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Thursday, 5 June 2008

His Captive Lady

Carol Townend
His Captive Lady
Harlequin Historicals
ISBN 978-0-373-30548-3
$5.99 USA

Lady Erica longs for her people to be at peace and in order to end the blood feud with a Saxon lord she walkes into his stronghold. Thane Guthlac pretends that he will treat fairly with her but she must be disparaged as his mother was by her people. To that end he will give her to one of his men but she is allowed to choose. Erica chooses Wulf - a man of lowly birth, a bastard that others despise. However, after a night that ruins her reputation she is to be imprisoned. When Wulf braves certain death to spirit her away Erica is angry. What will she do when she discovers that Wulf is actually a Norman?

Townend writes a cracking tale of deception and love. Well written, exciting and passionate this story of Norman and Saxons is well worth reading. Morna. 4.5 red roses

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Historical Romance Author said...

I love Carol Townend's books that transport you back in time with high intensity romance.