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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Sing As We Go

Sing As We Go by Margaret Dickinson

Pan Macmillan


March 2008



If you haven’t discovered Margaret Dickinson’s page-turning wartime romances, then pick up her latest Sing As We Go, and get ready to lose yourself in this terrific tale of passion, sacrifice, betrayal, triumph and tragedy.

Kathy Burton dreams of escaping from the family farm and her father’s cruel fists, but concern for her mother has always kept her from running away, until her father loses his rag once too often and Kathy asks her next door neighbours, the Robinsons, for help.

The Robinson family are quick to help out the resilient young woman whom they love as one of their own, and Kathy is soon sent to Lincoln to live with the Robinson family’s relative, Jemima, who gets her a job working in the millinery department at the store where she works.

Kathy’s beauty soon catches the eye of the store manager, Tony Kendall, who makes it quite clear that he desires her. However, Tony’s social climbing mother, the snobbish Beatrice, is not about to let her only child marry an upstart shopgirl, so she puts a spoke in the wheels and ruins any chance of happiness Kathy might have.

Realizing that she cannot stay in Lincoln and be constantly reminded of Tony and all that she lost, Kathy runs away and tries to heal her broken heart. But forgetting Tony is easier said than done…

This is a wonderful saga from a superb storyteller! Sing As We Go is a wonderfully romantic saga that will go down a treat with saga fans everywhere! Margaret Dickinson writes so well and with so much heart and emotion that readers will not be able to put Sing As We Go down for a single second.


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