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Tuesday 15 May 2007

The Penrose Treasure

Janet Tanner/The Penrose Treasure/Severn House/ISBN 0-7278-6238-3/326 pgs/HB/£18.99

Tamsin Hardy is forced to come home in answer to a summons from her family. She had enjoyed her work as a lady's maid, but she realises that her mother comes first and she must stay with her until she recovers her health. However, when Isobel Penrose offers her a post as her companion she accepts, because it is only a short distance from her mother's home so she can combine the two.

In childhood the two girls were friends, and it is Tamsin's instinct to trust her friend and to take her word against Adam Penrose when dark things begin to happen. Tamsin has always felt something special for Adam Penrose and likes him more than Isobel's husband Nicholas, but when her mother is attacked the finger of blame seems to point at Adam. Aware of growing feelings for him, can she bring herself to think the unthinkable? Might it not be Adam at the back of these terrible happenings but someone else?

This is an intriguing mystery with a dark, silent hero and some clever villains. I love gothic tales and this one was well worth reading. MS Tanner has always been on my list of authors to read whenever possible and she doesn't disappoint. Linda

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