Christmas Awards 2011

Wednesday 9 May 2007


Cindy Pape/Curses/Triskelion Publishing/ebook/189 pgs

As soon as I began to read this book I knew I would love it. Mel is a witch and her family have been cursed for generations. Because of this she knows she can never marry and she is determined never to have a child, but she does need something in her life. When Jonas - better known as Joe Pierce - comes along the physical attraction is strong. Joe is a best selling author of horror books and he has sought peace and quiet at Whispering Pines to write his new book, but he is also researching Mel because he has a need to know more about witchcraft and various other paranormal states.

The truth is that Joe is a shape shifter and can become a wolf at will. He soon learns that Mel uses her powers for good and gives of her own strength to heal her friends and the wild animals she rescues in the forest. But Mel has an enemy who wants to build a fashionable centre on her land, and will use any mean trick to force her to sell. As Mel battles her enemy on one side and her growing feelings for Joe on the other, she falls in love with him in both his forms - as I did! Joe is gorgeous both as a human and a wolf! In fact both characters are lovely. I want to sit in Mel's kitchen and drink coffee with her, and I want to hug Joe, especially when he's a wolf.

This is a special book, sensual, warm, uplifting - and its author deserves a bouquet of red roses for giving us this lovely story. Anne

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