Christmas Awards 2011

Tuesday 1 May 2007

Soul of The Forgotten

Soul Of The Forgotten/Angela Verdenius/TriskelionPublishing/Ebook/Futuristic-Sci-fi Romance/

A Reeka warrior is sent away, imprisioned, forgotten and lost. Untill Liane finds new hope in Borga a Daamen trader who saves and frees her. Borga hopes his love for Liane is strong enough to help her live a new life. Can he heal her from her haunted past? Will Liane learn to trust this handsome stranger, and love again?
Soul Of The Forgotten is fast paced. Exciting and passionate. A world of loss and hope. Redemption and love. Angela Verdenuis has written a fantastic story from beginning to end. For fans of Sci-fi Romance, Soul of the Forgotten is not to be missed out on! Award five red roses. MP.

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