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Sunday 20 May 2007

Fire Maiden

Tina Gerow/Fire Maiden/Triskelion publishing/ISBN 978-1-933874-37-1 /$7.77/296 pgs
This enthralling book deals with the supernatural and for a change God is a She. The gargoyles were for centuries the guardians of God but they have been released from their vows so that the eldest of their family – Ariel - can marry and give birth to the Child of Blood. The sisters, Logan, Ariel's husband and James – a Vampire who has been pardoned by God, have been given the job of protecting the Child of Blood from the evil forces that are gathering against it even before it's birth.

The prophecy began in Stone Maiden, the previous book, and in that book Dagan betrayed Kefira – the beautiful Fire Maiden, who is the heroine of this book. Dagan has come looking for his lost love. He wants to apologise for hurting her and help her defend her sister's baby. Ranged against them are Jeslyn, the Queen of the Succubus – an evil race of supernatural beings that hold men in thrall and drain them of life as they mate with them – and hordes of shape shifters who believe that they will have a place in the new order when the Dark One rules. Kefira is infected with poison from one of Jeslyn's daughters during a fight, and feels that she is being drawn to the dark side against her will.

It is the law of the prophecy that Kefira must find her own destiny. Only she can choose whether to plunge the world into darkness or take the right path and help bring the Child of Blood into the world. Can Dagan be there when she needs him and rescue her from the clutches of evil?

This is a highly sensual, highly imaginative story of the forces of good against evil, using supernatural beings. Blended with the excitement and danger is a thread of delicious humour. Wonderful story telling and strong writing makes this an excellent read. I recommend reading, though it veers towards the eighteen and over line. Award five red roses, Anne

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