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Thursday 3 May 2007

Midnight Marriage

Jean Fullerton/Midnight Marriage/Triskelion Publishing/ebook/170 pages
When Keira Liskard is kidnapped and taken to an Abbey to be held as a prisoner by her brother-in-law Noirville, she is angry and little knows what an adventure lies in store for her. She is comforted by Sister Hilda, who protects her from the spite of Mother Abbess, Noirville's sister. But when the Saracen comes looking for his bride no one can deny him. Keira is summarily married to Philip d'Apremont who has been promised an earldom if he will marry her and help the Earl of Liskard take back his lands from the detested Noirville.
Philip has a fearful reputation, which would make most men tremble in their shoes and though a wonderful lover, his temper would keep most women in their place. In Keira the Saracen has met his match. Not only does she take his breath away with her passion in his bed, she refuses to obey him. He wants a wife who will care for his house and his needs, but Keira is so much more than that and her spirit will not let her be the meek wife when she knows that her local knowledge can help to win his war.
Philip desires her so much that he can hardly bear to be away from her bed, but it is a while before he begins to understand his love. When he is captured he sends his most trusted servant to take Keira back to her father and safety, but she defies him and leads the rescue attack that saves his life. Their turbulent affair continues right to the last page, and ends very satisfactorily.
This is a rollicking, sensual, funny, enchanting, and lovely historical. A few small copy editing mistakes were annoying, but the grand scale of the story, the delightful characters and the sheer delight of this tale make it worth five red roses. I loved it and look forward to reading many more books by this author. Anne

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