Christmas Awards 2011

Saturday 5 May 2007

The Gallant Lord Ives

Emily Hendrickson/The Gallant Lord Ives/Robert Hale/ISBN 9780-70090-8222-4/HB £18.99

This tender love story about an earl and an invalid girl, despised or neglected by most of her family, tugs at the heartstrings. Lord Ives comes calling on the ffolkes family to talk about sheep with Alissa's father. He first sees the shy young woman flying her hawk with her horse and dog. She is disturbed when they meet, because during her ill fated season this handsome man never noticed her though she noticed him! On her ride home she has an accident, which leaves her unable to walk temporarily.

When Lord Ives returns to stay for the sheep fair a month later he is dismayed to hear that Alissa is confined to her room. He defies convention to carry her from her bed to the chaise longue and forces her to face life again. It is Lord Ives who stands by her as she struggles against her sister Henrietta's spite, while appearing to favour the younger girl. Her youngest sister Elizabeth is also a good friend and deservedly finds happiness with Lord Ives' friend, but can Alissa overcome all her problems to find her own true love? This is a book you will want to keep and read again. Award five red roses. Anne

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