knew a thing or two! But in the end it may all boil down to a gutsy, bad-mouthed girl making the right choices!

Oh wow! I absolutely adored this book. It is crazy, strange, loveable and so very, very funny. I do hope it isn't going to be the only one using these characters. Please, please, MS Morgan, tell me you are going to write some more! Award five red roses, Anne

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