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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Saving Sophie

Saving Sophie/Roxanne Wells/Dark Eden Press/ebook
Jesse's mother warned him that the murderer called the Cab Cutter was on the loose, but he laughed at her and got a slap on the ear for it, the way mother's do. Jesse was feeling low despite his brand new cab and good business, because his girlfriend deserted him for another girl! Then he met the beautiful Sophie, who had just been dumped by her fiance. She smells so gorgeous that his senses go reeling and he is already halfway in love with her, but before he could get to know her the Cab Cutter struck. He had decided to change his weapon to a gun for some mad reason, and shoots Jesse.

This is an out of body experience and had me in fits of laughter. Jesse manages to have a rather pleasant, dreamlike sensual sequence with the girl he loves, but his grandfather appears shortly after (has he been peeking?) and demands that Jesse gets on with the job of stopping Eddie (the Cab Cutter) instead of enjoying himself and then gives him a clip at the back of the head. Jesse seems to get a lot of this, but like all truly scrumptious guys who could flatten their assailant he doesn't, and that is why I love him. Can he get Eddie and the girl, or will Sophie's former boyfriend get her - and is Jesse truly a ghost? You have to buy this book and find out!

I adore this very funny, absolutely mad romp. Romp is a word normally reserved for Regency novels but in this case this beautifully crafted book deserves the accolade. I laughed until I ached. I award Saving Sophie a bouquet of fragrant red roses and hope that I shall have the pleasure of reading lots more of the same from this author, Anne

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