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Sunday 6 May 2007

Eye of The Tigerlily

The Tigerlily/Annie Holloway/Triskelion Publishing/Ebook/115pgs
Molly Whitecloud is part Native American and works tirelessly for the people of the Blackbird Indian Reservation, but when she visits a fertility clinic in Boston it is for her own private dream. Molly happens to know that the man she loved still has some of his sperm in the bank there and, as he gave his permission for it to be used for others, she uses her inside knowledge to take advantage. They had once been lovers but she miscarried his child after marrying a man of her tribe. Cameron Outlaw has never forgiven her for breaking off their relationship, but he does not know that her father made it clear she was not suitable as a wife for him.
Now, years later, Molly needs something to fill her life. Cameron has a child from his first marriage – a marriage to a woman he never loved – and is now planning to marry again for all the wrong reasons. But fate is about to get in the way. Molly and Cameron are flung together as they try to stop the mobsters from taking all the profits from a project that was supposed to bring benefits for the Reservation.
Being so close together brings all the old feelings flooding back and it is inevitable that they should make love. Molly is battling with her feelings of guilt at what she did, and her hurt that he still intends to marry Sharon. Cameron meanwhile has always hated the man she married when she should have been his, and though they were divorced some years previously, his jealous makes difficulties between them. However, the danger that nearly robs Cameron of his beloved daughter and Molly of her life finally brings them to a realisation of the truth.
For me this was an unusual love story, telling part of the problems posed for Native American people in their struggle to find a place in the modern world. Tender, sometimes sad, but always compelling, this is an appealing book. Award 4.5 red roses. Morna

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