Christmas Awards 2011

Wednesday 2 May 2007

The Earl's Enchantment

The Earl's Enchantment/Sara Freeze/The Wild Rose Press/ Faery Rose/ebook
Adrian, Earl of Holworth is a ghost, trapped forever by a witch in the eighteenth century. The beautiful castle where he lived in splendour is now a book shop and he hates it and everything to do with the modern age – except Caitlin, a girl with romantic dreams who works in the shop.
During a stock taking, Caitlin discovers a book of spells and through her Adrian is able to break free of the spell, but he must return to his own time. Will Caitlin return with him and will they find a way to live out their lives free of the evil witch?
This is a short story but it is a delightful fairy tale and deserves to be reviewed. Award four red roses. Morna

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