Christmas Awards 2011

Monday 14 May 2007


Rosettes from The Wild Rose Press/ebook format
Treasured/Jenna Bayley-Burke
This is a sweet short story set after the American civil War. Marianne Phillips receives a proposal from Robert Hannigan – but can she trust him? She is no longer an heiress and most men have wanted the money she no longer possesses.

Found/Jenna Bayley-Burke
Another sweet interlude about a woman's night out meaning nothing, because she has the man she needs at home.

Miles From You/Marianne Arkins
Millie runs a small diner. Every Monday Paul comes in for her apple pie and it is the highlight of her week, but Paul is leaving town and it is breaking her heart. Will love find a way to bring them together?

These three short stories are all pleasant, sweet interludes. Wild Rose Press markets them as Rosettes. Because they are so short I can't give them the usual award, but they are enjoyable as a quick read and I would like to read something a bit longer by the same authors, Morna

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