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Tuesday, 3 June 2008

A Kind Of Loving

A Kind of Loving by Linda Sole

Red Rose Publishing

March 2008

460 Pages


ISBN: 978-1-60435-089-0

Readers the world over adore reading Linda Sole’s dramatic historical sagas of passion, intrigue and romance. Recently, this talented storyteller has added another string to her bow with the release of several well-received and wonderfully written contemporary romances and her latest mainstream tale, A Kind of Loving, is a terrific story of family, loyalty and relationships that will go down a treat with new and old fans alike.

Verity Lovelace may have achieved her lifelong ambition of opening up an antiques business of her own in England, but unfortunately for her, the rest of her life is in complete and utter tatters. Her marriage to Michael is on the rocks, as Verity is sure that he’s been cheating on her, and her mother in law is facing a serious illness.

When the much younger man Josh comes to town and starts renting the flat above Verity’s shop, she cannot resist finding herself drawn to the charismatic younger man, but although her mind tells her that she should be sensible and act like the wife and mother she is, her heart is telling her that she should tell Josh how she really feels about him and thus embark on a passionate relationship with him that could change her life…forever.

Linda Sole’s wonderful tale is full of twists and turns and written with plenty of flair, heart, sensitivity and compassion. A Kind Of Loving is a terrific read which will resonate with women readers everywhere as they go on an emotional journey with Linda Sole’s many faceted and richly drawn characters.

Romantic, intriguing and absorbing, A Kind of Loving is the perfect book to lose yourself into! JB

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