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Wednesday 2 May 2007

Blade Hunter

Toni Anderson/Blade Hunter/Triskelion Publishing/ebook
This tense, exciting book is Suspense/Romance at its best! Josie was attacked and tortured as a child. Her ordeal left both physical and mental scars. Now, years later, she is attacked again, though she escapes with only superficial hurts because a neighbour sees the attack. But something inside tells her that it is the same man and brings back all her fear, all the nightmares she has fought so hard to forget. At first she tries to deny it even to herself, but when the police question her she is forced to admit that he could be the same person – a serial killer the press are calling Blade Hunter.
Marsh is a FBI Agent about to make an important breakthrough concerning an art theft, but when he hears Josie's name in connection with a woman's murder he immediately rushes to her home, because these two have history. Marsh remembers a special night when he had the best sex of his life. However, when he sees Josie again and realises that she could easily have died that night, he begins to understand that it was more than just sex. It isn't his case but there is no way he is going to leave her alone! He lost his brother to a war and he sure as hell isn't going to lose the person he cares about most to a killer!
Josie is in terrible danger because the killer needs to get her to close his past and move on. Can Marsh and his colleagues protect her from an evil man who always seems one step ahead? Two of them will come close to death in the attempt. Can Josie survive and will she let down her guard long enough for Marsh to prove he cares?
Anderson's sharp, tough book is sensual and compelling. If you love Suspense/Romance you just can't miss this one! Award, five red roses. Anne

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Toni Anderson said...

Thanks for my first Blade Hunter review!!! I was so nervous. Thanks so much :)