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Sunday 6 May 2007

Contract Bride

Ayn Amoreli/Contract Bride/Black Velvet Seductions/ebook/337 pages
This very sensual book starts off in a way that is guaranteed to provoke a reaction from women. If you are female you will either laugh and say go girl! Or you might hate the hero's attitude. Bob McKnight needs a bride and a baby by the end of the year if he is going to inherit a huge fortune from his aunt. Kayla is down to her last few dollars and definitely needs a bit of luck and when Bob offers her two million dollars to marry him and have his child, she agrees. But when Bob seems to think he can treat her like a whore she wishes she had never agreed. She decides to leave him, but Bob is the man of her dreams and she can't help falling into bed with him. Can she tame him and make him realise what he could lose?
Is it possible that what began as a contract marriage can turn into something worthwhile? Look out for some twists and turns! This is a book for over eighteens and is a strong, pacy read with a satisfactory ending. 4.5 red roses, but only for those who like strong sexual scenes. Roxy

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