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Thursday, 5 June 2008

French Delights

Sloane Taylor/French Delights/ eternal Press/ebook/37pages

Lisette makes it a regular thing to watch 'the stud' strip, which he does, for her benefit, every afternoon while he is gardening. What Lisette doesn't know is that Paul is well aware he has an audience. they meet when Lisette tries to help put out a fire with electric consequences. In tending his hurts she lights a fire that may consume them both!

This is another in Sloane Taylor's excellent short and sexy books about the Naughty ladies of Nice. Once again she hits the sweet spot. Sloane combines sensuality with humour and comes out a winner! Five Red Roses. Linda

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Sloane Taylor said...

OMG!! Thank you for another glowing review. I'm ecstatic!