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Saturday 26 May 2007

Teddie Turns On

Sloane Taylor/Teddi Turns On/Triskelion Publishing/ISBN 1-933874-45-7/ebook/100pgs/$5.99
Teddi has been a widow for several years, and has devoted herself to her business in an effort to fight the loneliness and grief. Her friends and younger sister are constantly telling her to move on, and they have packed her cases with a lot of sexy fun clothing, which she wouldn't have bought for herself.

Now Teddi's business is in trouble because someone reneged on a big deal and she is on her way to Munich to try and sort out the mess. At the airport she notices a particular man watching her, and despite her feelings of betrayed loyalty to her lost husband, she starts to have sensual dreams about him. Unknown to Teddi she is featuring largely in David Stiefel's dreams, and David is a successful man who goes after what he wants – which all leads to fun and games in Munich!

This is a highly sensual book with a lot of strong sex scenes, but it is also very much a romance. David is the arrogant, commanding hero we all love and Teddi's need for love touches the heart. If you enjoy strong sexual scenes you will love this and I recommend it to you for a very enjoyable read. Award five red roses. Morna

I read this too, Sloane and loved it, Anne!

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Sloane Taylor said...

Hi Morna and Anne,

Thank you so much for the excellent review. I'm ecstatic and blown away by your kind comments. And so appreciate those beautiful roses!