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Friday 18 May 2007

Under A Viking Moon

Tami Dee/Under Viking Moon/Triskelion Publishing/ebook/178 pgs
Iceland 900. Katla Rollodottir plans to have her husband to be murdered on their wedding day so that she can marry her lover, but something about the warrior Leif Nabboddrson makes her wish she had never begun this terrible thing. It is too late and the slaughter begins, a crime so evil that it will reverberate through time itself. Wow! What a beginning to this fantastic story.

California 2006. Kat Jonsdotir loves her grandmother Amma, who is now suffering from dementia, but doesn't know whether to believe her tales of destiny and the legends of her ancestors. But when she saves the life of a man who looks like a Viking on the beach near her home, it seems as if the old prophecy is about to come true. Somehow Leif has been hurtled through time and space to the twenty-first century. His first action is to try and kill the woman who betrayed him all those centuries ago, but Kat manages to stay his hand.

A Viking is loose in the 21st century! How will he cope with it and the bold, beautiful and sometimes reckless woman who once betrayed him and his warriors? Kat has battles of her own she must combat in her own time, but Amma says she must go back to his and put right the wrongs that were done so long ago – and her heart tells her that she wants to be with this man. Can she return to a turbulent past and is there a way for them to find happiness?

This is an exciting story that spans the centuries. Leif in the 21st century is amazing enough but in his own he is magnificent. I have always loved time slip books and this one is thrilling. I thoroughly enjoyed it and award the author a bouquet of roses. Anne

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