Christmas Awards 2011

Monday 14 May 2007

Her L.A.Knight

Lynne Marshall/Her L.A. Knight/HMB Medical/ISBN 978-0-263-85229-5/ £2.89/185pgs
China Seabury is a nurse and a fund-raiser for a special cause. She is trying to raise money for the hospital and at the same time heighten awareness of how many teenagers die in car crashes. She needs someone to be a host for her latest charity event – and the best person she can think of is the resident charmer Dr. Rick Morell. China is about the only nurse he hasn't dated and she is giving him a wide berth – partly because of his reputation and partly because of her own feelings. China is hiding a secret, something that has taken most of the joy from her life.

Rick has been attracted to the serious nurse for a long time, and when he finally has the chance to get near enough to know her finds himself falling in love. Although China is also falling in love something happens that makes her keep him at a distance. Both of them have issues that they need to resolve before they have a chance of finding happiness.

This is a lovely romance that bubbles along at a good pace. It has some serious issues that make it more than just a light-hearted story and I found it a good read with a happy ending. Award 4.5 red roses, Anne

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