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Thursday 17 May 2007

The Courtesan's Courtship

ISBN –13-978-0-84664-5

London August 18th 1820.
Dianthe Lovejoy, walking down a path in Vauxhall gardens hears a rustle in the bushes, not usually nervous she has a prickling feeling in her spine. Surely this was the path her friends had taken to watch the fireworks? Had her friends come back to find her? Or was it the strange man in the scarlet cloak who had caught her arm earlier and then let go and disappeared suddenly, obviously he had mistaken her for someone else?
She stumbled in the darkness catching her foot on something. Bending to see what it was, she found a woman lying face down on the grass; it was the person she had seen earlier who looked uncannily so like her that her friends had remarked on it. Dianthe knelt down next to the woman and spoke to her trying to turn her over, as she did so her hands became wet and sticky with blood. The woman mumbled something about her murderer, hinting that she too might become a victim.

The woman stopped speaking, Dianthe tried to rouse her but it was too late, she realised she was dead; a chill of fear ran through her. She saw something in the moonlight, lying beside the girl, picking she saw it up it was a knife….

Suddenly there were people all around Dianthe; she was bending over the body with the knife still in her hand. Then her friends were there, looking in horror at the scene.

Who was the woman, why did she look so much like Dianthe and why had she warned her?
In this fascinating book we are shown some of the darker sides of regency life, of intrigue and murder of seduction and rape. Just how can a young girl of moderate means but good family, solve the terrible crimes, which are happening? Can she win through against all odds and many dangers and find lasting happiness with a most unlikely hero, whom she believes to be a thoroughly bad character? Lord Geoffrey Morgan.

Wanted for murder Dianthe leaves her home and friends and is led into the darkness of the Demi-modes life style. Dangerous and yet compelling Lord Geoffrey guides her into a life she could have never imagined…will this gently reared girl become another victim… Have fun finding the answers in this unusual period romance. I award this book 4 red roses. As
This sounds an intriguing read! Anne

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