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Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Vanishing Viscountess

Diane Gaston. The Vanishing Viscountess. Mills & Boon Historical
100th birthday edition with bonus story and other features. ISBN 978-0-263-86236-2 /£3.69 604 pages of reading.

In their 100th year Mills and Boon are giving their readers excellent value in double books. The Vanishing Viscountess is coupled with the Mysterious Miss M and makes fascinating reading.

Marlena is the Vanishing Viscountess. Accused of murdering her husband, she escapes to be her friend’s governess in Ireland but is discovered. When the Bow Street Runner captures her and tries to take her back to London they are caught in a storm. It is women and children into the boats first but Marlena is thrust aside as the Runner takes her place.

Tanner – Adam, Marquess of Tannerton - sees the cowardly act and decides to take a hand in things. He saves her life. They have first to escape from wreckers and then a series of men determined to find Marlena and either kill her or deliver her up to the law. This is an ‘escaping’ novel and an excellent example of this well loved theme. The pair manages to evade their pursuers but can they find love and happiness or will it end in despair?

You are assured of a happy ending because this is a Mills and Boon. However, the skill of the author keeps you on the edge of your seat as they follow their tortuous journey to a very satisfactory ending. I like the way this clever author plays out her stories and will undoubtedly read her again.

I give this book five red roses. Morna

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