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Monday 28 May 2007

Long Distance Love

Anne Whitfield/Long Distance Love/ Samhain Publishing/ISBN 1-59999-571-3/print
Fleur's plan was to spend the summer in Whitby running a book shop/cafĂ©. Having just recovered from breast cancer, she wanted to get away from her home and the sadness of the past couple of years. What she didn't want or need was a love affair, but when Patrick walked into her life her senses did a somersault. It was a case of instant attraction, but was it only physical – and could she afford to get involved?

Between running her business, which took off beyond her dreams and falling in love, the weeks flew by but then disaster struck. Fleur was needed back home because of a death in the family. She had to go and what she discovered there made her see that her family needed her. But she was in love with Patrick – how could she live in Australia when her heart was with him in England?

This is a delightful love story that kept me reading happily throughout a wet afternoon in England. I found Fleur a captivating character and I liked her friends and Patrick. It was a book that made you care about the people, and sensual enough to appeal to young readers without alienating the older generation. I recommend this book and give if five red roses, Anne

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AnneMarie Brear said...

Hi Anne.

Just returned from holidays and saw the review, thanks so much!
Anne Whitfield.